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The Chesimard/Shakur 

April 2, 2022 - June 19, 2023

Draft Program for a 
Majority Black-Led Nation-State
Joanne Chesimard / Assata Shakur
Draft Program
The Chesimard/Shakur
Draft Program

The Issues:

The Economy
The Environment
Defense & National Security
International Relations
Health Care 
The Arts and Culture 
​The People's Rights (Women, LGBTQ, Non-Binary, Trans, Aged, Disabled, Race, Religion, and Nationality) 
Submissions will be accepted on any issue from April 2, 2022, until April 2, 2023. 

To submit your comments, programs, and policy recommendations, please Tweet your responses to  

Please note the issue your submission is for. Please include a link to your comment, program, or policy recommendation or a link to your blog or website where your submission is posted.  
​Program Updates
Assata Shakur
Denmark Vesey
Denmark Vesey's
What Lies Ahead

The work of the Chesimard/Shakur Draft Program for a Black Nation-State is not a new concept, but it is novel in one respect. 

For the next 740 days, Black people in America's settler state are invited to collectively create a model for a majority Black-led, multi-racial nation-state. 

The Black Commons is being asked to define the principles and set the guideposts to develop the character of a consciously designed society to eliminate heteropatriarchal dominated state --something never acheived in human history.  

New Black Nationalists are confident that the expertise, knowledge base, organizational skills, legacy of the Black experience and will to win exists to forge a flourishing new civilizational space.

This process is committed to gathering in one document the collective genius and loftiest aspirations of the Black Commons.  

Over the next fifteen months, we must identify the most forward-leaning thinking in the ten designated areas of public policy, and then align them into a coherent plan. 

Even so, the best policies will only be as good as the government charged with carrying them out.
Thus, we must shape a government that matches the moment, mindful that our new nation will be conceived in crisis, chaos and most likely violence. 

The government and its institutions irrespective of its sublime design will only be as good as the people who lead it. And the people who lead the government will only be as good as the virtues and ethics they are imbued with. 

There is much to do. No worries, we are up to the task. 

The Submissions Process

-There will be two categories of submissions: 

Issues (10 issues) 

- Government Branches Legislative, Executive, and Judicial)

- Government Forms - Parliamentary system, Presidential system, republic, constitutional monarchy, 

Parliamentary forms and alternative structures of government are open to consideration. These submissions and recommendations will post undethe  "Government" Link in Black. 

- All submissions will be posted on the Submissions Link for all categories.

Submissions will also be posted on the specified Issue or Government link. 

Two types of Submissions will be posted. 

- Contributions: Submissions received by an individual, organization, or party.

- Recommendations: Unsolicited policies, programs, governmental forms and bodies that are not contributions but recommended for consideration. 

- On April 2, 2023, the submissions process will close. Over the next 60 days we will winnow the policy submissions and recommendations into Draft Program for a New Black Nation-State. 

Ideally the process should conclude with an approval process before the final document is released on July 19, 2023. 

​Claiming Our Future
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