The Hand Grenade

The Hand Grenade

The Origins of Frantz Fanon's Philosophical System

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 12/12/21


In February 2021, New Black Nationalists [NBN] adopted Martinican psychiatrist Frantz Fanon’s corpus of theories as its guiding philosophical system. As we approach the 60th anniversary of his death on December 6, 2021,"Fanonism," has come to embody the authoritative text undergirding originalist Decolonial Theory.  

Notions of a Fanonian philosophical system may unsettle deconstructionists,' who long ago proclaimed the death of the Nationalist-Humanist project and grand theory. Others will decry a “cult of personality” or insist there is nothing more to learn about Fanon that hasn’t already been written.  

But with intensifying anti-Black violence, the rise of Necropolitics,  and war as the sacraments to forestall American Empire’s imminent collapse in the 2020's, Fanon's canon grows increasingly relevant. As a network generating analytical products to support creating a Black-led nation-state, NBN is compelled to make the argument affirming the existence of a Fanonian philosophical system. 

Recalibrating Fanon’s philosophical coordinates to match the extraordinary contemporary moment and envisioning a national destiny for a prospective Black republic is New Black Nationalists’ urgent writ.  

As Frantz Fanon's philosophical writings center our adoption of his compendium of works, NBN is releasing this opening paper, “The Origins of Fanon’s Philosophy” and the following thought documents to interrogate the boundaries of his philosophical universe.  

* Fanon's Quarrel with Negritude  
* Fanon's Philosophical Bricolage: Existential Phenomenology 
* Fanon's Liberation Philosophy and Black Nationalism in American Empire. 

“Origins,” frames the argument that a Fanonian philosophical system exist and outlines a matrix containing its essential elements. “Origins” concludes with a brief narrative concerning the importance of locating the genesis of Fanon's philosophical system in the Afro-Caribbean intellectual tradition.  

Philosophy asks the celestial questions that elevate the human project: Who are we? How do we understand fundamental truths about ourselves and our relationships with others? How do we comprehend the world we live in, and does mankind have the capacity to change society for the greater good?

The Argument

New Black Nationalists assert that Frantz Fanon engaged these profound philosophical questions and crafted an interlocking assemblage of concepts on existentialism, ontology, ethics, phenomenology, and epistemology that constitute the touchstones of a Fanonian philosophical system. These constructs were largely enumerated in his publication of Black Skin, White Masks (1952).  

In author Lewis R. Gordon's words, the vexing question compelling Fanon to summon the weapons of philosophy to service was simple: How to explain the Black? 

As exploring Black subjectivity and identity is the locus of Fanon's philosophical work, it's imperative that New Black Nationalists provide its working definition of Blackness as a baseline to underpin our analytical framework.  

New Black Nationalists Definition of Blackness

New Black Nationalists concept of Blackness builds on the scholarly work of feminist author Michelle Wright in “The Physics of Blackness.” We assert that Blackness operates as a construct implicitly and explicitly, defined by phenotype and behavioral characteristics. Blackness exists phenomenologically as a collective and individual identity, defined by perceptions and performance at any given time. Thus, Blackness is subject to interpretation in the past, present, or future tense. The phenomenology of Blackness focuses on the why, when, and where it is being interpreted. Blackness as a collective identity intersects with other identities, inclusive of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, culture, and performance. 

While New Black Nationalists embrace the cornerstone of Fanon’s widely accepted philosophical condominium of “existential-phenomenology,” our analysis bends toward epiphenomenalism that incorporates a broader concept of time and space and departs from the enclosures of the linear progress narratives marking Black Atlantic thought.  

Trump Coup Watch 2024: The Trump-Bannon Regime Change Project

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 10/17/21

Donald Trump's publicly orchestrated coup is visiting comprehensive destruction on American Empire's core institutions. 

Unchecked, Trump's bid for extra-constitutional regime-change could collapse the government by the 2024 elections, thereby opening a path for a determined Black nationalist insurgency to create an independent republic.    

Trump Coup Watch 2024 [TCW24] was initiated to monitor and assess how Trump's rolling coup could reposition Black nationalists and its allies to leverage an existential crisis.

Trump Coup Theory is a proliferating cottage industry. New Black Nationalists, however are not newcomers or bandwagoners to the escalating frenzy of autocracy formation theory. Our 2018 Crisis Theory predictive model envisioned an existential crisis befalling American Empire in the 2020s. 

We've long held that an existential crises can be triggered by environmental catastrophe, financial collapse, war, nuclear and cyber attacks,  pandemics,  constitutional crisis or more likely, some combination thereof. 

While all these contingencies are dynamic and in play, it is the Trump-Bannon Regime Change Model that is the most significant vector accelerating the deterioration of American Empire and propelling the system towards a existential crisis.

Thus, Trump Coup Theory is a subset of New Black Nationalists' overall crisis modeling that must be evaluated and gamed out with specificity. Robert Kagan's Short Telegram, was the NBN's first polemic defining our differences with Kagan's theorem. Undoubtedly, there will be more.      

In this regard, two stark realities stand out in TCW24's field of vison. Trump, Republicans, and their white nationalists lemmings have not only trampled Congress underfoot, subverted the courts, eviscerated the constitution, and spearheaded widespread elections nullification, they have irreparably tarnished what little legitimacy remained of these bedrock institutions.  

In as much as the state's authority is not principally derived from coercion, but legitimacy, the damage exacted by Trump's forces on American Empire's durability to withstand  existential crises has been severely diminished. Legitimacy, no matter under what pretense, is statecraft's  coin of the realm. Second, TCW24 holds that the evolving plot to install an authoritarian white nationalist government over American Empire is increasingly being shaped by the ideological and political architectural designs of Steve Bannon. There now exist a Trump-Bannon Regime Change Model.      

Despite the helter-skelter conspiracy theories, and QAnon satanic verses, there is a method to the madness that increasingly Steve Bannon is bringing to the criminal enterprise of Trump Inc. Indeed, the cornerstone of the TBCRM contemplates a three-stage civil war.

Stage one dictated winning the civil war inside the Republican Party, to convert the GOP into a Trump controlled white-nationalist authoritarian party. Stage one has  been achieved. 

Stage two called for winning the civil war amongst white people who aren't self-identified Democrats or Liberals. Among independents achieving relative political neutrality or indifference to American Apartheid, was an acceptable outcome.  Through the 2016 and 2020 elections, the Trump-Bannon axis largely accomplished this goal. 

Stage three calls for the staging and launch of extra-constitutional regime-change through election nullification, states illegally declaring Trump the president-elect and forming a succession pact to create a MAGAstan nation, and/or an assault on the federal complex in Washington, D.C., to seize power.  Going into the 2022 mid-term elections, we are now in the preparatory phase of stage three.    
From the perspective of New Black Nationalist,  the Trump-Bannon Regime Change Model, has done more to create favorable conditions to create an independent Black republic than any scenario we could have imagined. 

TBRCM took a wrecking ball to American Empire's governance structure and institutions, exposed the hypocrisy and fecklessness of corporate managed democracy, and revealed the profound racism, psychological madness, and moral bankruptcy of the white nationalist majority and Republican Party. 

Moreover, after Black voters led the charge to defeat Trump and the Republican Party in the 2020 elections, the Democratic Party is selling out Black people's voting rights and struggle against security-state anti-Black violence. These despicable acts of cowardice and treachery will not be forgotten when reckoning day comes. Republican hacks like Candace Owens don't have to rail about Blacks leaving the plantation. The Democratic Party's own actions portend mass exit, which is a relative pre-condition for the creation of a new Black republic.    

In so many ways, the Trump-Bannon Regime Change Model is "doing much of the work" that is creating a path to create a Black nation-state amid an existential crisis.   

If NBN's analytics continue to be "on point,"  as indicated in our September "Update to the NBN's 2021 Action Plan",  it means we're now on a tight timeline, and the clock is ticking. Our reference to "A Quarter to Nation Time," in the Fanon Arguments signals that we could be in the midst of a revolutionary struggle for power as early as 2024.     

Similarly, if an unintended consequence of the Trump-Bannon Regime Change Model, is opening a back door that reveals a pathway to nationhood, NBN must ensure that our analysis pinpoints the critical opportunities and vulnerabilities we must exploit to win. 

2021 New Black Nationalist Action Plan Update: On Theory & the Revolutionary Process

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 09/19/21


Greetings. This interim report mapping our progress to implement the 2021 Action Plan, is in keeping with New Black Nationalists' commitment to self-regulating accountability, and fidelity to the communities we serve. 

This communique updates our readers and guests on important developments that have occurred since the action plan was released in February 2021. 

The update backgrounds the following issues: 1) emerging trends and increases in our website traffic, 2) the implications of our adoption of Womanism as a free-standing concept, 3) the decision to transition from the Black Diaspora Movement to the Fanon Global movement, 4) strategic Black liberation struggles on the global chessboard, 5) completing the critical reading of Fanon's works and the final adoption as New Black Nationalists philosophy. 

Before addressing these issues, we would like to share are two significant dates we are pointing to in the near future. 

December 6, 2021 - The 60th Anniversary of Frantz Fanon's death

We are anxious to hear ideas from our readers about ways we can commemorate Fanon's life on and around December 6, 2021, which falls on a Monday. Before the end of the month we will post a short statement on the website calling for an international day of observance to honor Frantz Fanon and his wife Josie. We hope to connect with the Fanon Fondation in France, which is directed by Frantz Fanon's daughter, Mireille Fanon Mendes-France. Stay tuned. 

Coming in 2022:  Draft Program for a New Black-led Republic  

The new year will be upon us in three months. The enormity of our next project and the galloping tempo of developments have prompted us to announce our central project for 2022, in advance of New Year's Day.   

New Black Nationalists' central focus in 2022, will be a 16-month project to write and release the Draft Program for a New Black-led Republic. The timetable calls for releasing the program to the public on Juneteenth 2023.   

Thus, by Juneteenth 2023, the New Black Nationalist Movement will possess

- A declaration of principles of nation-state Black Nationalism  
- The articulation and framework of a Fanonian philosophical system.
- A program/constitution to establish an independent Black-led republic in              Americas' settler state

The draft program for the new Black-led republic, will elaborate a proposed governmental structure and articulate a full-spectrum of policies and programs to stand-up a new Black-led post-heteropatriarchal republic. The draft program will address but not be limited to the following areas;  

The Economy
The Environment
The Rights of the People
Defense and Security
International Relations
Health and Medicine
The Arts and Culture 

This is a major undertaking that must be completed. To be taken seriously, increasingly New Black Nationalists will have to answer the question: What do I/we get in a new Black republic?

Our answers have to make sense, be realistic, and clearly demonstrate real personal, family, community, and national benefits for the overwhelming majority of our people. Our republic must stand on the highest ethics, and be imbued with a sense of national purpose and destiny.  

The key to drafting a representative program that is forward-leaning and revolutionary is soliciting input from as many people and organizations as possible. Conceiving a new Black republic will require more than thinking outside the box. In many respects, we will have to break the box to think anew. 

Now is the time to ponder the best methods to pursue this task so we can hit the ground running in January 2022.  Our republic needs a name: a good name. Tweet your suggestions. This project will likely require the construction of a stand-alone website outfitted with robust interactive functionalities. Please tweet us your thoughts and suggestions @WBBrooksIII 

From Race-based Cultural Warfare to the Pre-Revolutionary Period

Since George Floyd's assassination in May 2020, we've lived in a different world. The seismic political and biological convulsions that erupted with the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, carried over to 2021, with profound implications. The NBN's 2021 Action Plan reflects both the global turmoil attendant to the decline of American Empire and new revolutionary opportunities that mark shifting political topographies. 

The unprecedented 2020 global Lavender Revolution in which 20 million people protested  security-state violence visited on Black flesh, culminated in the largest presidential election in U.S. history.  That election temporarily stemmed the tide of Trump's white nationalist autocratic takeover of American Empire. The defeat also provoked the deadly January 6, 2021 Capitol Coup

The failed re-enactment of Hitler's 1923, Beer Hall Putsch on the Potomac,  has since resulted in repeated calls by Trump's white nationalist militias and Republican Party dolts to prepare for civil war. New Black Nationalists take those calls seriously.

Amid these escalations, New Black Nationalists hold that America's settler state has now transitioned from a period of intense race-based cultural warfare to a pre-revolutionary period. 

This new pre-revolutionary period, is characterized by active measures to prepare for civil war and renewed white nationalist-based ploys to topple the government in Washington, D.C.  Trump, the Republican Party, and their alliance with white nationalist militias seek to take power through a combination of election theft, destabilizing terrorist actions, and renewed coup attempts.  

Navigating the short-term period ahead. 

To new readers and guests, let us restate that our network is purposed to develop analytical and theoretical products to support the creation of a Black nation-state, as well as supporting Black diaspora and Global South liberation movements. That being said, the 2021 Action Plan modified our ongoing plans to incorporate contingencies scaled to match the changing circumstances we now confront. 

Progress then, in the context of this report, is envisioned in two ways. First, we must objectively evaluate the veracity of our analysis, relative to changing social and political conditions. Second, we need to assess whether our theoretical production is aligned with the cardinal issues that are germane to identifying the strategic path to seize political power. 

We are not operating on an indeterminate timetable, but the establishment of an independent Black nation-state in the 2020s, per our analysis of the collapse of American Empire outlined in Crisis Theory.  Our predictive modeling in 2019, posited that America Empire is in decline and spiraling toward an existential governance crisis, in the 2020s. We believe that analysis is being borne out by events like the January 6, Capitol Coup d Etat. 

On this basis, we believe the New Black Nationalist movement is making significant headway. On balance, we are engaging the heady matters that must be contemplated, debated, and resolved with active measures on the ground to vie for power. 

Nevertheless, we continue to lag behind the quickening pace of events. How to narrow the gap between accelerating objective conditions and the limited number Black Nationalists forces and  potential allies is the essential problematic in this pre-revolutionary period. 

Increasing the influence and reach of our website is one critical component to help close the gap. We are experiencing real advances in this regard. In September 2021,, surpassed the total number of visitors to our website in 2020.  In the past three months, our traffic has quadrupled. This is an encouraging development, given that Twitter and the website are the only social media platforms we utilize. 

Just as important as increasing traffic to the website, is continuing to improve the site's content and expanded fields of coverage. We believe these gains are directly linked to the four goals we set in the 21-AP. 

Before delving into the update, one final point should be made. We spent a considerable amount of time demarcating the New Black Nationalist trend from Cultural Nationalists, Black Social- Democrats, Black Marxists, African Socialists, Afrocentrists, Black Separatists, Religious Nationalists, and Afropessimists trends. 

This was a serious problem in the 1960s, with many of these forces constituting an amalgam in the broad church of Black Nationalism. In reality, nation-state Black Nationalists were a very small political strand within the 1960s Black liberation movement tradition.  

NBN's early days were spent studying the 1960s Black Power experience, particularly the political programs, ideology, and philosophies of Black liberation forces. In our Culture Theory series, we articulated what New Black Nationalists are not. In January 2020, we  transitioned to defining and affirming what New Black Nationalism represents in our Statement of Principles

The New Black Nationalist trend is now embedded with three foundational source codes: nation-state Black Nationalism,  Fanonist philosophy, and Womanism as a free-standing construct to facilitate the transition to a post-heteropatriarchal society.  This political, ideological, and philosophical triad constitutes the distinct branding of the New Black Nationalist movement's identity--something we feel was not sufficiently articulated in the 1960s Black Power Era.   

The New Apartheid Book Forum: Call for a Critical Reading

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 08/12/21


The July 2021, publication of 'The New Apartheid' by Dr. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh hit South Africa's streets as mass uprisings by supporters of imprisoned former President Jacob Zuma forced  President Cyril Ramaphosa to call out the South African National Defence Force. 

When the tear gas cleared and the steel tipped bayonets were sheathed, 337 South Africans lay dead. Over R3.5 billion in property losses were reported in Gauteng Province alone.          

The primal screams that echoed amid the tumult visited on Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces, condemning the African National Congress-led government cried out for an explanation. 

How could the party of Mandela, that guided South Africa's iconic national liberation struggle to power in 1994, over the white-minority's barbarous rule, disintegrate into such chaos, comprehensive corruption, and despair?  

The New Apartheid answers that question. 

"Apartheid did not die:"  said Mpofu-Walsh, "It was privatized. In this book,  I pursue this single, simple thesis."  

Mpofu-Walsh's analysis will unsettle those who proclaimed apartheid's deathIt will be resisted by others whose political and business fortunes rest on sustaining the mythThe honest will feel  embarrassment and shame that 27 years of Black-majority rule not only fell short of fulfilling its promise but betrayed the national trust paid for in the blood of the fallen.     

Nevertheless, the scholarship of Mpofu- Walsh's critique, inveighing against apartheid's particularisms and transformation into a matrix of capital appropriation and wealth creation  for South Africa's white-minority, foreign corporations, and corrupt ANC officials is unimpeachable. Its voluminous references and footnotes alone constitute a second narrative. 

Unless South Africans embrace a Trumpian post-factual reality,  The New Apartheid's bitter truths offers them a portal to exit a stage-managed kleptocracy that is ultimately not sustainable.   

The genius of TNA is also how its text simultaneously addresses a larger suite of dilemmas that have vexed national liberation movements seeking to eradicate imperialist domination--from the short lived Burkina Faso Sankarist revolution to the island of Grenada's New Jewell republic.  

Transforming imperialist-based economies, instituting real land reform, redefining the state's role in the economy and its relationship to its citizens, liberating women, confronting gender challenges, re-aligning tribal and traditional institutions with  political and economic imperatives are problematics Mpofu-Walsh grapples with in The New Apartheid writ large.  

In April 2021, New Black Nationalists' Fanon Global section initiated its South Africa Study Project [SASP] to open a dialogue with South African activists and support South Africa' continuing revolutionary project. 

From our perspective, the ANC's 110 year history defined case studies of national liberation movements. The ANC deployed  peaceful and armed tactics, existed as a legal and banned organization, operated both inside and outside South Africa's borders. More than a political party, the ANC was a way of life that flowed in South Africa's bloodstream. 

Beyond the ANC, few if any countries have battlefield-tested activists that match the diversity of South Africa's radical Feminists, Afropessimists, Nationalists, Pan-Africanists, Marxist-Leninists-Maoists, Social-Democrats, Communists, Black Consciousness and Fanonists adherents.

Not only did New Black Nationalists hold that the length, scale, nuance, complexity, and strategic depth of the South African experience is without peer in Black liberation movements, we sensed the country was on the precipice of a major social upsurge.  

The confluence of events in South Africa that erupted this year confirmed our belief that the global Black Lives Matter 2.0 Lavender Revolution that began last summer is metastasizing and gathering momentum. 

So too, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh's novel analysis that bolts from the conventions of contemporary Decolonial Theoryaffirms our hope that new theories are emerging to match the moment and the new realities.  

Accordingly, for the next five months, the South Africa Study Project [SASP] will host a critical reading, review, and open forum on The New Apartheid's thesis.  

What follows is an abbreviated introduction of what we consider to be the heart of Dr. Mpofu-Walsh's argument. We offer the following passages from the book in his words to help frame our reading.  

First, in describing the components of apartheid Walsh says the following,

"In this book, I understand apartheid along five interlocking dimensions, as ideology, state project, economic order, technology, and emotional landscape.

“As ideology, apartheid was a set of beliefs and creeds which combined in a particularly Afrikaner-centric, White supremacist world view. This mingled with an Anglo-Saxon White supremacist foundation built in the colonial period. Like other ideologies of racial superiority of the period--in Britain, Australia, Germany, and the United States-apartheid was consumed with White purity and total dominance. Unlike these other ideologies, however, apartheid was an ideology of minority supremacy. In this way, apartheid balanced White supremacy against the numerical supremacy....

As a state project, apartheid was a system of legally defined and governmentally enforced binary categorizations emphasizing, but not limited to, racial oppression. As an economic order, it was a system of economic production, distribution and exchange which benefitted from, and reinforced, these oppressive binaries. As a technology, apartheid was a method of governance in the public and private spheres that controlled everyday life.”

... I refer to apartheid ‘binaries,’ I do not refer only to racial binaries, but also to binaries in sexual orientation, gender, ability, religion, culture and political belief. These other binaries were not always legislatively inscribed, but they nonetheless rooted apartheid, as they do the new apartheid. "

The other half of Mpofu-Walsh's theoretical condominium of The New Apartheid  is privatization. On privatization," he thus asserts, 

"Privatization occurs when state assets or functions are transferred into private hands for private purposes... I extend this idea to the system of apartheid itself—and not just its assets or functions. I claim that apartheid has retreated into the private sphere, despite the inauguration of a democratic republic. While the burdensome management of the South African state remains public, power itself has increasingly devolved to the private realm, exempt from democratic control.... For apartheid to be privatized it also has to be marketized, de-legislated, denationalized, digitized, fractalized, deracialized, and de-territorialized."

Further, Walsh avers, "When the liberation movement was nationalized, it assumed apartheid's debts. These debts further constrained ANC policy choices and limited fundamental reform. The ANC became financially responsible for land reform, the welfare state, and the provision of basic services like water, electricity and housing. Theses initiatives would at worst bankrupt the new state or at best fundamentally constrain it. "

Of the ANC, Mpofu-Walsh writes, "Wittingly or unwittingly, the ANC assumed sole and simultaneous financial responsibility for apartheid's failures and its own extravagant promises. Each was a tall order, and it failed at achieving both. Quite apart, then, from the ANC governments considerable self-inflicted defeats in governance, its options were bounded from the outset. When institutions are nationalized within a market context, the discipline of the market often prevails over ambitions for social gain. And this is the paradoxical story of the ANC since 1994: it was nationalized to serve private interests. 

Having provided a brief overview of Mpofu-Walsh's main argument on the existence and features of the new apartheid and  manifestations of privatization, we will outline a few major outcomes noted in the introduction that resulted from the new apartheid. 

*"Whereas the state imposed legal barriers under apartheid, private actors increasingly enforce, or influence, the new apartheid's financial barriers."

*"The exchange of racial barriers for financial barriers benefitted apartheid interests. The policing of racial statutes is a costly business, morally and financially. By contrast, the erection of financial barriers carries neither moral shame nor financial costs."

*"As the economy became increasingly financialized and digitalized, so power was increasingly sucked from the new democratic government, and placed in international corporate hand. Apartheid thus became encrypted in new digitized forms. "

*"Unlike the Bantustans, the democratic dispensation freed White South Africans from economic sanction or moral condemnation after apartheid. White business was free to trade on international markets once more, and generous profits soon flowed. Thus, what White South Africans lost in centralized control, they gained in international legitimacy."

*"As oppression has morphed, so new precarities have emerged, and citizens' relationship to the state has altered. Whereas the state was once active in oppression, it is now merely unable to secure liberation. The state-citizen relationship has become ambiguous: the state promises solidarity with the oppressed while being complicit in their victimization."

On Bantustans and Neo-Liberation;

Mpofu-Walsh's introduction takes on one of apartheid's most dehumanizing inventions, first instituted in the 1960: the Bantustans.  Mpofu-Walsh inveighed against Bantustans in the following passages,

"First, as apartheid was privatised, the new republic which replaced it became Bantustanised; second, the national liberation movement was nationalized; third, the neoliberal consensus solidified. As political independence swept Africa in the 1960s, Pretoria faced pressure to relax apartheid. "

In response, the Verwoerd administration inaugurated 'separate development' a devilish form of reverse decolonization. Instead of enfranchising Black people in "White South Africa" Verwoerd invented jumbled, ethnically exclusive and semi-autonomous 'Bantu homeland' (dubbed, Bantustans by their critics) within South Africa's Borders....Pretoria then stripped Black South Africans of their citizenship of South Africa. 

Mpofu-Walsh further observed that, "Bantustans served a double purpose: on the one hand, they further concentrated, subjugated and divided Black people under the pretext of 'self-determination'; on the other, they temporarily deflected international attention from the draconian evil of apartheid."

The conclusion that Mpofu-Walsh reached about Bantunisation under the ANC was truly damning: ..."The new republic achieved all that was intended by the original Bantustans, only more effectively. It preserved White economic privilege by conceding Black political rights--just like the Bantustans. It reduced international condemnation of racial inequality in South Africa--just like the Bantustans. It pacified Black anger through the conferral of political rights--just like the Bantustans. And it assumed the administrative burdens of governance, without real economic control--just like the Bantustans."   

Finally on Bantustanisation, Mpofu-Walsh notes that "Whereas White privilege was nationalised under apartheid, it became wholly privatised and geographically fragmented in the new dispensation. White South Africans receded into increasingly elaborate and decentralized Bantustans of privilege, spread throughout South Africa. Afrikaner nationalism itself became enclaved, now driven by private institutions with private aims.   

On Women

We conclude this section on some of the consequences of the emergence of The New Apartheid , with Mpofu-Walsh's remarks on women and the workless class. "New forms of oppression" he said, "disproportionately affect certain people. Three groups illustrate this: Black women, the 'Black workless class', and poor African migrants. The position of Black women in the new apartheid is tragic. While wealthy Black men can benefit from the relaxation of racial laws and the poisonous fruits of patriarch, Black women still suffer under the yoke of White supremacy, on the one hand, and multiple patriarchies, on the other. South Africa is a society where the everyday experience of sexism is ubiquitous, and triple scourges of domestic violence, sexual violence and femicide (the large-scale murder of women) have reached unconscionable and epochal proportions."  

Concluding Remarks by Mpofu-Walsh's On Competing Visions From the Introduction

"Two competing, and intertwining, visions clash in South Africa today: one, a democratic, egalitarian vision called the ' new South Africa'; the other, an oppressive and conservative vision, hidden in plain sight, that I call 'the new apartheid'. These clashing but entangled projects produce a society in contradiction, undergoing at once extraordinary change and frustrating stagnancy. "

"These two 'directions' can be traced back to the democratic negotiations which birthed the new republic. These negotiations occurred on two parallel tracks; one concerning its economic trajectory. While constitutional negotiations dominated local and international headlines, economic negotiations-which predated political talks--would profoundly influence the path of new apartheid. If the ANC won the constitutional talks, it lost the economics talks decisively."

"This is not simply to say that the ANC 'sold out' at the negotiations. Such a view unduly centres the ANC in a complex historical moment. Rather, I suggest that apartheid interests arrived at the negotiating table with priorities, and succeeded in achieving some of them. This means dispensing with the myth that the ANC outmaneuvered its apartheid counterparts at the negotiations."

"South Africa's democratic transition, and the mythology which surrounds it, may well be a rare example of history being written by the losers, at least on the economic front.  The celebritisation of ANC leaders in the 1990s reinforces, rather than refutes, this point. South Africa's contemporary malaise is rooted in tis founding bargains."

The terminus of Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh's introduction to The New Apartheid is permeated by a poeticism that captures at once the a supreme irony and tragedy: the ANC were the rare losers who chronicled the history of their own demise. 

Apartheid's inversion from the most vile and conspicuous system of white-minority racial domination to a system of racial subterfuge masking the continued oppression of South Africa's majority Black population by its own people conjures visions of a journey through a hall of mirrors. 

But Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh's master work, The New Apartheid, assures us that mirrors are glass that can be shattered, and that South Africa's history will not be lies agreed upon by scholars. Nor will its history be viewed as an exercise of political ironies--a study of how men's action produce results other than those they intended.   

New Black Nationalists in America's settler state are animated by the opportunity to share insights, analysis and viewpoints with our readership on the The New Apartheid and the future of South Africa's unfinished revolutionary project. We look forward to hearing from you.  

New Black Nationalists Support the Afro-Cuban Inspired Revolt

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 07/21/21

The July 11 street revolt in cities across Cuba has unsettled the despotic regime of President Miguel Díaz-Canel. New Black Nationalists stand by all Cuban people who are rebelling to get Diaz-Canel's oppressive jackboot off their necks. 

After blaming U.S. economic sanctions for the protests and all Cuba's maladies, "el presidente" summoned Cuba's "revolutionaries" into the streets to smash the protesters--as if this was a fight between paid foreign mercenaries and the people" defending "the revolution. "

Then he mobilized the police to sweep the streets and conduct mass arrests. That too did not go as planned. The police were met by angry protesters who engaged them in hand to hand combat, attacked them with bottles and rocks and overturned vehicles. 

Exactly, what led to these unprecedented confrontations with the Cuban security state is a grab bag of grievances: shortages of food, medicine, COVID-19 vaccines, electricity, jobs, democratic rights, you name it. 

What is not debatable is that the inspiration driving the July risings was the musical force of dissent echoing from the protesters voices chanting Patria y Vida--a hip-hop song by radicalized Afro-Cuban musicians in Cuba and Miami.  

The song which dropped in February has taken the island by storm, and galvanized the Cuban street challenging the ruling class. "Patria y Vida," is a collaboration between Afro-Cuban musicians in exile: Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom of the duo Gente De Zona, Cuban hip-hop band Orishas; and singer-songwriter Descemer Bueno. Contributors Maykel Osboro (Castillo) and Eliécer "el Funky" Márquez are still on the island.

What is also not debatable is that the island's one million self-described Afro-Cubans and three million mixed-Black race Cubans (referred to as "mulatto" or "mestizo,) have endured systematic racism at the hands of the Castro brothers and now Díaz-Canel for decades. 

Excluded from entire sectors of Cuba's economy, stereotyped and disappeared in visual media, under-represented in Cuba's political apparatus, Afro-Cubans and Blackness itself are regarded as a national security threat.  

In-part this also explains the Western media's virtual erasure of this revolt as an Afro-Cuban inspired enterprise. The grinding oppression of Afro-Cubans is a non-issue and "Patria y Vida" is simply portrayed as a cultural youth phenomenon. After all, everyone knows Afro-Cubans are damned good musicians. Spare us the bullshit.  

The American media dares not raise the issue of race, knowing the Cuban government would call them to book for the state-sanctioned murder of Black people at the hands of the police. You want to talk about the lack of democracy in Cuba or the Biden Administration standing idly by while White Nationalist Republicans strip Black people their voting rights. Best to leave those stones unturned.  

The legacy of erasure of Afro-Cubans is also a feature of the left and right-wing responses to the revolt. So called pro-democracy, right-wing Cubans decry the nation's "economic disaster" and "democracy deficit" as the sins of communism. 

On the left, far too many defend Cuba as a beleaguered and isolated outpost of socialism victimized by Yankee Imperialism's economic blockade. And how, we ask, will lifting economic sanctions eradicate anti-Afro-Cuban racism? Both groups have little to say about the oppression of Afro-Cuban communities, and even less to say about a solution. 

In the meantime, the Little Havana's and Little Haiti's in South Florida are teeming with right-wing reactionaries and wanna-bee dictators hatching plots and pushing buttons to trigger regime change in the Caribbean.  

Two weeks ago, we witnessed the motley coup attempt and assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moises by the nefarious guns for hire supposedly associated with Haitian businessman Christian Emmanuel Sanon., in South Florida, is alert to the street chatter that right-wing money and operatives circling around Magastan Headquarters in Mar a Lago, have been floating funds and resources to Afro-Cuban dissidents, musicians, and artists to undermine President Miguel Díaz-Canel's government. 

The CIA appears to have ramped is covert operations that began a decade ago to deploy young Afro-Cuban artists and musicians as a cultural trojan horse to foment regime change on the island. Those operations were run through the USAid program. We hope Afro-Cuban artists and musicians aren't taking the bait but can't be naïve about the escalating geo-political stakes at play in the Caribbean Basin. 

This special issue on July's "Patria y Vida" Cuba Rising seeks to give our readers a few different perspectives on the unfolding crisis on the island. Afro-Cubans are destined to play a decisive role in Cuba's future when the so-called socialist government in Havana disintegrates and collapses. Then as now, New Black Nationalists and Fanon Global will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Afro-Cuban community.  

South Africa and the ANC's Future Are Up Grabs - The Zuma Effect

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 07/15/21


The last five days of looting, violence, 72 deaths, attacks on government installations, and vigilantes establishing armed no-go zones have thrown South Africa into chaos. 

Simply put, President Cyril Ramaphosa has lost control of the country. Few can say where South Africa goes from here.  

Since Nelson Mandela was elected president in May of 1994, his ruling African National Congress Party [ANC] and three successors have never confronted a governing crisis this grave. 

The ANC weathered South Africa's devastating HIV-Aids epidemic, the white National Party's abandonment of the Government of National Unity [GNU], the minor's massacre in Marikana, the ongoing border crisis with Zimbabwe, and the 2008-2009 global financial crisis. 

But the crisis of the present is different. The African National Congress is the crisis. 

South Africa's post-Mandela presidents, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa have been less than stellar leaders whose helmsmanship steered the nation's ship of state into troubled waters and then a tsunami.  

True, Nelson Mandela brokered a peace that spared South Africa a long bloody racial civil war that neither side could decisively win.  We understand that. 

We can be less forgiving about the ANC's decision to tether its economy to the neoliberal globalist fantasies of strategic foreign investments,  privatization, deregulation, and trade liberalization.      

The point is that those policies could have changed had ANC leaders and the party had an alternative vision to close the enormous economic inequality gap between privileged white Afrikaners and the Black majority. They did not. 

Whites still own of 72% of the country's land. Crime and foreign interests run riot over the nation, and even now the COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the country. 

However, none of these failures compare to the internal rot and comprehensive corruption of the ANC. The culture of grifting has seeped into every pore of party life. The 109-year old organization has been totally captured by foreign monied interests, mob bosses, and white collar criminals like the Gupta Brothers and Adriano Mazzotti. 

Worse still, the ANC's corruption has metastasized through South Africa's government, infecting it with a deadly virus that has paralyzed its ability to function of behalf of its people. No one embodies the ANC's corruption more than Jacob Zuma, South Africa's president from 2009-2018. 

It was a long time coming but the ANC's day of reckoning has arrived. The party is at now openly at war with itself as the Zuma and  Ramaphosa camps vie for control of the party and the country. 

Zuma directly challenged Cyril Ramaphosa's presidency by refusing to appear before the Constitutional Court on corruption charges. 

Zuma' son, who wants to run for president, his daughter, and a group of ANC military wing veterans all called for violent reprisals if Zuma was arrested. In the KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces they delivered on their threats. On July 6, 2021, ANC Deputy General Secretary Jesse Duarte was forced to order the  uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) to disband. 

The debasement of the ANC is so pervasive that both youth breakaway organizations: Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] and Andile  Mngxitama' s Black Land Black First organizations have both pledged fealty to Zuma at one time or another.  New Black Nationalists are hopeful that both these organizations will display the leadership timbre of their self-professed "Sankarist" impulses. It is sorely needed in South 
Africa today.    

 Zuma is a man never to be underestimated. He is a populist with a base, in KwaZulu-Natal.  More so than the cerebral if not aloof Mbeke, and the accommodationist bureaucrat Ramaphosa, Zuma has receipts as a "man of the people. "   

In the short-run Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC will likely survive, but only at the point of the South African National Defense Force's bayonet's. The question is has ANC rule entered into an irreversible death spiral? If so, what will the collateral damage entail? Civil war and race war are real possibilities that cannot be dismissed.   

Mandela's dream is now a nightmare.  

New Black Nationalists started the South Africa Study Project five months ago. We did so because the history of its liberation movements, winning Black majority rule, and the diversity of its forces and programs that have contested for leadership makes the South African experience an invaluable resource to international revolutionary movements. 

As a study project of the Global Fanon Movement, we support the ongoing struggle of the South African people to free themselves from the albatross of neocolonial rule.  

We invite you to be a part of the project and follow the analysis, commentary, and news posted on the site. We welcome all feedback and analysis from our readers. Tweet us @WBBrooksIII  

Cell Phone & Street Justice for George Floyd

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 04/20/21

Today, New Black Nationalists convey our heartfelt congratulations to George Floyd's family, whose strength and honor has prevailed over an endless winter of grief and horror since May 25, 2020.  Derek Chauvin was convicted on three counts of murder by a Minneapolis jury. 
Let us be clear, this verdict has little to do with American justice. The killer cop Chauvin's conviction was the result of two things: cell phone justice--10 minutes of a teenager's video that just couldn't be denied, and more than 20 million people across the planet who took control of the streets and dominated the political battlespace ever since.  
This victory belongs to thousands of rock throwers, those who breached police lines, the warriors who erected barricades, and millions who withstood teargas, pepper spray, and police batons from Minneapolis to the indigenous aboriginal protests in Australia's outback. 
It belongs to the Not Fucking Around Coalition Black militia, whose shocking appearance on the streets on July 4, after Armand Aubrey's execution by white vigilantes, altered the perception and dynamics of the Black fightback  
This victory goes to those who pulled down statues of slaveholders and colonial butchers from Bristol, U.K., to the favelas in Brazil. It belongs to the artists from the small villages in Kenya, to muralist in countless urban centers around the globe who emblazoned George Floyd's image on every surface imaginable. 
At this moment, let's not be naïve, Derek Chauvin was indicted and convicted in every city, town, and hamlet around the world with access to televisions, tablets, and mobile devices that streamed "the cell phone video." And most of all, Chauvin was convicted by the revolutionary energy of Black people who demonstrated time and again, we were prepared to go to the mattresses. It's called "People's Justice."  
April 20, 2021
The Stateless Maroons

2021 Action Plan for New Black Nationalists

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 02/10/21

In our January 1, 2020, message New Black Nationalists stated "The 2020's will be a decade of crisis, war, revolution, and the collapse of American Empire." 

After fifteen million Black-led protesters revolted against George Floyd's murder across the globe; 450,000 COVID-19 pandemic deaths, two impeachment trials' of Donald Trump, and a deadly white nationalists coup to overrun the U.S. Capitol last month, our predictive model is tracking with the confluence of events. 

The current trajectory of American Empire is unstainable.    

As things now stand, developments threaten to outpace our ability to process the theories and analysis needed to convert the looming existential crisis and civil war into a grand strategy to create a Black nation. New Black Nationalists are therefore compelled to modify and accelerate production of the theoretical instruments of insurgency.   

The four critical projects outlined here reflect the critical areas we must address to prepare for an escalating national struggle. Beginning in February 2021, New Black Nationalists will take up the following tasks this year;  

1. Adopting the corpus of Franz Fanon works as the guiding ideological system of the New Black Nationalist Movement on February 28, 2021, and completing  an analysis of how Fanon's writings (Fanonism) align with NBN's Statement of Principles by February 2022. 

2. Increase the international outreach and influence of the new Black Diaspora Movement initiative we launched in September 2020. 

3.  Expand our exchanges and deepen our relationship with the broader Black Feminist Movement.

4. Initiate a study project on the history, practice, and theories that have guided "Black majority rule" in South Africa from 1994 to the present.  

Background, Notes, and Study Materials for 2021
These tasks grow directly out the advances we made in 2020 in tripling our website's readership. They acknowledge the need to prepare for the transition from a pre-revolutionary to a revolutionary period. 

When the NBN-Movement coalesced in early 2018, our mission to rebuild the canons of Black Nationalist thought first required that we demarcate our trend from Black  Atlanticists, Afrofuturists, Afrocentrists, Afropessimists,  Pan-Africanists, Black Separatists, Religious Nationalists and the Black-left.   

Second, we needed to re-establish the foundational principles Black Nationalism by reaffirming Black people in Americas' settler state constitute a historically developed nation, with a distinct Black identity and culture. We also reaffirmed that the historic goal of Black Nationalism since the Martin Delaney's attempts in the 1850's to create a Black nation in Africa, is the struggle for land and the establishment of a Black majority-led nation.   

Adopting Fanonism

Having accomplished these two objectives and developed the "Statement of Principles" in January 2020, it became clear that our project was still incomplete. 

We lacked an overarching philosophy concerning the nature of knowledge, reality and existence that cohered with the ideological belief system embodied in our Black Nationalist principles. Frantz Fanon's extensive works emerged as the  nexus fusing New Black Nationalists ideology to a celestial philosophical universe powered by phenomenology, dialectics, and "the lived experience."

The Black Diaspora Movement

In the course of 2020, New Black Nationalist thought also began making inroads among radicalizing youth and millennials in the U.S. and internationally whose protests migrated outside the political boundaries of the legacy Black Lives Matters Movement. 

Our analysis identified a new global BLM 2.0 tendency, marked by divergent millennial and radical feminist impulses of Black consciousness. In October 2020, we initiated a new Black Diaspora Movement to test the proposition that the largest black international uprising in history is signaled the sunrise of a new Global South. 

We were moved to action by Professor Sebabatso Monoeli's observation that, "The current discourse on Black Lives Matter does not yet include anti-Black racism beyond how the west and white settler states experience and theorize it" (We Have No Harlem in Sudan - June 30, 2021).  

A Strategic Alliance with Black Feminists

Central to New Black Nationalists theory of revolutionary possibilities and nationhood in the 2020's is continuing our efforts to develop a strategic alliance with Black Feminists. 

Among our writings in 2020, we engaged on the matters of Feminism in the Afrofuturist and Africanfuturist movements, the feminist underpinnings of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Black Feminism and Black identity and Black Nationalism, and Black Feminism and Frantz Fanon.

We cannot emphasize enough that the cornerstone of our revolutionary nationalist project is our relationship with the broad and complex Black Feminist Movement. It's no accident that many of our analytical articles are influenced by Black Feminist thought. Since the 1960's Black feminists have been flipping the world right-side up, while Black Nationalists have languished somewhat in the nostalgia of the Black Power.      

The South Africa Study Project

While completing our projected year-long project to comprehensively development our analysis of Fanon's works, secondarily we are beginning a new study project on the South African revolutionary experience since Mandela and the ANC took power in 1994. 

There are several good reasons and benefits to study the South African experience now. 

Arguably, South Africa's Black radicals, Feminists, Afropessimists, Nationalists, Marxists and Biko/Fanon Black Consciousness adherents are the most well versed readers of revolutionary theory on the planet. The ruling African National Congress alone was founded 110 years ago. 

With all the revolutionary experience the ANC and its allies possessed being legal, then banned organizations before ascending to power as a ruling coalition, how did Black majority rule leave the old white dominated neo-colonialist system of exploitation in place? 

New Black Nationalists' point is that the same thing could happen here in the midst of an existential crisis and governmental collapse. It is entirely possible that an imminent government collapse combined with the prospects of a long, bloody, and inconclusive civil war could lead to a brokered deal allowing left-Social Democrats, and Black and Hispanic Democrats to run most of the country. 

Concessions could be granted allowing regional white majority rule in the Mid and Mountain West, while essentially leaving the ruling class in power with restrictions on its control of capital, profit-taking and the macro-economy. Indeed, the "Browning of America," could conceivably become the "Bleaching of America."  Such are the times we live in.        

On behalf of, we look forward to a great 2021. We thank our network participants, all organizations and parties we interacted with, and our international and U.S. readers for making 2020, a great year for our revolutionary movement. 

Selwyn Trench, 

Below please find the recommended reading materials:

Frantz Fanon:

The Wretched of the Earth     --    Toward the African Revolution
Black Skin, White Masks       --    A Dying Colonialism

Frantz Fanon by Peter Hudis
Frantz Fanon Conflicts and Feminisms by C. Denean Sharpley Whiting
Frantz Fanon, A Biography by David Macey
Fanon's Dialectic of Experience of Atu Sekyi-Oto  

On South Africa

The President Keepers by Jacques Pauw 
Nelson Mandela, Dare Not Linger by Mandla Langa
After the Party by Andrew Feinstein
Thabo Mbeki, Battle for the Soul of the ANC by William Gumede  

Black Feminists 

Becoming Black by Michelle Wright
Intersectionality as Critical Social Theory by Patricia Hill Collins
Black Feminism Reimagined by Jennifer Nash

Culture and Literary Theory 

African American Literary Theory, Edited by Winston Napier
The Black Arts Movement, James Edward Smethurst


The 117th Congress: Guns, Tribes & Getting Mobbed-Up

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 01/30/21

Three weeks after the January 6, "MAGA Coup" attempt, the new 117th Congress is an active war zone. 

Donald Trump's white nationalist terror syndicate and Nancy Pelosi's, AKA, "Power Nana," California-based family are "going to the mattresses."  

On Friday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green (MTG) and Rep. Cori Bush's sharp verbal exchange over MTG not wearing a face mask went viral. Come on. We all know what time it is. If MTG wanted to make a go of it, Cori would have smacked her into the next zip code. But Cori didn't take the bait, and she damn sure isn't trying to get COVID-19. 

Instead, Bush moved her office and staff to avoid another dust up, but this is an alarming indicator of how far things are spiraling out of control at the Capitol.   

If you thought things would cool down after the deadly January 6, assault on the U.S. Capitol, think again. Two Republican congressman were stopped trying to bring guns on the House chambers floor. Another GOP congressperson is under investigation for taking January 6, riot participants on a reconnaissance tour of the Capitol layout the day before the insurrection.  

The FBI is investigating several Republican congressional members with high profile ties to white nationalists groups: the Three-Percenters, The Oath Keepers, Q-anon and the Proud Boys, whose Afro-Cuban leader was unmasked last week as an FBI informant.        

As for MTG--the "The QAnon Lady,"--events escalated this week when it was revealed in January 2019, her Facebook page posted a "like" to a comment calling for "a bullet to the head" of Speaker Pelosi. That prompted some Democrats to call for her expulsion from the House. 

Pelosi, still pissed off that Trump's stormtroopers sent a hit-team to "neutralize" her on January 6, called for more money for Capitol security enhancements. Reimbursements for forty members who purchased bulletproof vests have been approved, and other members are requesting personal security details. "Power Nana" said the security measures had to be taken to deal with "the enemy within."    

Clearly, Marjorie Taylor-Greene was out of her depth when she crossed swords with hard-hitting Rep. Cori Bush. But endorsing a Facebook contract on "Power Nana's" life, took things to a whole new level." 

Apparently, 'shorty' from Milledgeville, Georgia, doesn't know who she's f---king with. "Power Nana," is the daughter of Thomas "Big Tommy" D' Alesandro Jr. 

"Big Tommy was elected to the U.S. Congress representing Baltimore from 1938-47, and mayor from 1947-59. He was a major player connected to New York's Lucchese crime family operatives Luigi Morichi, Tommy Carbo, and the Corbi brothers. "Big Tommy" served as a front man and contract fixer with businesses and unions in exchange for kickbacks.

How big was Pelosi's father?" In 1961, when President Kennedy complained that D' Alesandro needed to be investigated for contract deals that blocked his administration's federal negotiating efforts, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover told Kennedy to "forget about it." 

MTG may want to think twice before becoming a stone in "Power Nana's" shoe. Nancy ain't Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden: she's the apple that didn't fall far from "Big Tommy's" tree.                
Now obviously, New Black Nationalists are trying to inject a modicum of levity into a serious and escalating situation. But despite 2,000 Capitol police, several thousand National Guardsmen ringing the capitol, metal detectors, and state of the art electronic surveillance, the capitol complex and its 535 congressional members are on edge. 

Since the civil war's opening shot was fired on January 6, the back-and-forth between Trump's sycophants and Democrats shows no signs of abating. Quite the opposite, tension is sharpening in Congress as Republicans have overwhelmingly endorsed insurrection, and coup plotting as legitimate forms of opposition. Thus, the GOP has officially declared itself to be an instrument of white nationalists authoritarian rule. 

On Thursday, House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy, flew to MAGASTAN's exile government headquarters at Mar a Largo in West Palm Beach, to kiss Trump's ring. If he can't discipline MTG for endorsing the execution of the Speaker of the House, then America is certainly moving down a path that can only end in civil war.       

With Trump's impeachment trial for "Incitement to Insurrection" scheduled to begin the week of February 8, a Homeland Security directive warned that Trump's white nationalist legions are preparing for further attacks. Five-thousand National Guard will remain in Washington, D.C.   

Two weeks ago, New Black Nationalist noted that for the first time in modern American history, the security state under Biden's administration has an open national mandate to smash significant sectors of violent white supremist movements. 

Protecting and holding these racist mercenaries in reserve, until they are needed to put "uppity" Black people back in their place, has been the standard operating procedure. But, as the Black Lives Matter 2.0 protests in the summer of 2020 demonstrated, the days of terrorizing Black people into submission are over. 

We are anxious see what "Fighting Joe," who supported locking up millions of Black people in the 90's, is going to do now with these violent white nationalists scum.   

As of January 26, approximately 150 riot participants have been arrested on charges from disorderly conduct to conspiracy to riot. Interestingly enough, the Q-Anon Shamon dressed in fur skins and a horned helmet, the "zip tie guy" who propelled into the Senate chambers with plastic handcuffs, the woman who stole a laptop from Pelosi's office, and the armed wingnut who sat in Pelosi's chair, ransacked and stole a document from her desk, were all released by local authorities when they returned home. They were only detained when federal judges in Washington, D.C., overrode local judges decisions allowing them to roam the streets. 

New Black Nationalists also raised the question if violent white nationalists would be going underground, to step up their campaign of protracted asymmetric warfare against the U.S. government. The "Accelerationist" trend among white nationalists are committed to this path as a strategy of speeding up the internal crisis and collapse of American Empire. 

Based on the response we have witnessed thus far, violent white nationalists will likely continue to have a robust public presence. They feel emboldened. When Trump is found not guilty in his second impeachment trial, they will feel even more emboldened. Indeed, many of them are biding their time, waiting for the next green light from MAGASTAN headquarters in South Florida to go into action. 

Just as alarming is the fact a number of riot participants were ex-military personnel. That is a dangerous sign of the potential for significant sections of the military to back a future right-wing white nationalist coup. As we learned last week, it took the U.S, military three hours to respond to the Capitol Police request for support.      

We fully expect a growing underground white nationalist movement to  increasingly engage in terrorism and destabilizing actions. As one commentator put it, "We could be headed for a period in which the U.S. looks and feels like Northern Ireland three decades ago.   

The fights, skirmishes, and melodramas unfolding in Congress in Washington, D.C., may appear to be somewhat petty and pedestrian on the surface. People avoiding metal detectors, trying to sneak guns on the floor of Congress, and tweeting about executions of public officials sounds like adolescent teenagers with too much time on their hands. It's not.

They are signs that we have a entered a new period: the opening stages of the civil war to come.      




Trump's Coup Opens Civil War Between Whites

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 01/17/21

After years of spewing incendiary racist invective against Blacks and Latinos to ride white resentment to power, Donald Trump's "Capitol Coup," to overturn the 2020 elections has opened America's second civil war. Ironically, the first battles of this post-truth conflagration finds far-right white nationalists attempting to vanquish white conservatives and accommodationists Republicans.   

We may also be witness something that's hasn't happened since Black Reconstruction--a different type of war. Biden's Justice Department will have an open mandate to smash operational units and bad actors of the violent white nationalist movement for their involvement in the January 6th seditious coup attempt. Historically, White nationalists have always been a protected species of sorts in the domain of "American" justice.  

Military checkpoints, concertina wire, concrete barriers, security fencing, shuttered federal buildings, and 25,000 National Guardsmen patrolling the streets, will mark Joe Biden's inauguration. Washington, D.C. has been transformed into a garrison town--an embarrassing rendition of Baghdad's "Green Zone" on the Potomac. 

Every state capitol in America is supposedly on a state of "high alert." Preparations for armed assaults by white nationalists mobs and cells are in tow.  Cable news channels percolate with lead-ins that the nation is on edge. Some suggest democracy itself hangs in the balance. 

If the hype and response to the "Capitol Coup" seems a bit overblown, it's not because violent white nationalists have a wealth of firepower, operational sophistication, and strategic planning. 

No, its because as information leaks out, it's becoming clear these crack forces received aid and support from elements inside the security state and rogue law enforcement elements. Joe Biden, requesting a change to his former Vice-Presidential Secret Service detail is no accident.    

So the question is how far will Biden and his cerebral Attorney General, Merrick Garland go to smash the white nationalist terror network that is holding the country hostage? 

Conversely, will the extremist white nationalist movement respond by  going underground and starting protracted asymmetric warfare to destabilize the U.S. government? Are they resolute and resourced enough to pursue such an enterprise or will they bide their time for a second opportunity?  

Impeached for "Incitement to Insurrection," Donald Trump's motley assortment of white nationalist jackboots brought ropes and constructed wooden gallows on the capitol grounds to hang Mike Pence. Death squads roamed the corridors of congress with spear-tipped Confederate flags hunting for Nancy Pelosi. 

Other Neanderthal elements dispensed with lynching rituals and search parties. They simply bludgeoned a white policeman to death with a fire extinguisher, and battered others with American flagpoles and pipes.   

Make no mistake, the days of white nationalists and "Lost Cause" Johnny Rebs bringing nooses to the party to visit death on Black flesh are far from over. But before pursuing their main objective of seizing the government and establishing a white minority-ruled apartheid state, the white nationalist movement must win the internal argument among center-right whites. 

They must convince a significant section of whites that being governed by a non-white majority poses an existential threat that can only be averted through extra-constitutional means.  

Indeed, Trump proposed just such a Faustian bargain to preserve and expand white skin privilege and racial dominance. In exchange, Trump's minions would tolerate unfettered grifting by his family, support immunity for their "Dear Leader" from criminal prosecutions, and accept authoritarian rule under the color of white nationalism.  

Both sides upheld their end of the bargain. 

Trump caged children and families of refugees seeking asylum and built 47 miles of new border wall. Barr's Justice Department refused to shut down violent white nationalists despite being designated by the FBI as "the most significant terror threat facing the U.S." Trump provided cover for them, referring to the rioters in Charlottesville as "fine people." Trump kept his promise not to start any new foreign wars, and to attack China's unfair trade policy--although he lost the trade war.  

In return, Trump's coalition of ex-Tea Partiers, Obama Truthers, Second Amendment shills, evangelicals, anti-abortion extremists, nativists,  COVID-19 deniers, Neo-Nazis, Qanon cultists, and right-wing militias upheld their end of the bargain. To the surprise of many, Trump received nine million more white votes in 2020 than in the 2016 elections. 

The problem however, was that seven million more people voted against Trump. Voter suppression, congressional gerrymandering, and the electoral college, that had previously allowed Republicans to win the presidency while losing the popular vote, finally collapsed like a house of cards in 2020. 

Having failed to manipulate state legislators, presidential electors, Republican congressmen, and finally Vice-President Pence to reverse his election defeat, Trump green lit the "Capitol Coup." 

At the January 6, rally Trump told his legions "They're trying to steal an election. We just can't let that happen." The "Stop the Steal" war cry  was aligned with Trump's overall message to whites. For years he told whites their jobs, their taxes, their benefits, their sense of security were all being stolen by immigrants and "other people" who didn't deserve it. 

Because traitors like Georgia's Republican Governor and Secretary of the State, and Vice-President Pence refused to do their jobs, Trumps supporters had to act to stop the steal and disrupt the Electoral College count at the capitol. 

Pro and con, the arguments will go on whether Trump was delusional about the prospects of the coup succeeding. New Black Nationalists believe Trump knew the coup would fail. That wasn't the point. 

Trump had to create a spectacle of resistance to validate "The Big Lie" that he won the election. He needs the oxygen and the mantle of being victimized by a rigged system to sustain momentum and legitimacy for a possible second presidential run.                   

Thus, the bloody January 6th "Capitol Coup" attempt marked a transition point for white nationalists and the Alt-Right. Without Trump as a figure-head and Enabler-in-Chief procuring aid, political cover, and resources, their political strategies and tactics must be recalibrated.

What happens to Trump after he leaves office on January 20, is uncertain. Unless information emerges directly tying Trump to planning the assault on the capitol, the Senate is unlikely to garner 67 guilty votes to convict him on "Incitement to Insurrection" charges. Thus, the Senate cannot vote to ban Trump from holding future office. 

As for Trump's universe of legal problems, we believe if the New York State Attorney General pursues charges on how the Trump organization valued its assets, and submitted dubious financial statements to obtain loans, Trump will be convicted. The same is true of the New York City Manhattan DA's probe into Trump's loans with Deutsche Bank. But the length of time for trials and appeals could drag on for years.     

At the end of the day, Trump is headed to Mar a Largo, Florida where he will set up a shadow white-nationalist government in exile; call it  MAGA-STAN. Together with his loyalists cronies, Steve Bannon, Steven Miller, Cory Lewandowsky, Michael Flynn and Michael Lindell they will began plotting Trump's reality show comeback, like Napoleon's return from Elba.  
Team Trump will quickly get on with the business of threatening  Senate and House Republicans that didn't vote to overturn the elections. They will excoriate any Republican Senator that votes to convict in his impeachment trial. With Trump loyalist Rona McDaniel still running the Republican National Committee, Trump will prosecute his civil war inside the GOP to eliminate any competitors for the 2024 presidential race.   

Just as Trump will continue to use his "low information" working class base to terrorize Republican Party establishment officeholders, he'll also attempt to use hard-core White Nationalists to police his white "working class" legions. The message behind the "Hang Pence" chant reverberating in the catacombs of the capitol was clear; all team players must remain "on side."  

At the top of Trump's agenda is re-establishing a communications and media network. His expulsion from Facebook and Twitter has severed his unfiltered lifeline to his legions. With Google and Apple removing their store apps from Parler, and Amazon cutting Parler off as its web site host, Trump desperately needs an alternative communications platform. 

Whether Trump has the wherewithal to tap his vast pool of international resources to launch a new multi-media platform or television network is anyone's guess. Trump is like a plague that never goes away. We wouldn't count him out just yet.    

New Black Nationalists will be watching with great interests how American Empire's security state processes the white nationalist terror network. 

Independent of Donald Trump, white ethno-nationalists' have their own plans to establish an oligarchic apartheid state of white minority-rule. 
Just as Trump was using far-right white nationalists to project power and intimidation, so too the far-right has been using Trump to recruit, train, and deploy its forces. 

Nor are our insurrectionists happy about some Trump apologists' efforts to shield them by claiming the coup was an Antifa operation. They want the world to know they breached the U.S. Capitol by force of arms, and one day will do it again. January 6, was their revolutionary manifesto for generations to come.    

In the weeks and months ahead, an avalanche of information is going to surface about the January 6, Capitol Coup." We urge our readers to pay close attention. There is much to learn here from Trump's final curtain call.  


Why Trump's "Capitol Coup" Succeeded

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 01/07/21

This article is updating the original publication on January 7. Events are fast moving. A draft article of impeachment against Donald Trump titled "Incitement of Insurrection" is now circulating and gaining momentum for a vote on Monday. In part it reads, "Donald John Trump engaged in High Crimes and Misdemeanors by willfully inciting violence against the government of the United States." 

Nancy Pelosi spoke with Joint Chief of Staff Mike Milly about precautionary measures to prevent Trump from initiating military conflicts and accessing the nuclear codes. 

Talk is thickening of complicity between the Capitol Hill security establishment and Trump's coup plotters. 

News accounts revealed the dead Capitol Hill policeman had his head bashed in by a fire extinguisher. 

On Friday morning Twitter employees besieged management saying they could no longer work there if the company continued posting Trump's tweets. 

Twitter permanently suspended his account "due to the the risk of further incitement of violence." Facebook and Instagram followed, depriving Trump of the oxygen that fueled Wednesday's practice-run for a real future coup.         

By every measure, Tuesday's "Capitol Coup," was a success for Donald Trump. 

History will chronicle January 6, as the first coup attempt to topple the U.S. government. It was also the opening shot of the coming civil war in the 2020's. It fused Hitler's 1923 Beer Hall Putsch and bombardment of Ft. Sumter in 1860,  into a spectacle of subversion. 

That's exactly what Trump wanted: that's what he got. The January 6 coup which Trump plotted for months wasn't meant to succeed as an actual takeover. 

It was staged as a test run that would also maximize political and psychological effect. The Capitol Coup conjured visions of a sensational surprise attack, memorable imagery, dead martyrs and jailed hero/warriors. 

It shattered the hallmark of peaceful transitions of power, and legitimizing the unthinkable--a White Nationalist takeover unfettered by legislative laws and jurisprudence.

The trashing and defilement of the Capitol as the crown jewel of American Empire, was a metaphor for Trump's frontal assault on the charters of democracy. 

He alone, not weak legislative bodies or courts represents the will of White people. The ease in which the protestors penetrated the fortress of imperial rule symbolized the hollowness of Pax Americana and its precipitous state of decline.        

Knowing for weeks that Trump called his jackboots to Washington, D.C., to disrupt Congress, the Capitol Police were severely undermanned. Two offers by the FBI to provide additional support to earlier in the week were rejected by Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund. 

In the middle of the attack one Maryland congressman called the governor of Maryland, and told him the capitol was under siege. He agreed to send Maryland State Troopers, but they couldn't enter the District of Columbia, without the permission of the "Acting" Secretary of Defense who couldn't be reached for two hours. 

The "Capitol Coup" simply repeated the White militia occupation of Michigan's state capitol three months ago. Just like Trump instructed his jackboots to "liberate" Michigan" his high noon speech to "the faithful" green lit the Capitol Coup and inflamed the passions of sedition. 

Trump triggered his mob into believing that Vice-President Pence had the power presiding over the vote to make Trump President-for-Life. Pence said no. It's no mystery then why the White Nationalist mob chanted "Kill Mike Pence" as the swarmed the hallways banging on the doors of his office.   

At the rally, Trump told the mob he was going to stay in power. Then he said, "After this, we're going to walk down there the capitol. We're going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women. And we're probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. Because you'll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong."  

An hour later, White Nationalists easily overran Capitol Police, as if they were under order to offer the least amount of resistance. The MAGA fascists brushed the police and light barricades aside, bum rushed the doors, broke out the windows and roamed the Capitol corridors at will, defacing offices, scaling walls, and seizing the Senate chambers. 

White Nationalists rioters hung nooses on wooden beans in the Capitol and took selfies with Capitol policemen,  When they finished pilfering the Capitol, they were allowed to just walk out the building and go home. Meanwhile, across town pipe bombs were found at the Democrat and Republican Party headquarters. 

Where was the FBI, AFT, Justice Department or the Attorney General holding a press conference to explain what happened? Why weren't they ready for the rioters when the internet was humming with Qanon and Proud Boy White Nationalists plans to breach the capitol the past two weeks?     

Trump got his martyr: a young dead woman protestor shot by the Capitol police. Three other people mysteriously died of undisclosed medical emergencies. 

Trump got his images: Senators hiding under chairs and tables; protesters sitting in the Senate's president's chair, and Secret Service agents with guns drawn inside the House chambers. Biden's coronation was suspended, as the Capitol was placed on lockdown, and congressional members were forced to "shelter in place."   

Black House Majority Whip James Clyburn's unmarked private office was ransacked and his laptop computer stolen. How did the terrorist know where his undisclosed office was? Another white terrorist was apprehended with 15 Molotov Cocktails, and several others with plastic zip cuffs, as if they planned to capture and detain hostages.    

Undaunted, the House and Senate reconvened business at 8:30 p.m. They had to demonstrate the strength and resiliency of American democracy.  Crawling out from under their desks they proclaimed  the U.S. government would never surrender to monarchy and fascists. "Really?"  

The base hypocrisy of partisan speeches urging acceptance or rejection of Biden's slate of electors to certify him as president was on full display. So was the fear etched on the faces of these mouthpieces of American Empire, knowing the country just crossed the Rubicon and could never return to the pre-"Capitol Coup Moment."  

Over the next two weeks, no one should be surprised by the "Capitol Coup" spreading to other state capitols across the country. Nor is Trump done. Fourteen days in his hands is an eternity.      

History tells us that successful coups and extra-legal grabs for power are often preceded by failed coup attempts. January 6, was that day. On January 20, Citizen Trump will return to Mar a Largo, Florida to lead a White Nationalist government in exile. 

Along with Steve Bannon, Steven Miller, Ret. General Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Ivanka, Jared, and Don Trump JR, the "Sith Lord of White Nationalism" will resume his coup plotting. No doubt Team Trump are temporarily transferring their accounts to Parler's platform and preparing to stand up alternative right-wing media outlets and television stations.  

The "Capitol Coup" and Trump's eviction from the Oval Office, is not the end, but the beginning of a new phase of struggle for power. Think what you will, but Donald Trump has an army, with an estimated 20% that are willing to be motivated to action. Trump has access to unlimited financing to bankroll his subversive enterprises, from fellow authoritarian nationalists like Russia's Vladimir Putin and Hungary's Victor Orban.         

So should it be for Black communities. We must begin to disabuse ourselves of notions that Trump is a one-off phenomenon--an exotic outlier. Trump's successors lie in wait, scheming to inherit his base, when he can be pushed aside.

Black people must come to grips with the fact that there will be no returning to normal. Buried in the news today, was the heavy lifting Black women performed marshalling Black voters to flip Georgia's two Senate seats and hand Biden the majority. The question now is what are Black progressives and Social Democrats doing to drive a more radical agenda? 

The same question must be asked of all self-identifying Black Nationalists, who hold that bourgeois democracy is nothing more than the dictatorship of the imperialist ruling class?    

We end by correcting some revisionist history constantly repeated on Tuesday by media hacks and historians. Repeatedly, they chimed the Capitol has only been breached two times; once in 1954, when four Puerto Rican Nationalists penetrated the House of Representatives and shot five congressmen, and second, when the British torched the capitol in the War of 1812. 

Actually, it was ex-Black slaves enlisted in the British Army, who burned the Capitol to the ground, after they kicked Americans ass in the Battle of Bladensburg. They were rewarded by being granted their freedom and safe passage to Canada, England, and the British West Indies to establish free communities when the war ended. Remember that.  

Since August, New Black Nationalist forecasted in several articles that Donald Trump was plotting a coup contingencies by Inauguration Day. We are there now. 

Last week New Black Nationalists released the text of its new thought paper:  Crisis Theory: The Collapse of American Empire. Right now American Empire is in the midst of a Constitutional Crisis: not an existential crisis but a significant crisis that foreshadows things to come. We commend the document for your review. 

These are interesting times we live in, and 2020 was just the start. On behalf of the stateless maroons of New Black Nationalism, we urge the Darker Nation to "stay woke."     




2020: A Great Year for Black People and our Liberation Struggle

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 01/01/21

If you're one of those people that said "Good riddance, I can't until 2021 gets here. I'm putting 2020 in the rear view mirror," heh, we get that. Happy New Year, it's 2021. 

But before you pop too many champagne corks this weekend, New Black Nationalists want to leave you with this thought; "When the history of this period is written, 2020 will be remembered as the critical turning point in the Black liberation movement. And, you were part of it. 

Twelve years from now, how many of you will be telling your kids and grandkids that you stood in line six hours in the rain, without using the bathroom, to vote Trump's ass out of office? 

Which one of you is going to show your nieces and nephews pictures of that George Floyd protest march you attended and say, "I was there. The police tear gassed us, but I picked up the cannister and threw it back at them. I was a rebel back in the day?"

What nurse will tell a new young hospital employee that things were so bad during the pandemic, that after working 12 hour shifts I went home and had to make my own masks and PPE with plastic bags because the government wouldn't provide them? 

Now, its cool if you need to spice your story up a little bit, embellish a few details here and there. We get that too. But when it comes down to the real life and death stakes of 2020, you can also share this;   

2020 was the year Black people stopped Donald Trump and the Republican Party dead in their tracks from establishing a White Nationalist authoritarian government.   

2020 was the year Black voters registered, mailed in ballots, and stood in lines for hours in record numbers during a pandemic to turn the fascist thug Trump out of office. 

2020 was the year Black people decisively won the argument, here and across the globe, that the debasing existence of institutionalized racism and state-sanctioned anti-Black violence is an indispensable pillar of American imperial rule, not an aberration.  

2020 was the year 15 million Black-led protesters marched for a month in the largest demonstrations in American history to condemn state-sanctioned police murder and gratuitous violence visited on Black bodies.

2020 was the year Black activists responded in kind to militarized police and National Guard attempts to crush protests with armored vehicles, tear gas, pepper spray, flash bangs, batons, taser guns, rubber and real bullets. The Black resistance launched their own offensives with rocks, bottles, bricks, laser beams, Molotov Cocktails, dumpster fires, returned fire from revolvers that took down two cops in Louisville and burned police stations to the ground in Minneapolis.    

2020 was the year Black people began preparing for a coming civil conflict in response to Trump and his White Nationalist supporters'  threats to start a civil war if he lost the election. When 1000 armed "Not Fucking Around Coalition" Black militia members marched on July 4, new Black militias formed across the country. Black gun clubs experienced unprecedented growth. Black women became the leading subgroup of new gun purchasers.   

2020 was the year that an international tidal wave of Black-led protests erupted from West Papua and Australia, to twenty European capital cities, to Nigeria's anti-SARS movement to the favelas of Brazil, all supporting the protests against the police execution of George Floyd.   

2020 was the year Black women commandeered a confused and rudderless Democratic Party, weighed down by too many feckless white liberals, and steered its ship to victory over Donald Trump, thereby electing the first woman Vice-President.    

2020 was the year a new cohort of more militant, confrontational, and grassroots radical Black feminists bucked the leadership of the original founding members, thus sparking a new global Black Lives Matter 2.0 movement.       

Finally, 2020 was the year that Black people lost 49,994 souls to the COVID-19 pandemic as of December 10. This is real and unforgettable pain that cannot be minimalized. But had Blacks not taken the coronavirus and prevention seriously, like some other communities, it could have been much worse. It you compare the mortality rate of Black deaths (19%) to whites (25%) for COVID-19, it's actually less than the disparity rate gap between Black and white deaths from heart disease, diabetes, homicide, HIV, suicide, and unintentional deaths. Moreover,  given the numbers of Blacks employed in front line jobs that worked during the pandemic, the numbers of Blacks with inadequate and no health care coverage, the high number of Blacks with co-morbidities, and the increased risk associated with Blacks standing in long lines on election day and participating in in the summer protests, New Black Nationalists believe the Black community did remarkably well under these circumstances. 

The hard truth is that structural racism "baked in" a certain level of disparity that would have made it close to impossible for Black mortality rates to be equivalent with Blacks' percentage of the population. We highly commend the Black communities' response in handling the things we could control. The challenge is remaining vigilant in 2021, and deciding how to address the issue of taking the vaccine.           

So, give it some thought. Before you "put 2020 in the rear view mirror," take heed of the warning: "Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear."  

It's exactly because we kicked ass and took names in 2020, that Trump,  the Republicans, White Nationalists, the police, and the national security state are going to step up their counter-attacks on Black communities and our allies. They will be in our rear view mirror.

On January 6, Trump and his little fascist legions are going to stage their final coup attempt to take back the White House when the House of Representatives and the Senate confirm the electoral college votes. No worries. This is just one more propaganda ploy that is active preparations for a future coup. Virtually every successful coup in history was proceeded by one that failed.  

Going forward to 2021, we wanted to advise you about one right-wing conspiracy theory that is gaining currency. The talk is that the ruling elites buried a story about Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother James's involvement in a scandal involving taking Chinese bribes until after the election. FOX News and conservative media have been all over this story since Biden's President-Elect Committee announced Hunter Biden's taxes are under FBI investigation. Once Biden is sworn in, the mainstream media is going to turn on Biden and chase him out of office. Guess who will be president?  

There you are. Josh Hawley, Donald Trump, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz, all running for president in 2024, against an "illegitimate" Black-Indian woman from the Bay Area. It's a White Nationalist dream. Stay tuned.  

So rest up this weekend and enjoy your friends and family. You deserve it. On Monday, we're back in the cockpit, navigating the dangers and opportunities radiating from American Empire's spiraling decline and impending collapse.   

On behalf of the stateless maroons of the New Black Nationalist Movement, Happy New Year.     


New Black Nationalists Support the "Frontlines of BLM" Chapters Statement

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 12/05/20

This week, New Black Nationalists received a copy of the Black Lives Matter Global Network "Statement From the Frontlines of BLM." 

The statement noted that a declaration was recently issued, in which Patrice Cullors was appointed Executive Director to the Black Lives Matter Global Network "Foundation."

What's the difference between BLM Global Network and BLM Global Network "Foundation?" One difference is obviously the $12 million that is held and controlled by the "Foundation." Presumably, Ms. Cullors will now play a major role in directing the use of those funds. 

The "Frontlines" letter also stated that recently, two new Black Lives Matter formations have been created: a Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee, and BLM Grassroots. 

Whatever lobbying a new BLM-PAC engages in, it will require some level of paid staffing that Ms. Cullors will also greatly influence. As for BLM Grassroots, we can only refer back to our analysis called "BLM 2.0," issued in August, in which Ms. Cullors stated on June 17, 2020, that $6 million would be dispensed to "grassroots organizations." 

Your Frontlines letter noted that "The newly announced formation, BLM Grassroots, does not have the support of and was created without consultation with the vast majority of chapters." 

Thus, it appears the chapters signing the Frontlines letter don't anticipate receiving any of those funds. Indeed, your statement went on to say "To our knowledge, most chapters have received little to no financial support from BLMGN since the launch in 2013." 

The problems outlined in your letter mirror the past history of failures of BLM's co-founders, Patrice Cullors, April Tometi, and Alicia Garza. 

They failed to provide leadership for the organization's vaunted decentralized leadership model; they failed to commit resources to their chapter members; they failed to provide leadership training for local leaders; they failed to provide intellectual and analytical depth to the organization, and they failed to own their mistakes and shortcomings.

Instead they engaged in secretive backroom dealing, instead of practicing open and transparent political engagement with its members and supporters. Their lack of transparency and leadership is a massive tragedy.   

Worst of all, the manner in which they shamelessly traded on and tarnished the legacy of radical Black feminism, with their selfish and bottom feeding mentality is inexcusable. 

On behalf of the New Black Nationalist movement, we support the efforts of the signatories of the "Frontline Statement." Your demand for accountability marks an important moment in our movement's history. 

One of BLM's founding principles was inclusionary leadership, and centering those who had been marginalized and left out of leadership roles. Unfortunately, Cullors and company have strayed far from from those principles: so far that those principles are longer recognizable to them. 

We also commend the Frontline group for trying to work through these difficult issues and preserve the BLM movement you have been indispensable in building. You shouldn't concede the ground you have fought for. 

At the same time there may come a time when you may have to embark on a separate journey. Cullors and company are attempting to align themselves with powerful forces that have no interests in supporting a group that is "committed to collectively building an organization of BLM chapters that is democratic, accountable, and functions in a way that is aligned the ideological values and commitment to liberation." 

Should you stay true to your principles, as you are doing now, you will continue to make a profound contribution to our struggle for liberation in the cataclysmic upheavals that are gathering in the 2020's. 

New Black Nationalists look forward to being on the "frontlines" with you.               


Free Grandmaster Jay-"Not Fucking Around Coalition" Commander Arrested

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 12/03/20

John Fitzgerald Johnson, A.K.A. "Grandmaster Jay," the Supreme Commander of the "Not Fucking Around Coalition" Black militia, was arrested on Thursday, December 3, on federal charges. 

New Black Nationalists condemn the U.S. government's deliberate attempt to decapitate the "Not Fucking Around Coalition" by permanently removing its leader. Furthermore, Johnson's arrest is a direct attack on Black people, their right to armed self-defense, and to bear arms. 

These trumped up charges were brought against Johnson, who allegedly pointed his rifle at Louisville policemen and Secret Service agents on a rooftop overlooking Armory Place at night. The incident in Louisville was supposed to have occurred on September 4, 2020, after a rally supporting Justice for Breonna Taylor. Johnson is being held in Oldham County Jail in LaGrange, Kentucky with no bail.

The criminal complaint states that Johnson "forcibly assaulted, resisted, opposed, impeded, intimidated, and interfered with federally deputized task force officers" when he aimed a rifle at them. If convicted Johnson would face 20 years in federal prison.      

Details about the targeting of Johnson are sketchy. The Louisville Police said they were conducting watch over a crowd at Jefferson Square when they were notified of the presence of six to eight heavily armed people at Armory Place. Officers claimed when they looked down, they were "blinded by a light" which they determined was a flashlight mounted on a rifle Johnson pointed at them. 

Those same "blinded" officers looking down at night from the rooftop made positive identifications of Johnson. Really? They also said Johnson knew they were policemen when he pointed his rifle at them because two of the LMPD were wearing body armor with a semi-reflective placard clearly identifying them. Okay, they are actually testifying what Johnson saw. But hey, this is Louisville. We know their  dubious history with telling the truth.        

To buttress the LPMP's story, the FBI released a photo of a person pointing a rifle upwards. We assume that photo was enhanced or lightened as it appeared to be taken in the daytime. Newspaper reports tagged the grainy photo as Johnson.  

New Black Nationalists will continue to follow the developments surrounding this attempt to neutralize Grand Master Jay and intimidate the Not Fucking Around Coalition. 

Since the July 4, 2020 NFAC march on Stone Mountain, Georgia, we have expressed our support for the NFAC, as well as its pronouncements supporting the creation of a Black state. 

We have supported their promotion of armed self-defense for the Black community. And while we are not defenders of the U.S. Constitution, we have defended their right to bear arms. In our view, the NFAC is one of American Empire's worse nightmares--disciplined armed Black women and men with guns, and lots of them. 

It was inevitable that the FEDs were going to try to take the NFAC and the charismatic Johnson down. This Cointelpro 2.0 operation must not be allowed to stand. This is political hit on Grandmaster Jay, and it must be fought as a political battle. Now is the time for all Black organizations and individuals to demand that Johnson be released on bail. 

New Black Nationalists implore all self-identifying Black radicals, revolutionaries, progressives, and Black Nationalists to unify to stop the railroading of "Grandmaster Jay" Johnson. Now is the time to demand freedom for Grandmaster Jay Johnson.           

Trump's Fall Means Time to Step up the Struggle

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 11/07/20

In seventy-three days, Donald Trump will be dismissed from the White House. Exterminators will fumigate the COVID-19 laced din of proto-fascism, and presumably Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take control of the Resolute desk.

Assuming there will be a transfer of power, until Trump leaves Washington, D.C., all progressives, radicals, and revolutionary forces should remain on guard. Trump is unbalanced, vindictive, and impulsive. He is going to exact retribution against his perceived adversaries or  anyone FOX News commentators Tucker Carlson and Shaun Hannity tells him are "enemies of the state."     

For New Black Nationalists, the threat posed by the "Sun King of White Supremacy," a White Nationalist Republican Party, their legions of 70 million supporters, white supremist militias, and Bob Barr's Gestapo Justice Department will temporarily recede. But this pause will likely be short lived.  

Trump may be vanquished from the Oval Office, but he is still the architect and sustaining force animating the new White Nationalist movement. 

An unhinged Trump conjuring chaos from his palatial estate in Mara Lago will pose a different kind of threat than when partially constrained by the government he attempted to dismember. But Trump, and his crazy ass sons who are intoxicated with visions of becoming a political dynasty aren't going away, unless its to jail.  

Trump's defeat is not a time of celebration for New Black Nationalists: it's a respite. During this interregnum, we should be engaging in cool contemplation about the dangers and opportunities that lie ahead. Need we remind you that the return to "regular order" under "Lock um up" Joe and the Attorney General from Oakland, won't be a walk in the park either.     

Atrophy has depleted our ranks since the Black Power movement of the 60s, down to a few thousand activists, if that many. Moreover, Black Nationalists were caught flatfooted by the sudden rise of Trump and White Nationalism. 

Black Nationalists were not a key player in the first wave of the Black Lives Matter movement that surfaced in 2014. Quite the opposite, BLM's radical Black feminist organizing principles--with real justification--repudiated what they called the "narrow Black Nationalist" experience of the sixties.

By 2020, however, a new radical spirit convulsed Black communities after the assassination of George Floyd. The 20 million people who participated in Black-led protests were far more confrontational, uncompromising, and anti-government than the original Black Lives Matter movement. New Black Nationalists characterized this second wave which included an unprecedented Black global surge on every continent, "Black Lives Matter 2.0."

BLM 2.0 also gave rise to a second critical development: the emergence of a decidedly nationalist--leaning Black Militia Movement led by the "Not Fucking Around Coalition." 

That coalition also includes the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, the Huey Newton Gun Club and other new party crashers. These Black militias were embraced by more traditional Black reformist and civil rights forces. That reality underscores the fact that the depth of the partisan and racial divide is generating new political configurations. 

With Trump and his enforcer, Attorney General Bob Barr heading for the exits, Black Nationalist forces have acquired sorely needed breathing room, expanded political space and more time to renovate our political profile and agenda. 

The perception and the reality, that Black Nationalist theory, and rhetoric is stuck in the exclusionist, male-dominated revolutionary romanticism of the 1960s, must be addressed with a sense of urgency, honesty, and humility. We are changing and adapting to millennial sensibilities, but not fast enough. 

The New Black Nationalist movement began to coalesce in 2018, to help rebuild the analytical and theoretical arsenal of Black Nationalists. Our goal is creating an independent Black nation-state. 

From the beginning, we have maintained that American Empire is spiraling into a period of decline that will culminate in an existential crisis and governmental collapse in the 2020's. 

The ascendency of Donald Trump to the presidency and his revanchist White Nationalist movement signifies how fast the crisis of American Empire is maturing. The United States is now a profoundly divided country that's been engaged in race-based cultural warfare prosecuted by Trump the last five years. 

That cultural warfare has now pushed the country to the brink of civil and racial conflict. Too many whites who aren't already consciously embracing White Nationalism are susceptible to racist demagoguery, as the 55% of white women who voted for Trump demonstrated.        

As New Black Nationalists move forward to develop alternative theoretical concepts to guide our liberation movement in the 2020's, we must also seriously study the Trump White Nationalist phenomenon. It foreshadows the playbook for instituting authoritarian rule and the security state's blueprint for suppressing Black people as a subversive element hostile to the continued rule of American Empire.  

We trust that Black Nationalists will take full advantage of this brief political reprieve to reposition our movement. If the 2020's have taught us anything in these first eleven months, it is that the speed and force of developments are accelerating. Impeachment, pandemics, global Black revolts, and political instability are emerging as the order of the day, not the exception.  

On behalf of the stateless maroons of the New Black Nationalist movement, we encourage the conscious element to step up and meet the moment.            

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