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Wind in the Tower 
One week after the failed January 6, 2021, "Barristers Coup," New Black Nationalists (NBN) alerted the Black Commons that Donald Trump would attempt to seize power during the 2024 elections by extra-constitutional means if necessary.

In the interregnum, NBN urged the Black Commons to consider responses to two political crisis scenarios that could unfold in 2024. 

Scenario 1. Donald Trump is defeated in the 2024 presidential race but conspires in the post-election period to "legally" steal the Oval Office. If unsuccessful, Trump initiates a violent rising or secession movement against the federal government.  

Scenario 2. Trump's second regime change attempt creates an insoluble constitutional crisis resulting in the widespread breakdown of authority and order. The federal government collapses. In the ensuing chaos, an opening emerges to create a breakaway Black nation-state as an unintended consequence.

Three years after NBN posted its 2024 regime change alert, Donald Trump leads Iowa's January 15, presidential caucus by 31 points and by 28 points in New Hampshire's January 23, primary. Despite facing 91 criminal felony charges, Trump has bolted in front of Joe Biden in virtually every national presidential poll.

As the country edges toward the 2024 elections Trump is ratcheting up his "Endless Winter" authoritarian vision. Retribution, he said, will be exacted on "enemies of the people," mass arrests and deportation of illegal immigrants will be carried out, and federal troops will occupy cities deemed "anarchist jurisdictions." In March 2022, he made the case for terminating articles of the U.S. Constitution. No one can say we weren't warned. That is Trump's point: his dictatorial rule is inevitable: a fait accompli if you will.  

​2024: The Black Commons Year of Living Dangerously Assessment

​2024: The Black Commons Year of Living Dangerously, was written to provide the Black Commons with an analytical brief in three areas to recalibrate its position to engage the Trump Predicament.

A. Inventory the Black Commons' capabilities and options to defeat Donald Trump's two-track plot to establish authoritarian white nationalist rule through elections and extra-constitutional means. 

B. Survey the topography of Black political forces' level of resistance to the imposition of an authoritarian American Apartheid system. 

C. Offer recommendations to the Black Commons to blunt the Trump authoritarian menace and develop a contingency plan if the federal government collapses under the weight of a constitutional crisis.  

In September 2023, NBN released a seven-part series "The Vesey Integrated Battlespace Doctrine." Among other things, the strategy document games out five potential election and post-election scenarios in 2024. The Battlespace Doctrine meshes an electoral, political, and armed self-defense Castle and Moat strategy as a framework to navigate the fog of an existential crisis in 2024. The doctrines' overarching aims are to neutralize Trump's white nationalist insurgency while creating a path leading the Black Commons to the gates of its own nation-state.

This 2024 YLD draft drills down on the Battlespace Doctrine's framework by focusing on the following three recommendations for action in 2024.  

-- Encourage and assist the Black Commons in hardening Black communities' security infrastructure against attacks by white nationalist extremists in the run-up to the 2024 elections. 

--To reverse the current trending toward a Trump victory in the November 2024 presidential elections, Democrats must depose Joe Biden and nominate a stronger national ticket. NBN's Demographics is Destiny series recommends grassroots Black Democrats draft Gretchen Whitmer and Xavier Becerra to run on a national ticket.  

-- NBN recommends that Black Nationalists adopt National Divorce as its signature political issue to build the broadest opposition to Trump's white nationalist regime change project. National Divorce proposes a voluntary national settlement for the dissolution and partitioning of the United States into a concert of independent nation-states to avoid a bloody and destructive partisan civil war.  

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​W. Bernell Brooks, Editor