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On April 2, 2022, New Black Nationalists launched a 14-month project to release a Draft Program for a new Majority Black-Led Nation-State on the 2023 Juneteenth national holiday observance.  We are pleased to announce this Draft Program is dedicated to Joanne Chesimard/Assata Shakur whose revolutionary commitment to the liberation of the Black Commons remains an enduring inspiration.    

Developing a program to guide a majority Black- led nation-state, independent city-states, and autonomous regions will be an open process. Everyone wishing to submit comments, suggestions, and position papers for consideration are welcomed to do so. 

The draft program will elaborate a proposed governance structure and articulate a full spectrum of policies and programs to stand up a new Black-led post-heteropatriarchal republic. 

This is a major undertaking that must be completed if the nation-state Black Nationalists trend is to be taken seriously.  Increasingly, Black Nationalists will have to answer the question: 'What do I, or what do we get in a new Black republic?' It's a question we should welcome the opportunity to respond to.    

Black Nationalists must proffer answers that make sense and are realistic. Our responses must clearly demonstrate real personal, family, and community benefits for the overwhelming majority of our people. The program for a majority Black-led republic must be grounded in the highest ethics and be imbued with a sense of national purpose and destiny.  

It cannot be emphasized enough that the Black Nationalist Movement is on the clock. This is the moment we have literally waited centuries for; the imminent collapse of American Empire in the 2020s.

These are the times of brazen violent assaults on the U.S. Capital, and palace coups to overturn presidential elections. In as much as white nationalist militias, Republican Party cretins, and a former president who organized the insurrection freely walk the streets baying like hounds about the civil war to come, the Black Commons and Black Nationalists must gird for battle.

Our challenge is not fighting to survive, or preserve American democracy, or being mercenary foot soldiers of the Democratic Party. Our fight is to win real freedom, which can only mean the power to determine our own destiny. 

How we win and what comes afterwards to establish autonomous majority Black-led polities is a discussion for the present, not two years from now. Our adversaries are bearing down on a race-based authoritarian schematic and checking the boxes. 

The modernization of new technologies to fabricate an American Apartheid security state is no secret. The Cathedral wants us to know their designs to conjure authoritarian rule. They want us to believe that MAGASTAN is inevitable, thereby diminishing our will to resist and defeat them before the first shots are fired.  

No one is going to save Black people from the social chaos and violence coming to America's settler state in the weeks and months ahead.  We will have to fight for ourselves. We will have to rely on our own genius, not only to win, but to immediately establish a homeland worthy of our sacrifices: The Vesey Republic.   

As both vision holders and defenders of the Black Commons, Black Nationalists have an indispensable role to play in the revolutionary battles that lie ahead. To provide the intellectual and analytical weapons to match the gravity of the moment, New Black Nationalists first goal was developing a Statement of Principles [SOP] in January 2020. The SOP was designed to provide the foundation for a sense of national purpose and identity. 

Because our trans-continental journey, culture, language, and history has vibrated to a distinct cosmos, New Black Nationalists developed the outlines of a philosophical system that reflects our experience and situates us as social actors with agency and brio within the Global Commons. We have a special role to play in supporting oppressed people across the planet and building new societies that eclipse the dying European-based world order. 

After a one-year critical reading of Frantz Fanon's corpus of works, NBN adopted The Fanon Arguments as a dynamic philosophical matrix to probe the frontiers of new possibilities and  confront emerging global apocalypses. 

Lest we forget, Hurricane Katrina and the COVID-19 outbreak visited untold and unexpected death on the Black Commons in disproportionate numbers. Nuclear wars, planetary climate change, pandemics and depleting resources can no longer be treated as peripheral issues "other people" will take care of." The Black Commons must think anew. Others may be able to afford a failure of imagination: we cannot.

Finally, in preparation for the days of tumult and existential crisis ahead that are already battering down the doors of American Empire, New Black Nationalists have fashioned a dynamic Crisis Theory. The quickening pulse of events and the acceleration of American Empire's impending governmental collapse is creating unexpected opportunities to win and secure the creation of a new majority Black nation--The Vesey Republic.  

With the completion of the Draft Program for A Majority Black-Led Nation-State in 2023, the Black Commons and the Black Nationalist movement will possess a Venn Diagram to accomplish something the world has never seen: the establishment of the first modern non-heteropatriarchal nation-state.     

The Draft Program belongs to everyone in the Black Commons and its allies. Your contributions to the discussion, debate, arguments, and spirit of compromise will produce the strongest program to unify around. The NBN Draft Program will embody our vision of who we are, what we aspire to be, where we want to travel, and the destination of our journey.  

Our people are deserving of the most visionary, energetic, and serviceable program to build a new majority Black-led republic and non-heteropatriarchal nation-state. Which one of us can honestly say, that's something we haven't dreamed about? Now is the time to do the work. It's a Quarter to Nation Time. 

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