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Fanon Arguments
New Black Nationalist Action Documents

No. 1. What New Black Nationalist Believe 01.01. 2020

No 2. New Black Nationalist 2021 Action Plan  02.28.2020

No 3. New Black Nationalist 2022 Action Plan 12.30.2021

No 4. NBN 2023 Strategic Brief: Derailing the Republicans 'American Apartheid Project'

The Fanon Arguments​

No. 1. Frantz Fanon and New Black Nationalism, A Synthesis of Insurgency: 11..1.2020

No. 2.  New Black Nationalist Adopt Fanonism as its Guiding Philosophy: 02.20.2021

No. 3.  Fanon on Women, Sexuality, and Gender: 03.29.2021

No. 4. A Quarter to Nation Time: Fanon on Nationalism and Nation-Building: 6.27.2021

No. 5. Fanon on Violence, Destruction, and Creation  8.29.2021

No.6.  Fanon on Philosophy:  12.04.2021

No. 7.  Fanon on Negritude:  1.22.2022

No. 8. Fanon on New Humanism and the Florentine Republic

No. 9. Fanon on Marxism   

Series on National Divorce

No. 1.  Call for Black Nationalists to Engage the National Divorce Movement

No. 2.  National Divorce, Secession, and 'Lost Cause' Mythology

No. 3. National Divorce and Black Reparations

No. 4. A Black Nationalist Framework for the National Divorce Question

Critical Reading: Free the Land, The RNA & the Pursuit of a Black Nation-State

No. 1. The Call for ​A Critical Reading

No. 2. The Republic of New Afrika's Concept of a Nation

No. 3. The Republic of New Afrika's Constitution for a Black Nation

Black Lives Matter 2.0 - "The Lavender Revolution" 

No. 1. The Birth of Black Lives Matter 2.0 - What is it?: 08.29.2020

No. 2. Kenosha Up In Smoke, This is BLM 2.0 08.30.2020

No. 3  BLM 2.0 & the Call for a New Black Diaspora Movement 09.04.2020

No. 4. Eight Women Black Lives Matter 2.0 Global Leaders in 2020: 9.30.2020

No. 5. Black Lives Matter 2.0 What Comes Next? 11.01.2020

No. 6. The Consciousness, Composition & Actions of the Global BLM 2.0 Insurgency: 10.02.2020  

No.7. Rochester's Rising & Louisville's Standoff: The Whispers of Civil War: 09.07. 2021

The Fanon Global Movement

No. 1. Crisis Theory and the Decline of American Empire

No. 2. From the Black Diaspora Movement to the Fanon Global Movement  01.21.2021

No. 3. The Fanon Global Movement Launched 2.20.2021

The Black Militia Movement

No. 1. Statement of Support for the Not Fucking Around Coalition: 07.07.2020

​No. 2. Louisville's Timebomb: Justice for Breonna & the Not Fucking Around Coalition's Return

No. 3. Black Militias and Black Women With Guns 09.25.2020

No. 4. Free "Grandmaster Jay" Johnson: 12.09.2021

No. 5. The Disappearance of the Not Fucking Around ​Coalition: 05.09.2021​

No. 6. Geronimo Pratt Gun Club and New Black Panther Party Lead Armed Tulsa: March 06.06.2021

No. 7. Detroit 67' Why None Dare Call  It Insurrection   

No. 8. Rise of the Moors: Standoff in Massachusetts

No. 9. USA Today - The Obituary of the Not Fucking Around Coalition

No.10. Juneteenth 2022 National Gathering of the Great Armies, Elmer Pratt Gun Club 


No. 1. Why New Black Nationalists are Embracing Womanism - An Alice Walker Construct: 4:10.2021

No. 2. Revisiting Patricia Hill Collins Critique on Womanism: 05.20.2021

Black Feminist - Black Nationalist Exchange

No. 1. Black Feminisms' Intersectionality Moment: 08.11.2019 ​

No. 2. Stateless Mulattos Against Black Patriarchy: 12.11.2019

No. 3. Black Lives Matter's Demise & Questions of Black Feminism: 02.15.2020

No. 4. NBN Dedication to Black Feminists on Observance of Black History Month 2021: 02.01.2021 

No. 5 Jasbir Naur on Intersectionality, Necro-politics and Bio-power 

On the International Situation 

No 1. New Black Nationalists Declaration of Support for Independence of West​ Papua

No. 2 Free Bobi and Barbara Wine: Fight the Fraud!: 01.08.2021 

No.3 Black Lives Matter Leader in Oxford, U.K Calls for Black Militia & New Political Party 

No.4 Response to Ajamu Baraka: Resist the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination: 01.21.2021

No.5 NBN Support for the Afro-Cuban Inspired July Risings in Cuba

No.6 NBN Calls On Haitian People to Take Control of Port au Prince

On George Floyd

No1  Its Right to Rebel in Minneapolis 05.29.2020

No.2 Cell Phone and Street Justice for George Floyd: 04.20. 2020 

No 3. Chauvin's 22.5 Year Sentence for Executing George Floyd is Slap on the Wrist 06.25.2021

Special Features

No.1 Detroit 67' Why None Dare it Insurrection - A Personal Account From the NBN Editor 07.01.2018

No.2 Is America Going Fascist? - Bob Avakian & the Revolutionary Communist Party's Analysis

No.3 New Black Nationalists on Reparations 

No. 4. Democratic Socialism and Black Nationalism: Black Vote 2020 

No. 5 Black Millennials and Black Nationalism: Pathways to a Nation-State

No. 6, New Black Nationalist Statement of Support for the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front

No. 7. The Theory of Elasticity, A Governance Theory and Model for a Black Republic 

On Culture

No1. Statement in Support of Afrofuturist Culture   02.01. 2021

No 2. The Black Arts Movement & the Hand-Grenade Poets

No.3 Why Black Nationalists Failed to Develop a Theory on Black Culture  

No.4 How Afrocentrists & Pan Africanists Hijacked Black Culture

The Trump Dossier   

No.1 Trump's Culture War & The New White Man      08.05.2021

No.2 Lessons from the Battle of Charlottesville          04.15.2017

No.3  Why Trump's Capitol Coup Succeeded            01.07.2021

No.4 Election Day Violence, Vote Stealing and Chaos  11.03.21

No.5 Trumps Coup Opens Civil War Between Whites  01.17.2021

No.6 The November 3 Elections: A Fractured Nation & the Shadows of Civil War 11.06.2021

No.7 The Soft Coup to Remove Trump From the Oval Office   03,30.2018  

No.8 Trump Inc. - A Queens Tale: Dutch Schultz on the Potomac  01.29.2017

No.9 "Whitopia," Greg Johnson and the White Nationalist Culture War  02.04.2018

​    New Black Nationalist Movement Articles 

Black Nationalist - Fanonist - Womanist 
Trump's Culture War: The New 
White Man & American Apartheid 

The New Apartheid
A Critical Reading
by Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh
Jasbir Puar on Intersectionality, 
Necro-politics and Bio-power
Clarence Thomas is the New Chief   Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 
​                        cnn.com
The Right to Self-Determination
      The Case and Indictment 
by Professor Boyles
Fanon on Violence, Destruction, 
and Creation
USA Today Obituary for the 'Not Fucking Around Coalition
The Physics of Blackness
Michelle M. Wright
Ex-D.C. Guard: Generals Lied to Congress about Jan. 6
The Black Self-Defense Movement
The Nardal Sisters of Martinique: Launching The "Negritude Movement"
​   NewBlackNationalism.com
Sotomayor: Texas Abortion
 Ban Reverts to Civil War, 
States Rights Case Law
New Black Nationalists Celebrate the Life of bell hooks  
Sep 25, 1952 - Dec 15, 2021 

Homophobia is a Feminist Issue; An Urgent Call to Prioritize the Rights of LBQ Women in Ghana
​2022 Action Plan
New Black Nationalism 
​Argument No. 1 
The Call
​Argument No. 2
​The Framework
​Argument No. 3
​On Women
​Argument No. 4
​On Nationalism
​Argument No. 5
​On Violence
​Argument No. 6
​On Philosophy
​Argument No. 7
​On Negritude
​Argument No. 8
​On New Humanism
​Argument No. 9
​On Marxism
 ​The Fanon Arguments:  A Critical Reading of
Frantz Fanon's Corpus of Theories 
Commentary: On BLM's $6 Million Mansion Controversy Response 
Establishing a 
Women-Led Autonomous Region
Frantz Fanon & New Humanism 
Ukraine: Crossing the Rubicon and the Journey of No Return NewBlackNationalism.com  
Nuclear Weapons & Strategic Deterrence
Legalization of Abortion 
and Contraception
Erasing Roe: A Jane Crow & Handmaid's Tale
​The Charter (Bill) of Rights 
The Buffalo Massacre &
Great Replacement Theory  
Hispanic White Nationalism & the January 6, Capitol Coup
​From the Civil War Diaries
New Black Nationalists Launch   'National Divorce' Initiative
The Folly of Iran's Hard Line Leaders: A Repressive Regime Has Left Citizens With No Option but Revolt
A Black Nationalist Framework for
 the National Divorce Question
The Impeachment of Joe Biden
09.13. 2022
      National Divorce & Black   Reparations
The Lost Cause
10.13. 2022
National Divorce, Secession 
and Lost Cause Mythology 
10.31. 2022
​11.28.2022    NewBlackNationalism.com
National Divorce
Oath Keepers boss guilty: 
Seditious conspiracy in 1/6 
Associated Press
New Black Nationalist National Divorce Series
For a Draft Program  A Majority Black-Led Nation-State
Proposed: Vesey Republic Structure 
of Government
Theory of the Elastic Republic
 Draft Program The Vesey Republic - For A New Majority Black-Led Nation-State
On ​Independent State 
Legislature Theory
 2023 Strategic Brief:Derailing the 
Republicans 'American Apartheid Project' in 2024
​Erasing Roe
New Black Nationalism.com
Brexit has failed.  

​Vesey Republic Reparations Plan
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
 On Affirmative Action 
Supreme Court denies state legislatures the unchecked power
 to set election rules.
The French model is now
 tragically broken!
Coming in September
​Nahel's Rebellion and the Myth of a Colorblind France 
Timothy Snyder on Nation-States &, Fascism 
No Justin's No Peace
 in Tennessee 
Breaking News 8-11-2023
What Are Black Dems Waiting For?
Armed Struggle & Creating a Black Nation State
Vesey Integrated Battlespace Doctrine

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>   Introduction & The Black Home Guard

 The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine

>   NBN Position on Armed Struggle

>   Trump/ MAGA Regime Change Strategies

>  Redefining the Black Belt Nation Theory

>   Defeating Trump's Regime Change Project   

>  Armed Self-Defense, Exit & National Divorce 
The Legal Brief Argued by Conservative Scholars​
Does 14th Amendment Bar Trump From Office? 
​7.27.2023 New York Times
Mark Milley's Term Had it All by Helene Cooper
by William Baude & 
Michael Stokes Paulsen
​by Keith Magee
NBN Salutes Afropunk.com on the 2023 Brooklyn Festival's Success 
for a