On January 1, 2020, New Black Nationalists circulated its initial Statement of Principles (SOP) for consideration by all self-identifying Black Nationalists. Since its release, NBN adopted the following two new positions that have been incorporated into the SOP.  

In January of 2021, New Black Nationalists adopted the corpus of Frantz Fanon's works as its guiding philosophical system and re-affirmed its ideology as Black Nationalism. 

In April 2021, New Black Nationalists also adopted poet-author Alice Walker's originalist construction of "Womanism" social theory.

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Principles of the NBN:

*New Black Nationalists adhere to the ideology of Black Nationalism as a set of beliefs and practices that promotes the unity of Black people: develops, maintains, and advocates national consciousness, identity, and self-determination to create a Black-led nation-state. 

*New Black Nationalist ideology and beliefs are grounded in the philosophical system embodied in the collective writings of Martinican theorist Frantz Fanon. The coupling of Fanon’s Decolonial Theory on race, along with his constructs on dialectics, phenomenology, ontology, and ‘New Humanism’, comprise a unified and coherent system of ideas to work out the Black nationalist agenda for liberation in America's settler state.  

​*New Black Nationalists believe Black people within the borders of America's settler state constitute an historically evolved nation. 

*We believe the process of Black subject and national formation occurred on a common geographical space in the Black Belt South, by the mid-1800s, when Black people were the majority population. 

*We believe free Blacks, Black slaves and their descendants originated from common geographical regions, primarily but not exclusively in West Africa, and over time began speaking a common lingua franca and forging a common culture.  

*New Black Nationalists believe the central and historic task of our movement is to organize for the creation of an independent Black-led, non-heteropatriarchal nation on the continental landmass of America's settler state by any means necessary.

*New Black Nationalists support the Black majorities' right to decide what form(s) of self-determination best serve the interests of Black people. In addition to the option of creating a national homeland in the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina (Black Belt South), exercising the right of self-determination may also include Black autonomous regions of a larger multi-racial state, independent Black city-states, and the Darker Nation's voluntary incorporation into a multi-racial nation-state(s) of its choosing. 

*In creating a non-heteropatriarchal nation-state New Black Nationalists hold that Black women, trans people, non-binary and gender non-conforming people are fully invested subjects of the republic. 

*New Black Nationalists embrace poet-author Alice Walker’s articulation of 'womanism' as an indispensable social theory to achieve Black women’s emancipation, the transition to a non-heteropatriarchal Black nation, and its New Humanism ideals.

*New Black Nationalists reject the proposition that only those women designated as female by traditional Western standards are women. We believe gender and sexual identity are socially constructed. In this respect we are not bio-essentialist in terms of gender role assignment which is fluid and based on cultural specificity for any given people. We accept trans individuals, non-binary and gender non-conforming people as they represent or present themselves. 

*New Black Nationalists support the full and unfettered participation of women, trans people, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals in the Black Liberation Movement, including leadership positions. 

*New Black Nationalists support the right of self-determination of all oppressed people internationally, including those nations, national minorities, and ethnic groups waging "people's wars" to liberate themselves from foreign domination.

* New Black Nationalists support the creation of an independent homeland for Latinx, and all indigenous First Nation people living with the boundaries of American Empire. We support negotiated forms of autonomy for Asian-Americans if they so desire.  

*New Black Nationalists believe that Black people of multiple African ethnicities created a distinct and organic national culture that has evolved over hundreds of years on the North American continent. 

*New Black Nationalists are not Pan-Africanists, Afrocentrists, Afropessimists, or Black Atlanticists, ideologically or programmatically speaking. 

*New Black Nationalists hold that our strain of Black Nationalism is as an integral component of the African/Black Diaspora. We recognize the African/Black Diaspora movement as an important component and ally of our struggle to create an independent Black nation-state. To support and accelerate successful national-liberation struggles  to overthrow neo-colonial rule across the planet, NBN initiated the Fanon Global Movement.   

*New Black Nationalists condemn racist ideology, sexism, ageism, homophobia, and xenophobia in all its manifestations.  

*New Black Nationalists place the collective interests of the Darker Nation above the interests of the individual. As such, we dissent against the bedrock premise of Western philosophical and value systems which place the rights and interests of the individual above all. ​

​*New Black Nationalists believe American Empire (the U.S.-led Global North imperialist bloc) has entered a period of accelerating decline that could lead to an existential crisis and the collapse of the U.S. government. Under these circumstances, we anticipate and are acting on the understanding that the possibility of creating a Black homeland will emerge as a live option in the 2020's. 

Black Nationalist - Fanonist - Womanist
Frantz Fanon