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Trump’s Strategy for Returning 
to Power Is Already Clear

What has Become of the Not Fucking Around Coalition
and Grand Master Jay?

When history chronicles the collapse of the United States government, the January 6, 2021, Capitol Coup will be remembered as the pivotal event that triggered the free fall and disintegration of American Empire. 

Consecrated in blood and death, the J-6 Coup to overturn the 2020 presidential election marked the white majority's exit from corporately managed "two-party" democracy and migration to the kingdom of Nordic ethnography and autocracy.  

Much has been written about how Trump hijacked the Republican Party.  Less ink has been spilled noting that Trump also hijacked a fringe white nationalist movement that historically shunned electoral politics. 

It was the condominium of white supremists and the Republican Party base that converted the GOP from an institutional party riddled by bigotry and cold indifference to people of color, to an autocratic white nationalist party that was complicit in a coup d' etat against its own government.  

Racial bloodletting and dictatorship have now been anointed as the sacraments of an existential conflict to liquidate the Black and Brown threat to white minority-rule. Trump, quite deliberately,  and the Republican Party by default, have set America on the path of a civil conflagration.  Preparations for extra-constitutional regime change by civil war, nullifying Black voters, overturning state election results, or some combination thereof are in train.  

​New Black Nationalists believe another attempt to install a white nationalist autocracy is more probable than possible in the 2020's. The confluence of events and balance of forces is fueling the white nationalists camp with confidence that they could succeed. Thus their hubris is not unfounded. 

Far too many people are in denial about the possibility that a successful white nationalist coup could happen in America. The strength and seriousness of the white nationalist threat is still grossly underestimated. Today, Trump's league of Republican allies, and white nationalist activists are more committed, have more energy, and supporters to carry out a seizure of power than the forces who would actively oppose them.  

The current circumstances in which the white nationalist camp has momentum and are pressing their offensive could change. But that's not something Black nationalists should count on. When "fighting" Joe Biden and Democrats are capitulating on passing the For The People Act and The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, why wouldn't Trump, Republicans, and white nationalists continue to probe the boundaries of authoritarian rule?

Beyond being a white supremacist, Trump by nature is a Social-Darwinist. He believes only the strong survive and he despises weakness. Trump is a predator. When he senses weakness or smells blood in the water, he attacks and doesn't relent until he exhausts his opponents or is repelled by a significant counterattack.       

Donald Trump understands two things that liberals and Democrats do not. First, that most Americans don't give a damn about either party and care even less for politics and politicians. Trump believes the majority of Americans will simply stand on the sidelines while he executes his grab for dictatorial power. 

As long as Democrat's criticism was dismissed as partisan angst and Trump circumvented the media by communicating through social media, his usurpation of power continued unabated. The more he got away with it, the more aggressive he became. 

Trump also grasped how tenuous and superficial white moderate and low-income whites'   attachments were to the country and the Republican Party. There is an old Sicilian saying that "your enemies get strong on what you leave behind. " 

The Republican Party establishment had long since abandoned moderate and low-income whites. Isolated, apprehensive about the future, detached, and passive, Trump gave them someone to blame and hate for their lowly station in cosmopolitan America. One-by-one, Trump maligned Blacks, Latinos, Arabs, Asian-Americans, immigrants, elites, and Republican Party leaders as the source of grievance. Trump converted their anger into votes and fundraising checks.   

Having test piloted their capacity to be mobilized by base appeals to race baiting and Islamophobia during his "Obama is a Foreigner"  birther charade, Trump intuited these "forgotten Americans"  were ripe for a white nationalists message. They turned with a vengeance on  Republican Party Chamber of Commerce elites whose policies gave Wall Street license to trample them underfoot.

Trump's race-based cultural warfare strategy to concentrate on winning working-class and moderate-income white Republican support produced another unexpected development: the politicization of white nationalist militias and saucy-boys. 

Rarely disposed to playing an overt political role, the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Klan,  later-day Nazis, Three Percenters, and QAnon violent white extremists emerged as Trump's most ardent supporters. They also provided Trump with something no modern politician had: street enforcers and shock troops. Initially, these groups' primary role was not to terrorize Blacks and people of color, but to police Republican Party elected officials to kiss Trump's ring or answer to the mob.    

Trump's scorched earth policies and rhetoric excoriated every institution and tradition that previously served as handmaiden to maintain white privilege. He savaged the Congress that impeached him; the courts that rejected his phony claims of election fraud, the military that refused to shoot down unarmed protesters in the streets, the corporations he couldn't grift or intimidate, the media he labeled enemies of the people, and the FBI that unearthed his Russian and Ukrainian collaborationist schemes. 

By untethering white conservatives, working class voters, and evangelicals from their long-held loyalties to America’s core institutional framework, Trump laid the foundation for converting the Republican Party into a fascist shell or harvesting them for a potential breakaway right-wing white nationalist formation. 

Trump, like many Republican leaders before him was schooled in the dark arts of cultural warfare. Trump's culture war, however, significantly departed from the Republican playbook. Even as a cereal whoremonger and adulterer, he checked the family values boxes and appointed avowed pro-life judges to the Supreme Court.  

But the essence of Trump's cultural war was fashioning "a new white man."  Trump told 'the forgotten" that Wall Street swindlers bartered their jobs and country away to foreigners. He would stop the Chinese and Mexicans from holding their livelihoods hostage. Trump's Faustian bargain was this: he would preserve white people's jobs and shield their communities from the Black and Brown hordes, but they must pledge loyalty to him and stand up for themselves. 

Trump admonished them to stop being suckers and soft around the edges.  Vietnam vets like John McCain who were captured and tortured were not heroes. The real heroes were white boys like convicted war criminal Army Lt. Clint Lorance, who ordered the killing of unarmed Afghan motorcyclists. 

When protesters disrupted their rallies, he told them to beat them up. Like him, if they needed to cheat on their taxes, Trump told them better to cheat the system designed by Harvard bankers, than getting cheated by them.  So too, better for whites to vote twice, intimidate Black voters on election day as poll watchers, and steal elections than let the Democrats win.   

Trump didn't just stoke fear about racial "Others," he sold whites protection like a mob insurance policy. He mobilized his White Nationalist thugs and unleashed them to bludgeon and even kill their enemies if necessary, like in Charlottesville and Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha. Trump primed his storm troopers and placed them on "standby."  On January 6, 2021 he cut them loose.      

Donald Trump's issuance of pardons to associates in his criminal syndicate was also done in-part to assure his white nationalist base that he was with them to the end. Undoubtedly, the pardons of Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone were granted to secure their silence as witnesses in criminal proceedings that threatened Trump and his business interests. But he was also conveying a message that whites must to loyal to each other. Those who opposed his wishes were traitors to the race and should be banished from fold of true believers.     

​To strengthen white resolve, Trump stage-managed displays of mythic strength by refusing to wear a protective mask during most of the COVID-19 pandemic. To prove he was one with regular white folks Trump held super-spreader rallies in defiance of the pandemic. These rallies were rituals, tantamount to signing a collective death pact bonding Trump and his followers in a blood-oath. 

To white suburban women Donald Trump promised protection from criminal Mexican illegals he claimed were rapist, as if he was a defender of women's virtue. He also promised to restrict the construction of federal housing in predominantly white suburbs. 

But Donald Trump's obsession and the foundation stone of building a new white nationalist movement was molding "The New White Man"  in his image. The New White Man would inspire fear of the white race, project strength, discipline, racial loyalty, winning at all cost, and fealty to Trump. 

As juvenile as some of Trump's antics were, this was the stuff of fascist movements. Trump knew what mattered most to white moderate and low-income voters who were disparaged as low-information voters and white trash, was having a leader who made them feel good about themselves. 

They couldn't care less about the issues. This wasn't your mama's Republican Party of strong foreign policy, low national debt, respect for the military, and emphasis on local government. Trump's anti-vaccers supports risked their lives going unmasked to MAGA super spreader rallies. Even now, as the COIVD-19 Delta 2 variant is ravaging Southern and Western "Red States,"  his minions still refuse to wear masks.   

Understanding Trump and the white nationalist movement as a cultural phenomenon raises an interesting point. Unlike Europe's nationalist movements, white America has no real national culture to speak of. White Americans' heritage, cultural and historical antecedents are European. Beyond McDonald's hamburgers, Coca Cola, and possibly country music--whose development Black people contributed to--we are hard pressed to identify any major cultural contributions white America gifted to the world?  

Italian fascism drew on the Roman Empire's world "civilizing influence." France's New Right -- Le Droit Nuveau's cultural moorings were enrooted in Druidisme  pagan religion and myths. The U.K, Independence Party can sight the conservative legacy of 1500 years of kings, courts, royal families and medieval aristocratic tradition that survived multiple wars with Germany, France, Austria, Spain, and Denmark.  

Whites in the United States possess no such legacy, nor can they lay claim to a national culture. Whites came to America over a three-hundred period from across Europe. They were never a historically developed people. They never developed common customs or a culture-bearing aristocracy that were defended in blood. 

American independence was not founded on an organic and shared sense of national identity. America was founded on the lowly principle of protesting the payment of high taxes to King George and the cost of garrisoning British troops. The civil war was not fought over the defining American moral dilemma of slavery, but whether plantation-based slavocracy or capitalism would constitute the dominant economic system. 

Today, Donald Trump personifies America as it was at its founding: a Social Darwinist haven established by greedy white men to accumulate as much individual wealth as possible. Irrespective of the consequences inflicted on others, be they slaves, indentured servants, immigrants, women, and working people, it was rationalism, reason, and the right of the individual i.e., white men, to pursue happiness that reigns supreme. 

In short, America is not and has never been a nation. America is a country, a sovereign territory, with borders, a flag, a government and a constitution that sanctioned rich white men's enslavement of Black people, the theft of Northern Mexico, and the dispossession of six million indigenous natives. 

No matter how ridiculous and pathetic Donald Trump's project is to create "The New New White Man," a majority of whites may come to see an American Apartheid dystopia as their only option to avoid the Browning of America.        

Black people cannot save America from itself, no matter how hard some of us try.  The imperialist rulers of American Empire are the authors of their own destruction. Nor can we save those whites who haven't the courage to overcome their racist views and addiction to privilege at our expense. 

As New Black Nationalists have repeatedly said, American Empire is spiraling towards an existential crisis and governmental collapse--one that could create an opening to forge an independent Black republic out of the chaos. 

How this existential crisis unfolds and develops no one knows. That includes what role Trump will play.  What we know is that Trump has set a white nationalist movement in motion that is not going away in the foreseeable future. 

It's possible that Trump could be indicted, convicted, and jailed for offenses associated with his  criminal business syndicate before the 2024 presidential election. It's also possible that the FBI and the Justice Department could smash a significant section of the leadership of the white nationalist militia movement that led the January 6, Capitol Coup.   

Even if Trump remains a player, his run for the presidency in 2024 is not a forgone conclusion. Moreover another attempt by white nationalists and Republicans to seize power by extra-constitutional means could backfire and unleash a counter-offensive that results in a crushing  defeat. 

What Black Nationalists must focus on now is a sober analysis of what must be done to respond to a possible white nationalist bid for power, and conversely building political influence, organization and political capacity for a future struggle to create a Black nation-state.  

We can ridicule and despise Trump and white nationalists for the reactionaries and racists that they are, but what do we as Black Nationalists have to offer our people? What kind of Black republic do we intend to found? 

The difference between us and whites in America, is that we are already a nation--an oppressed one without self-determination.       

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