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Two days after the Election Day fog of the “Red Mirage” all but dissipated on Thursday, American Empire’s next geriatric presidential elect still remains in doubt. But the scent of a future civil war this decade, lingers in the air.  

Heading into Thursday night, the tense mail-in ballot counting in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada inched closer to putting Biden in the lead in all four states. With Biden poised to breach the gates of victory by midnight, Trump ignored his election lawyers advice and came out of hiding to hold press conference. 

"If you count the legal votes I easily win," said Trump. If you count the illegal votes they can try to steal the election from us. Our goal is to defend the integrity of the election. We will not allow the corruption to steal such an important election."  After vowing to take his case to the courts, Trump refused to take media questions and walked out the room. That was the call to go to war.  

Trump signaled to his loyalists forces that it's time to get in the streets and turn up the heat. Republican elected officials have gone into hiding: they aren't out there raising hell for Trump. Why should they? They rode the Trump train and got re-elected on Tuesday, but they aren't going down with a sinking ship, no matter how much Trump's sons threaten them to "step up." What Trump's sons were doing was asserting Trump Dynasty and kingship over the Republican Party's future--all supplicants must pay tribute and be taxed.           

As New Black Nationalists predicted last month, Trump would take an early vote count lead on Tuesday in key battleground states, and declare victory before the blizzard of mail-in ballots that are burying his wannabee dictatorship were tabulated. Trump invoked the "Red Mirage victory at 2:00 a.m. on election night, and he hadn't been heard from until he surfaced from his cave tonight. 

Now that Trump has made it clear he's going to "defend democracy" and not concede the election, the national the national discussion will shift to how and when Trump will be removed from office. The Supreme Court is not going to be able to save his ass. It's a wrap. Now the real drama starts. 

Trump has already through the next episode of his reality show. Rest assured big drama is on the horizon; he's not going easy into that good night. In fact, Call it what you want, Trump is coup plotting.     

While uncertainty abounds, one thing is clear: the election has left the country more divided and polarized than ever. That's exactly the way Trump wants it. He came to Washington to blow it up. He did his best.  

Trump defied all poll predictions that showed him trailing Biden in virtually every major state. Trump's minions showed up big. After all the talking heads claimed Trump had done nothing to expand his White Nationalists base since taking office, supporters of the Sun King of Whiteness cast four million more votes on Tuesday than in 2016, and there are more than 5 million votes still to be counted. 

Even after ten million people were thrown into unemployment lines this year; thousands of businesses crashed across the country; millions of folks lost their health care coverage, and over 235,000 people perished from his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump still expanded his support among white voters. This tells us that there is now a legitimate hard-core White Nationalists social base in this country that isn’t going anywhere. The Republican Party is now a legitimate mainstream White Nationalist party.  

As for Democrats, they haven't gained any seats in the House of Representatives. In what was supposed to be a “Blue Wave,” election, Democrats hopes of taking back the Senate may come down to two special run-off elections in Georgia. 

As things now stand, the Democrats will be putting a Black Baptist preacher and a Jewish CEO of a documentary production company, against a GOP southern belle and an intellectually challenged "good ole boy." If either Democrat loses, Republicans will control the Senate majority. That will mean two more years of food fights, gridlock, and Mitch McConnell appointing conservative judges.  

As we approaching the zero hour, Trump has already Tweeted out that "The Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania is a VERY dangerous one. It will also induce violence in the streets." Okay, so, where are they? Yesterday, his thugs tried to bull rush the vote counting offices in Detroit and Phoenix, claiming they were "election observers." They were repelled by the police.  

But between now and Inauguration Day on January 21, 2021, anything can happen. If Trump is thrown out of office in January, he will test the loyalty of his mercenaries by setting them in motion to terrorize and intimidate Black and brown folks or likely target Antifa. 

It's no coincidence that researchers and militia experts like Militia Watch and the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) designated, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Georgia as the most likely places violence could occur on election day. Although that hasn’t occurred yet, these states could still be targeting.  

White Nationalists are itching to get revenge for their comrade who was shot and killed when they caravanned through Portland looking to make trouble with Antifa. They found it. Another white militiaman was killed by an NBC security guard in Denver after he smacked the guard.  

Georgia, may be the first Deep South state that could go Democrat in the presidential race, and is headed for a runoff with a Black Democrat Senate candidate. It’s also a flashpoint of tension because it’s the home base of the ‘Not Fucking Around Coalition,’ whose 1000-person march on the Klan's sacred Confederate ground at Stone Mountain on July 4 electrified the country. And as mentioned earlier, if there are one or two Senate runoff elections, not to mention Biden winning Georgia, the Peach State, is going to look like a civil war leading up to the January 5, 2021 vote. 

Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania were are all battleground states Trump vowed to defend and win by any means necessary. Right now, it looks like Trump is also going to lose all three states. Militia Watch and ACLED's designation of these states as "hot zones' for possible White Nationalist attacks intimidation was based on five factors: 

1) locations that have seen substantial engagement in anti-coronavirus lockdown protests as well as places where militias might have perceptions of ‘leftist coup’ activities. 

2) Spaces where militias have been active in setting up recruitment drives or holding training for members are also at heightened risk

3) Spaces where militia members cultivate personal relationships with police or law enforcement or where there might be a friendly attitude by law enforcement towards militia presence or activity. 

4) Upcoming election swing states where violence and unrest are becoming more common in competitive spaces. 

5) State capitals and ‘periphery’ towns also remain important potential inflection points for violence, especially in more rural and suburban areas  

Win or lose the presidency, Trump's goal has been to become the savior and mythical demi-god of the White race. He's achieved that. Whites flocked to his speeches to touch the hem of his garments, and share a collective blood oath to defy COVID-19 by not wearing masks.  

The Republican Party prostrate themselves before him, in fear of being dragged through the streets by the White Nationalist mobs in their home districts and states if they speak against the anointed Sun God of Whiteness. All predictions that if Trump loses the elections, the Republican Party would tact back to the center can be thrown out of the window. Trump’s strong showing and virtually every Republican incumbent winning their races, provides no incentive for GOP office holders to soften their proto-White Nationalists views.  

So too, all of Trump’s faithful legions of Three-Percenters, the Boogaloo Boys, the Oath Keepers, Patriot Prayer, the Light Foot Militia, Klansmen, Angry Vikings, and Neo-Nazis are no doubt standing their posts waiting for the green light to act. Their role is to intimidate liberal whites,’ and anarchists, as well as Black and Brown people.  

New Black Nationalists, have a message for Trump, and all the central casting of his presidential reality show whose last episode may be soon coming. “Don't get Hollywood confused with real life.” If you bring that bullshit into Black neighborhoods you are going to get your feelings and a few other things hurt.  

Going up to the state capital in Michigan and threatening Gretchen Whitmer; surrounding a Biden bus with twenty cars on I-35 in Texas; showing up to intimidate early voters at a mostly white polling place in Fairfax County, Virginia is one thing. Coming down to the hood in the cities strapped and talking shit, is quite another.  

Despite the fear and panic Trump is attempting to whip up, Black people are ready to handle any contingency that presents itself. New Black Nationalist want to thank the Women’s March, Working Families Party, Movement for Black Lives Electoral Justice Project, United We Dream and other organizations that mobilized “election defenders” to de-escalate tense situations and provide voters with security training, personal protective equipment and water on Election Day.  

While New Black Nationalists urge Black communities to be vigilant in this atmosphere of heightened tension, now is also the time for cool contemplation and reflection. That American Empire reached a point where it needed to rely on White Nationalist authoritarian rule to survive is not a sign of strength, but a profound admission of weakness. 

That reality is not going to change if “Lock um up Joe” Biden assumes the Oval Office. Instead of taking a deep breath and celebrating the dismissal of Trump, New Black Nationalists need to step up their work and expand our influence. As the architect and leader of White Nationalists, forces Trump will be just as dangerous out of the Oval Office as he was at the Resolute Desk.  

The first year of the 2020’s has opened with a bang: but it’s only the beginning. As we said on January 1, 2020, this is going to be a decade of crisis, wars, and revolution.  

​Nov. 3 Election End Game: A Fractured Country and Shadows of Civil War