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Trump’s Strategy for Returning 
to Power Is Already Clear

What has Become of the Not Fucking Around Coalition
and Grand Master Jay?
Why Donald Trump is Black America's Useful Idiot 

10.25. 2018


Donald Trump is not only Vladimir Putin’s and Russia’s useful idiot; he’s the Darker Nation’s useful idiot as well. 

That the man who embraced White supremists as “fine people” and proclaimed himself a “nationalist,” could be useful to Black people is admittedly a peculiar notion. But as the saying goes, “A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.” 

Black people didn’t need Donald Trump to shake them out of a state of political stasis. The police executions of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown brought Black Lives Matter and the millennial resistance into the streets in the proceeding Obama years.  

Rather, Trump is the blunt instrument who reaffirmed that racism is far more than an sordid inconvenience whose last vestiges will be eradicated with the passage of time. In a single election he reverse engineered what people perceived as momentum building toward a post-racial egalitarian society. 
Since the inception of his presidential campaign in 2015, Trump has argued that Blacks are a beleaguered race, plagued by ignorance, violence and self-destructive behavior. "You have no jobs, you have no schools, you can't walk down your streets without getting shot," he repeatedly said. It was a Social-Darwinist argument for the survival of the fittest. Suggesting that Blacks were not genetically disposed to compete in an advanced capitalist society, "natural selection" would eliminate us from the nation's gene pool over time. Until then, the Sun King would put us back in our place. Trump conjured racism in the lexicon of White Nationalism, and it burst forward in full bloom from Charlottesville to NFL football fields to internment camps on America’s Southern border.  
The Sun King demonstrated in irrefutable splendor that racism is firmly embedded in the soul of a significant section of White Americans. Extracted from the roots of the Cathedral’s (America’s) original sin of slavery, racism remains their enduring moral defect. 

For the Darker Nation, the continuum of America’s racial divide in all its manifestations is hardly a revelation. But even in the worst days of slavery and Jim Crow, Black people never turned to a morally reprehensible charlatan, crook, and procurer of women of easy virtue as their maximum leader. 

Trump reminds us that whether we are radicals or revolutionaries, we cannot succumb to the base instincts of racism, sexism, xenophobia, and narcissism. As it was in the sixties, moral suasion will be a powerful factor that attracts and legitimizes the Darker Nation’s leadership in the years to come. The peculiarities of America’s social evolution have made us the best vision holders to make the moral argument.  

The Sun King has also kept his promise to blow up Washington’s establishment. In doing so he has dramatically accelerated the moral, institutional, and political decay of American Empire.  

Trump probed the boundaries of the Constitution, the rule of law, checks and balances, and the separation of powers. Finding them wanting he enlisted the complicity of both legislative houses to shred Washington’s governing institutions and norms. 

Unable to fulfill his campaign promise to build a wall to his own vanity, he shut down the government and threw workers on the streets and into bread lines. If Trump is both the symbol and the substance of America’s precipitous decline, the shutdown is a living monument to the disfunction of American Empire.  

Trump’s transgressions to eviscerate Washington’s establishment: targeting and firing FBI and intelligence officials; threatening and intimidating witnesses in legal proceedings; changing military missions in Syria without consulting U.S. military leaders or its NATO allies; designating enemies of the state; imposing religious bans; paying hush money to prostitutes, and providing aid and comfort to America’s strategic adversaries are acts that normally would have led to a presidents’ impeachment long ago. 

Then again, these aren’t normal times.

Donald Trump's authoritarian reign of chaos has given America another opportunity to look in the mirror before the reckoning day arrives. But the country is in denial. The nation is losing faith that “American values” have real meaning, and there is a palpable sense of bewilderment about where the country is headed.  

When Trump is finally removed from office by impeachment or is voted out in 2020, those hoping for a return to normalcy will be in for a rude awakening. He has inflicted irreparable damage on America’s “democratic experiment,” and there can be no return to the status quo ante. 

Donald Trump has set the foundation to usher in a new age of American populism that will expand the countries' political bandwidth on the far left and the far right. As more and more people question the ability of Democrats and Republicans to govern independent of special interests, they will form their own parties to insure their agendas are represented. 

Indeed, we anticipate that by the 2022 mid-terms, the Congress will begin to look like a European multi-party parliamentary system, replete with White Nationalists parties, Social-Democrats, ethnic, gender, and single issue based micro-parties. In this instance, governance will become more complex, not less, as the due dates on the national debt, and entitlement spending can no longer be deferred. If history has taught us anything, it is that every empire in human history has crumbled and perished. When the history of American Empires’ collapse is written, it will likely reflect that Donald Trump’s administration marked the decisive turning point in its fall from grace.  
As Black Nationalists preparing for the existential crisis that will inevitably beset American Empire, and create the conditions to win self-determination, Donald Trump has been a very useful idiot. And he's not done yet. ​

Why Donald Trump
Black America's Useful Idiot 
Why Trump Is Black America's Useful Idiot
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Why Trump is Black America's Useful Idiot

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The Dark Art of Trump's New Deal With Black America 



After a year of campaigning without speaking to a Black audience or addressing their concerns, in August 2016 Donald Trump invited the Black community to leave the Democratic Party’s plantation and come over to his place.

“What do you have to lose” he said, seeming to suggest that the biscuits and gravy Ben Carson and his apprentice Omarosa were cooking up were far superior to those served in Obama’s house. 

His remarks were condemned by Blacks and many others as abrasive, untrue, and racist. They were, and deliberately so. Few disagreed that Trump’s nostrum had little to do with appealing to Black voters. They clearly targeted a white audience. But to what end? 

Trump's two-edged sword resonated with whites still harboring illusions that Blacks are a beleaguered and underachieving race. At the same time, his forced outreach to Black America supposedly would ease the guilt of educated suburban white women who might "recoil" at the prospect they were voting for a racist.  

Either way, Trump’s insults were more than a calculated strategy to stoke the white vote. That was nothing new. For decades Republicans relied on wedge issues like affirmative action or welfare reform to gin up the white electorate. By the 2000 election, the GOP settled on a more benign posture of cold indifference. 

What is new is Trump’s total characterization of Black America careening down the path of self destruction--a fate they are powerless to overcome unless they embrace Donald Trump as their savior. And there’s the rub. 

Knowing he'd never get a credible share of the Black vote (he won 8% of Black vote) Trump manufactured an argument that Black America’s predicament was of their own choosing and they deserve the wretched conditions they live in. 

More sinister is the new political template Trump forged. By portraying Black America as a permanent underclass, riven by ignorance, crime, unemployment, and drugs, he laid the foundation to cast Blacks as an expendable sub-population. 

That may sound alarmist or even sensationalist, but then so did a Muslim ban and the mass deportation of 13 million undocumented persons one year ago. In truth, a full spectrum of draconian measures were test piloted in the Trump campaign, not to mention the whiff of totalitarian rule that clings to Trump like a wet sweater.  

Not to worry, Trump's paternalistic concerns to lift Black America out of the abyss led to the October 2016 release of his revolutionary 10 point program, "A New Deal for Black America.”

Skipping over the boilerplate GOP pablum, two issues were noteworthy. First, Trump's "Safe Streets" program. 

"Every poor African-American child must be able to walk down the street in peace," says Trump. To accomplish this, his New Deal would "invest in training and funding local and federal law enforcement operations to remove the gang members, drug dealers, and criminal cartels from our neighborhoods." 

And what Black child wouldn't fear walking down the street if Trump's call for "stop and frisk" police tactics was revived. Add to that his plan to deploy the National Guard in urban areas and you have the elements required for the conversion of urban Black communities into virtual Bantustans.  

The "Godfather" also has a plan to protect Black America and its middle class; well more like a "protection racket." According to Trump, "No group has been more economically harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low-income African-American workers. Hillary’s [Clinton] pledge to enact 'open borders,' says Trump "will destroy the Black middle class." ​

So its not the corporations that raped and abandoned Black urban centers; the banks, insurance companies and realtors like Trump who red-lined Black communities; the justice system that systematically imprisons a quarter of Black humanity that is destroying the African American community. 

No, its illegal immigrants. And once Trump deports the "illegals", Blacks can pick lettuce and tomatoes, and clean homes as domestic workers and nannies. Ahh, life on the new plantation.

Trump's rhetoric and proposals to deal with Black America represent a dangerous escalation to redefine the people of a darker hue as a subversive element and national security concern.  

But it should not be forgotten that this escalation cuts two ways. The July 7, 2016, shooting of five Dallas police officers by Micah Xavier Johnson, and Gavin Long's killing of police officers in Baton Rouge two weeks later were a direct response to the spate of police shootings of Black men across the country. 

The message that both of these Black veterans conveyed was clear; the time for talk and marches is over. Occurring against the backdrop of Trump's incendiary campaign, the racial tension coursing through the country was palpable.  

That tension and anxiety is eroding Black/White relations, exacerbating conflict between Blacks and law enforcement and deepening the divide between the Trump Administration are the Black community. 

In this climate of uncertain economic times, racial and political polarization, the outbreak of a crisis could lead to a severe trial of strength between the Trump administration and Black America--one that can't be resolved by the "Art of the Deal", new or otherwise.