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Trump’s Strategy for Returning to Power Is Already Clear
What has Become of the Not Fucking Around Coalition
and Grand Master Jay?
Trump's Coup Opens Civil War Between Whites 

01.17. 2021


​After years of spewing incendiary racist invective against Blacks and Latinos to ride white resentment to power, Donald Trump's "Capitol Coup," to overturn the 2020 elections has opened America's second civil war. Ironically, the first battles of this post-truth conflagration finds far-right white nationalists attempting to vanquish white conservatives and accommodationists Republicans.  

We may also be witness something that's hasn't happened since Black Reconstruction--a different type of war. Biden's Justice Department will have an open mandate to smash operational units and bad actors of the violent white nationalist movement for their involvement in the January 6th seditious coup attempt. Historically, White nationalists have always been a protected species of sorts in the domain of "American" justice.  

Military checkpoints, concertina wire, concrete barriers, security fencing, shuttered federal buildings, and 25,000 National Guardsmen patrolling the streets, will mark Joe Biden's inauguration. Washington, D.C. has been transformed into a garrison town--an embarrassing rendition of Baghdad's "Green Zone" on the Potomac. 

Every state capitol in America is supposedly on a state of "high alert." Preparations for armed assaults by white nationalists mobs and cells are in tow. Cable news channels percolate with lead-ins that the nation is on edge. Some suggest democracy itself hangs in the balance. 

If the hype and response to the "Capitol Coup" seems a bit overblown, it's not because violent white nationalists have a wealth of firepower, operational sophistication, and strategic planning. 

No, its because as information leaks out, it's becoming clear these crack forces received aid and support from elements inside the security state and rogue law enforcement elements. Joe Biden, requesting a change to his former Vice-Presidential Secret Service detail is no accident.  

So the question is how far will Biden and his cerebral Attorney General, Merrick Garland go to smash the white nationalist terror network that is holding the country hostage? 

Conversely, will the extremist white nationalist movement respond by going underground and starting protracted asymmetric warfare to destabilize the U.S. government? Are they resolute and resourced enough to pursue such an enterprise or will they bide their time for a second opportunity?  

Impeached for "Incitement to Insurrection," Donald Trump's motley assortment of white nationalist jackboots brought ropes and constructed wooden gallows on the capitol grounds to hang Mike Pence. Death squads roamed the corridors of congress with spear-tipped Confederate flags hunting for Nancy Pelosi. 

Other Neanderthal elements dispensed with lynching rituals and search parties. They simply bludgeoned a white policeman to death with a fire extinguisher, and battered others with American flagpoles and pipes.  

Make no mistake, the days of white nationalists and "Lost Cause" Johnny Rebs bringing nooses to the party to visit death on Black flesh are far from over. But before pursuing their main objective of seizing the government and establishing a white minority-ruled apartheid state, the white nationalist movement must win the internal argument among center-right whites. 

They must convince a significant section of whites that being governed by a non-white majority poses an existential threat that can only be averted through extra-constitutional means.  

Indeed, Trump proposed just such a Faustian bargain to preserve and expand white skin privilege and racial dominance. In exchange, Trump's minions would tolerate unfettered grifting by his family, support immunity for their "Dear Leader" from criminal prosecutions, and accept authoritarian rule under the color of white nationalism.  

Both sides upheld their end of the bargain. 

Trump caged children and families of refugees seeking asylum and built 47 miles of new border wall. Barr's Justice Department refused to shut down violent white nationalists despite being designated by the FBI as "the most significant terror threat facing the U.S." Trump provided cover for them, referring to the rioters in Charlottesville as "fine people." Trump kept his promise not to start any new foreign wars, and to attack China's unfair trade policy--although he lost the trade war.  

In return, Trump's coalition of ex-Tea Partiers, Obama Truthers, Second Amendment shills, evangelicals, anti-abortion extremists, nativists, COVID-19 deniers, Neo-Nazis, Qanon cultists, and right-wing militias upheld their end of the bargain. To the surprise of many, Trump received nine million more white votes in 2020 than in the 2016 elections. 

The problem however, was that seven million more people voted against Trump. Voter suppression, congressional gerrymandering, and the electoral college, that had previously allowed Republicans to win the presidency while losing the popular vote, finally collapsed like a house of cards in 2020. 

Having failed to manipulate state legislators, presidential electors, Republican congressmen, and finally Vice-President Pence to reverse his election defeat, Trump green lit the "Capitol Coup." 

At the January 6, rally Trump told his legions "They're trying to steal an election. We just can't let that happen." The "Stop the Steal" war cry was aligned with Trump's overall message to whites. For years he told whites their jobs, their taxes, their benefits, their sense of security were all being stolen by immigrants and "other people" who didn't deserve it. 

Because traitors like Georgia's Republican Governor and Secretary of the State, and Vice-President Pence refused to do their jobs, Trumps supporters had to act to stop the steal and disrupt the Electoral College count at the capitol. 

Pro and con, the arguments will go on whether Trump was delusional about the prospects of the coup succeeding. New Black Nationalists believe Trump knew the coup would fail. That wasn't the point. 

Trump had to create a spectacle of resistance to validate "The Big Lie" that he won the election. He needs the oxygen and the mantle of being victimized by a rigged system to sustain momentum and legitimacy for a possible second presidential run.  

Thus, the bloody January 6th "Capitol Coup" attempt marked a transition point for white nationalists and the Alt-Right. Without Trump as a figure-head and Enabler-in-Chief procuring aid, political cover, and resources, their political strategies and tactics must be recalibrated.

What happens to Trump after he leaves office on January 20, is uncertain. Unless information emerges directly tying Trump to planning the assault on the capitol, the Senate is unlikely to garner 67 guilty votes to convict him on "Incitement to Insurrection" charges. Thus, the Senate cannot vote to ban Trump from holding future office. 

As for Trump's universe of legal problems, we believe if the New York State Attorney General pursues charges on how the Trump organization valued its assets, and submitted dubious financial statements to obtain loans, Trump will be convicted. The same is true of the New York City Manhattan DA's probe into Trump's loans with Deutsche Bank. But the length of time for trials and appeals could drag on for years.  

At the end of the day, Trump is headed to Mar a Largo, Florida where he will set up a shadow white-nationalist government in exile; call it MAGA-STAN. Together with his loyalists cronies, Steve Bannon, Steven Miller, Cory Lewandowsky, Michael Flynn and Michael Lindell they will began plotting Trump's reality show comeback, like Napoleon's return from Elba.  

Team Trump will quickly get on with the business of threatening Senate and House Republicans that didn't vote to overturn the elections. They will excoriate any Republican Senator that votes to convict in his impeachment trial. With Trump loyalist Rona McDaniel still running the Republican National Committee, Trump will prosecute his civil war inside the GOP to eliminate any competitors for the 2024 presidential race.  

Just as Trump will continue to use his "low information" working class base to terrorize Republican Party establishment officeholders, he'll also attempt to use hard-core White Nationalists to police his white "working class" legions. The message behind the "Hang Pence" chant reverberating in the catacombs of the capitol was clear; all team players must remain "on side."  

At the top of Trump's agenda is re-establishing a communications and media network. His expulsion from Facebook and Twitter has severed his unfiltered lifeline to his legions. With Google and Apple removing their store apps from Parler, and Amazon cutting Parler off as its web site host, Trump desperately needs an alternative communications platform. 

Whether Trump has the wherewithal to tap his vast pool of international resources to launch a new multi-media platform or television network is anyone's guess. Trump is like a plague that never goes away. We wouldn't count him out just yet.  

New Black Nationalists will be watching with great interests how American Empire's security state processes the white nationalist terror network. 

Independent of Donald Trump, white ethno-nationalists' have their own plans to establish an oligarchic apartheid state of white minority-rule. 
Just as Trump was using far-right white nationalists to project power and intimidation, so too the far-right has been using Trump to recruit, train, and deploy its forces. 

Nor are our insurrectionists happy about some Trump apologists' efforts to shield them by claiming the coup was an Antifa operation. They want the world to know they breached the U.S. Capitol by force of arms, and one day will do it again. January 6, was their revolutionary manifesto for generations to come.  

In the weeks and months ahead, an avalanche of information is going to surface about the January 6, Capitol Coup." We urge our readers to pay close attention. There is much to learn here from Trump's final curtain call.  

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Civil War Between
The Capitol Coup & the Civil War Between Whites 
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Trump's Capitol Coup:
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01.07. 2021​

Nov. 3 Election End Game: 
The Shadows of Civil War  


​Election Day, Violence, Vote Stealing and Chaos

11.03. 2021


"The Supreme Court decision on voting in Pennsylvania is a VERY dangerous one. It will also induce violence in the streets." 

So said that punk-ass Trump, trying to intimidate Black people in Philly on election eve. 

Meanwhile, businesses on Beverly Hills and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City scurried to shudder their windows. Nieman Marcus announced it will close at 5:00 p.m. In Washington, D.C., Commercial Glass Door Repair's phone is ringing off the hook. “If you go downtown," said the company spokesperson, "everything is boarded up, regardless of whether it’s a luxury store or not."

Who are all these people scared of? Is it Black people if Trump manages to steal the election or White Nationalists thugs, who Trump is releasing from "Stand By" status on Tuesday to wreck havoc and fear in Black neighborhoods? The fact that these Election Day emergency preparations are even being discussed, means Trump's plan has succeeded in pushing parts of the country to the brink of chaos and fear. That was always his plan. 

Win or lose the presidency, Trump's goal has been to become the savior and mythical demi-god of the White race. He's achieved that. Whites flock to his speeches to touch the hem of his garments, sharing a collective blood oath to defy COVID-19 by not wearing masks.  

The Republican Party prostrates themselves before him, in fear of being dragged through the streets by the White Nationalist mobs in their home districts and states if they speak against the anointed Sun God of Whiteness. And his faithful legions of Three-Percenters, the Boogaloo Boys, the Oath Keepers, Patriot Prayer, the Light Foot Militia, Klan, Angry Vikings and Neo-Nazis stand their post waiting for his beckoned call. Their role is intimidate liberal white people as well as blacks.  

We have a message for Trump, and all the central casting of his reality show that might come to an end tomorrow. Don't get Hollywood confused with reality. If you bring that bullshit in the Black neighborhoods on Tuesday, in Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Houston, you are going to get your feelings hurt.  

Going up to the state capital in Michigan and threatening Gretchen Whitmer; surrounding a Biden bus with twenty cars on I-35 in Texas; showing up to intimidate early voters at a mostly white polling place in Fairfax County, Virginia is one thing. Coming down to the hood in the cities strapped and talking shit, is quite another.  

It's no coincidence that researchers and militia experts like Militia Watch and the The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) have designated, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Georgia as the most likely places violence could occur. White Nationalists are itching to get revenge for their comrade who was shot and killed when they caravanned through Portland looking to make trouble with Antifa and found it. 

Georgia, the first deep south state that could go Democrat, is also a flashpoint of tension after the Not Fucking Around Coalition, marched 10000 deep to the Klan's sacred Confederate ground at Stone Mountain on July 4. Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are all battleground states Trump has to defend and win by any means necessary.  

​Militia Watch and ACLED's designation of these states being "hot zones' of possible White Nationalist attacks and voter intimidate was based on five factors: 

1) locations that have seen substantial engagement in anti-coronavirus lockdown protests as well as places where militias might have perceptions of ‘leftist coup’ activities. 

2) Spaces where militias have been active in setting up recruitment drives or holding training for members are also at heightened risk

3) Spaces where militia members cultivate personal relationships with police or law enforcement or where there might be a friendly attitude by law enforcement towards militia presence or activity. 

4) Upcoming election swing states where violence and unrest are becoming more common in competitive spaces. 

5) State capitals and ‘periphery’ towns also remain important potential inflection points for violence, especially in more rural and suburban areas  

If there is a contested result, the next few weeks are going to be a period in which Black communities must be ready to defend themselves, and not rely on the police to do so. Matters could quickly escalate beyond a few isolated incidents of thuggery and violence. 

As we have noted in the past, Trump's re-election plan to become a White Nationalist dictator backed by super-majority conservative Supreme Court has already been set into motion with the ramming through of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. All along Trump has insisted that "The only way we're going to lose this election, is if the election is rigged."

For Trump, who continues to trail Biden in most critical swing states, the goal is to create as much confusion, disruption and violence as possible to manipulate the outcome. In essence, Trump will declare victory tonight if the electoral vote is anywhere near close, and then fight to stop vote counting of mail-in ballots and force the issue to be decided by the Supreme Court, where conservatives have a six to three majority of conservative justices.  

Despite the fear and panic Trump is attempting to whip up, now is the time for cool contemplation and reflection. That American Empire has reached a point where it needs to rely on White Nationalist authoritarian rule to survive is not a sign of strength, but a profound admission of weakness. New Black Nationalists have every confidence that the Black community is going to take care of business today.  

Trump's Culture War: The New White Man & American Apartheid 

​08.08. 2021


The Soft Coup to Remove Trump From the Oval Office

04.02. 2018