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The week after Trump's January 6, 2021, Barristers Coup failed, New Black Nationalists predicted MAGA seditionists would attempt another extraconstitutional seizure of state power during or following the 2024 presidential election. Two and a half years later, MAGA-Verse's preparations for regime change are escalating. 

Since the Barristers Coup, Red State legislatures have passed tranches of voter suppression laws targeting non-white, women, and student voters. White nationalist militias flattened their organizational hierarchies, migrating to smaller and leaderless autonomous cells while others went dark or underground. MAGA-Verse social media platforms were air-brushed and renamed. 

While Trump's legions reorganized their ranks to prepare for 2024, lone wolves stepped into the delta to pick up the slack. One terrorist attacking the Cincinnati FBI office was gunned down, another threatening to kill Joe Biden was smoked in a Utah FBI shootout. Ten Black shoppers in Buffalo in May 2022 and three in Jacksonville in August 2023 were cowardly massacred. Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband was assailed in a home invasion, and would-be assassins stalking Barak Obama, and Vice-President Kamala Harris's residences were arrested. 

​But like Newton's Third Law of Motion, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." The Black Commons responded to Trump's violent white nationalist surge. A leaderless BLM 2.0 revolt launched the largest protests in American history that metastasized across the planet after George Floyd's public execution. 

Then, something even more startling happened: the Black Commons posted the largest increase in national gun sales (up 58.2%) in 2020. The single fastest-growing demographic purchasing firearms was Black women, who also began starting their own shooting clubs. The National African American Gun Association emerged the country's largest non-white gun organization with 75 chapters and more than 30,000 members. In the same period, traffic increases on the Black Gun Owners Association portal caused its website to crash.  

It was, however, the July 4, 2020, Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) march of 1000 Blacks in full military kit at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park that jolted the Black imagination and stunned the nation. The NFAC manifesto was the tip of the spear. The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, Elmer Geronimo Pratt Gun Club, and Huey P. Newton Gun Club attracted new recruits. They held marches commemorating the 1921 burning of Tulsa's Black Wall Street. A national reparations conference and march was convened at Mississippi’s Devil’s Punchbowl, the site where Black Union soldiers were massacred during the Civil War. Dozens of new local armed self-defense and Black watch groups surfaced across the country. 

Since 2020, we've witnessed the spontaneous emergence of a loose constellation of armed Black self-defense groups, militias, advocacy organizations, community groups, and 2nd Amendment Rights organizations. Together, these forces constitute the molecular structure of a self-defense Black Home Guard. They embody Frantz Fanon's observation that "The defenses of the colonized are tuned like anxious antennae waiting to pick up the hostile signals of a racially divided world. " 

The taking up of arms signals the Black Commons are not naive to the dangers swirling around us. Nor is there a deficit of resolve to respond to the moment. What the Commons lack, however, is a rough collective consensus about the nature of Trump's authoritarian regime change enterprise and a schema to derail it. The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine (IBD) attempts to close the gap between the Black Commons' fragmented perceptions and spontaneous reactions and the need for a coherent action plan to abate the existential threat.  

The argument presented here asserts Trump's MAGA-Verse coalition of Republican Party seditionists, white nationalist militias, far-right globalists like Peter Theil, Fox News, rogue U.S. military generals, and Russian intelligence networks have successfully discredited and destabilized America's core institutions--especially its electoral system. They have done so to justify another attempt to seize the federal government in 2024 by any means possible.  
Further, we hold that to defeat Trump in 2024 and neutralize MAGA-Verse's post-election extra-constitutional attempts to violently seize power, grassroots Black Democrats must mutiny to dislodge Joe Biden's anemic candidacy. NBN thus recommends they nominate Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as the strongest candidate. 

Because a Whitmer presidential victory would trigger a Trump-MAGA-Verse response of widespread violence and civil war, the Black Commons would need to negotiate a range of issues with Whitmer's camp. Specific policy commitments and appointments to critical positions to ensure the Black Commons's security architecture is hardened against violent attacks by white nationalist terrorists would be on the table. If such agreements could not be reached, the Black Commons would be encouraged to stay home in November or support Cornel West's Green Party candidacy. 

Battlespace supports the aggressive self-defense arming and training of the Black Commons and the expansion of the Black Home Guard. Should Trump or any Republican nominee lose the presidential election and MAGA-Verse elements attempt to topple the federal government, Black communities will resist attacks against our people with arms. 

Taking into account the Black Commons demographic, economic, political, and military strengths and new possibilities to create a Black nation-state and polities, Battlespace advocates expanding the historic Black Belt Nation in the South theory to other parts of the country. Based on NBNs reassessment of majority Black spaces that are ripe for self-rule, Battlespace proposes a 'Castle and Moat Armed Self-Defense Strategy' to defeat MAGA-Verse's sedition and prepare the Black Commons to take power.          

Consonant with the Castle and Moat strategy, Battlespace broaches the proposal of a 'Black Commons and Democrat Party Grand Bargain'.  If it becomes necessary for Black communities to enter a coalition with a Democrat-led administration to defeat a MAGA-Verse insurrection, we must have guarantees that Blacks wishing to separate from American Empire are granted the appropriation of land to create an independent Black nation-state and additional majority Black-led polities.  

The concert of ideas and proposals advanced in Battlespace presupposes a high level of integration. How the Integrated Battlespace Doctrine's components intersect and mesh with one another requires an overarching political framework to bring coherence to the model. New Black Nationalists believe articulating a National Divorce solution to partition American Empire into a handful of independent nation-states to avoid a bloody and destructive civil war provides the best and most elegant political framework for the Black Commons to orchestrate a national conversation.               

In the following sections, NBN outline the essential interlocking components of the Battlespace doctrine. Because of the length of the Battlespace paper, each section has individual page links with additional content for those readers who may not be interested in reading the document in its entirety. 

Thank you for reading the introduction to the Integrated Battlespace Doctrine series. To continue you may click on the links below.

The Integrated Battlespace Doctrine 

"The defenses of the colonized are tuned like anxious antennae waiting to pick up the hostile signals of a racially divided world. In the process, the colonized acquire a peculiar visceral intelligence dedicated to the survival of body and soul." 

Frantz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth