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The 2024 Action Plan - A Chat with Vesey Republic Black Nationalists' & Friends


Thank you for joining us for this informal chat as we close out the year and prepare for 2024, The Year of Living Dangerously.  

In eleven months, Donald Trump will be elected president and America will be governed by an authoritarian proto-fascist regime, or a Democrat will win a bitterly contested election followed by destabilizing white nationalist political violence. Either scenario can potentially spiral into a constitutional crisis that results in the collapse of the federal government, mass chaos and a wider civil conflagration. It's going to be one scenario or another. The United States is speeding toward a catastrophic reckoning.         

Looking back at the New Black Nationalist Network's founding in 2018, we anticipated this moment in the publication of Crisis Theory. Our predictive model projected an existential crisis would befall America in the 2020's. 

Trump's failed January 6, 2021, Barrister's Coup prompted NBN to recalibrate its timetable to the November 2024 general elections. The coup also meant NBN had to rethink and prioritize which analytical tools generated over the following three-year period would best position the Black Nationalist Movement to prepare for crisis resolution scenarios.  Accordingly, NBN's document production addressed the following areas.   

--Contingency plans that respond to various scenarios Trump and his regime change           conspirators could deploy to seize power by any means available.
   2024: The Black Commons Year of Living Dangerously 
   Donald Trump's Scenarios for Regime Change

--Proposals for grassroots Black Democrats and Black Social Democrats to vie for                 party leadership and ensure the best candidate to defeat Trump is nominated. 
   Cornell West 2024: The Revolution of Dignity & the Politics of Realignment 
   Draft Gretchen Whitmer & Xavier Becerra 2024

--Calls for the Black Commons to harden its communities' armed self-defense                       infrastructure to repell attacks by white nationalist militias and extremists.
   Black Militias and Black Women with Guns
   The Vesey Republic's on Armed Struggle & the Integrated Battlespace Doctrine
   The Black Home Guard

--Political strategies to convert an existential constitutional crisis, post-election civil           war or secession movement into the creation of a Black nation-state. 
   New Black Nationalists' National Divorce Initiative (NDI) 
   A Black Nationalist Framework for the National Divorce Question

​Since 2020, NBN has posted yearly action plans. Our action plans and updates resourced the broader Black Liberation Movement and Black Nationalists with specific thought documents to match real-time challenges that our risk assessments identified as unfolding threats. NBN's action plans also served as a measure of accountability to our readers and the Black Liberation Movement at-large for delivering the analytical products we committed to generate.     

NBN's 2024 Action Plan 

In 2024, the New Black Nationalist Action Plan will focus on the following five areas:

National Divorce Initiative
​The Vesey Republic Economic Plan
The Vesey Republic of Letters 
The Timothy Snyder Arguments
Comments on the State of the Black Nationalist Movement

NBN's National Divorce Initiative

NBN's highest priority in 2024 is attempting to persuade Black Nationalists to launch a National Divorce Initiative as the political centerpiece of its public argument to blunt Trump's authoritarian grab for power and preparing for the creation of a Black nation- state. 

NBN has made the argument for a National Divorce position over the past year. But to reiterate, National Divorce proposes a voluntary dissolution of American Empire and partitioning the country into independent Republican Red States and Democrat Blue States to avoid a bloody and destructive civil war. 

Black Nationalists propose the creation of an independent Black nation state as part of the National Divorce solution. We want exit. Black Nationalists would be included in a negotiated settlement to equitably divide the country's economic assets, resources, debts, land, and military weapons systems. 

National Divorce provides a consensus issue for Black Nationalists to advocate nationhood as a sober and reasonable alternative to a government collapse. It gives us a broad public forum to condemn Trump's violent authoritarian white nationalist project, while proposing a comprehensive solution to prevent a possible civil war. It enables Black Nationalists to argue for Reparations as part of a final settlement for land and compensation. 

To seize the National Divorce issue means Black Nationalists would need to develop a few skilled spokespersons, a boiler plate narrative, a working coalition or even a single-issue start up party.  Polls over the last two years have shown that 65% of Republican voters are open to some form of secession, while 48% of Democrats feel likewise.

National Divorce is a cutting-edge issue. It is highly serviceable to advocate to a broad audience and can seamlessly be integrated with other issues.  
The Vesey Republic's Economic Theory

In February 2024, NBN will also release its recommendation for an economic theory to build an economy for new Black nation-state. The theory will outline a framework that discusses what type of outcomes we want in our economy, the role of the state, how private property, private business ownership, technology, and markets can be approached. 

With the economic plan's release, NBN will have fulfilled its commitment in the 2022 Action Plan to draft the foundational instruments to create and stand-up a majority Black-led nation-state and independent city-states. 

As we've said on numerous occasions, we can't wait to the day we win political power to roll something out half-baked to the Black Commons and hope it will work. We need to have a vision, a theory, a written plan, and a model that can be explained to our communities about what a new Black nation-state will look like, how it will function, and what role they play as its leaders and citizens. To that end NBN generated the following thought papers for the Black Commons consideration to establish the Vesey Republic. 

A Declaration of Independence
A Declaration (Bill) of Rights
A Government Plan (Vesey Unicameral Parliament & Women's Autonomous Region)
An Independent Judiciary System 
A Defense and Nuclear Weapons Policy
A New Black Nationalist Statement of Principles
A Vesey Economic Framework (To be completed)

The Vesey Republic of Letters 

​Why is the Vesey Republic government proposing a unicameral parliamentary system with a prime minister and no constitution instead of bicameral constitutional republic with an elected president like America? Why is abortion for women a right in the Vesey Republic's Charter (Bill) of Rights? 

Now that NBN has developed a theory of governance, a parliamentary government model, and a charter of rights, over the next twelve months we need to get granular on how the Vesey Republic will work. To accomplish this, NBN will be issuing a series of short essays and arguments called Vesey's Republic of Letters.  All readers are invited to submit contributions by sending a link to us on our X formerly Twitter account or message NBN with your link on the following Vesey Republic Instagram account. 

The Timothy Snyder Arguments

​In October 2023, NBN published its first installment of a new series called the Timothy Snyder Arguments. In NBN's view, Professor Snyder's body of work on authoritarian movements, the first and second globalizations of the twentieth century, crisis theory, and governance theories of capitalist, fascist, and communist systems present an intellectually challenging suite of theories. His writings go to the heart of Trump's authoritarian threat as well as NBN's challenges in creating a new nation-state. 

This series of arguments will help close some gaps in our understanding of authoritarian and fascist movements. It also provides us with a comparative understanding of how nation-states function in capitalist, imperialist, fascist, European social democracies, and communist systems.  

Statistics from NewBlackNationalism.com for 2023

We are pleased to post some statistical data from our website visits this year to read everyone in on how the public face of our work is being received. 

For those who are not familiar the Network's genealogy, the handful of Black Nationalists started meeting up in December 2016, a month after Trump's election. We surmised Trump was a white nationalist front man, but we wanted to assess the threat level the then little-known Alt-Right posed to the Black Commons. As oxymoronic as it sounds, they were the intellectual wing of the white ethno-nationalist movement, not the conspiracy theory, QAnon shamans and neo-Nazi dolts that parade around with medieval shields and lead pipes. 

After the pitched battle in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017, we noted the skirmish and death of one protester marked a transformational victory for the hard right and their Stormfront militias. At that juncture we transitioned the site to Black-Nationalism.com to conduct an extensive evaluation of how Black Nationalists were responding to what was called the "rise of the right." 

In January 2018, we launched NewBlackNationalism.com to achieve two outcomes. First, to contribute to rebuilding nation-state Black Nationalism's political, ideological, and philosophical foundations. Second, to furnish Black Nationalists with strategic policy options to win state power and develop the scaffolding of governmental and civic institutions to sustain a new majority Black-led nation-state.

In our first full year online in 2018, NewBlackNationalism.com netted 1,507 visitors. As we close out 2023, our readership climbed to 5,490 visitors. 

Website data often produces surprising results. For the second straight year, Frantz Fanon's wife, Josie Fanon, had the most popular page by a wide margin over NBN's 2021 article on "The Disappearance of the Not Fucking Around Coalition," which was also the second most visited page in 2022.  NewBlackNationalism.com is the Network's main domain, however we have two sub-domains that link to our site. The sub-domains are FrantzFanon.org and TheVeseyRepublic.com.  

We suspect most of our visitors for Josie Fanon and the majority of our overseas visitors (32%) are from Europe and link to us through the FrantzFanon.org sub-domain.  Josie Fanon was a powerful intellect in her own right. She was also an intensely private person who wrote and typed Fanon's manuscripts for Black Skin White Mask and the Wretched of the Earth. She tragically committed suicide in Algeria in 1989. Josie Fanon remains a much-admired revolutionary figure. Fanon's work has been carried on by his daughter Mirielle Mireille Fanon Mendes-France who is also a scholar, and Chairman of the Frantz Fanon Foundation in France. Mirielle's page on our site was the fifth most visited page.   

Having adopted Frantz Fanon's works as NBN's philosophical system, we take great pride in upholding his contributions, his legacy and the work of Josie and Mirielle Fanon.

Page Name                                                                                     Visits       Per.             

     Home Page - Index                                                                                 2,527        29.7%
1.   Josie Fanon                                                                                           1,823        21.5%
2.   The Disappearance of the Not Fucking Around Coalition                        503          5.9%
3.   Draft-Gretchen Whitmer-for-President 2024                                           212          2.5%
4.   Josie Fanon Intellectual Journalist and Liberation Fighter                      207          2.4%
5.   Fanon-Global Mireille-Fanon-Mendes-France                                         194          2.3%
6.   Site Blog                                                                                                  184           2.2%
7.   Legalization of Sex Work in a New Black Nation State                            173           2.0%
8.   Frantz Fanons Critique of Marxism to Mao Tse-Tung Thought                 123          1.5%
9.   What New Black-Nationalists Believe                                                      108          1.3%
​10. Vesy Republic Structure of Government                                                     89          1.0%

When NBN's project was launched in 2018, we restricted our outreach to posting on Twitter only.  Emails have a sinister way of coming back to haunt you. Nor were we interested in opening a door to cyber cranks with bad intentions. As a small group we chose not to invest the kind of time needed to correctly manage content flows and respond to traffic on multiple platforms. In June of 2023, we initiated accounts on Instagram and Substack with a modest presence. 

Given that NewBlackNationalism.com mainly publishes long form articles, with a fair amount of abstract ideological content whose primary end users are a micro-political movement, we believe the site is serving the purpose we envisioned at its inception. Our focus has been on building a sense of community that resources the Black Nationalist Movement and spurs the development of a solid core of organic intellectuals.  

​Some Final Thoughts on the nation-state Black Nationalist trend in 2024 

In NBN's view, the nation-state Black Nationalist trend has to dramatically increase its profile and work on the Black street in 2024. We are moving into uncharted waters where a single election can put us on the cusp of a proto-fascist state run by a madman. 

In truth, we are too far behind to catch up, but we can significantly close the gap when it comes to stepping up our influence among the Black Commons. Come November 2024, we have to be ready provide a new kind of leadership for our people. If we don't, who will?

How do we close the gap? 

NBN's current assessment asserts that nation-state Black Nationalist don't have a recognizable public facing footprint. Beyond a small sub-set of Black and white "leftists" groups, religious Black organizations (Black Moors, Muslims, Hebrew-Israelites) and other radical self-identified elements of the Black Liberation Movement, nation-state Black Nationalism lacks the following attributes. 

* A signature issue the public identifies with nation-state Black Nationalism.  

Reparations was more-or-less a Black Nationalist issue for some time but has largely been appropriated by Black Democrats, reformists, and opportunists. 

* Highly recognizable public spokespersons in Black communities and "media go to" personalities that are called on to articulate the "Black Nationalist" perspective.  

For a brief moment, the "Not Fucking Around Coalition's" Grand Master Jay, was ascending to that role as a sort of Huey Newton 2.0 personality before his arrest, conviction, and imprisonment. The July 4, 2020, march on Stone Mountain, Georgia, with 1000 Black militia in full military kit electrified large sections of the Black Commons and scared the _ _ _ _ out of millions of other folks. 

The Commandant's rhetoric was catchy although inconsistent, militant but not tethered to an ideology or political movement. Nevertheless, Grand Master Jay put the question of armed self-defense squarely on the front burner, despite not having a specific strategy. There is a reason that NBN's article on The Disappearance of the Not Fucking Around Coalition continues to run hot. They struck a nerve, and then evanesced. Why? 

* A marquis nation-state Black Nationalist political party, national organization, united front or national coalition. 

New Black Nationalists acknowledged the Provisional Government of New Afrika (PG-RNA) is the one self-identified nation-state Black Nationalist organization to emerge out of 1960s that still functions today. The PG-RNA splintered into a NAPO/Malcolm X Grassroots Movement formation in 1984 and later Cooperation Jackson formed. Between the organizations a general consensus existed to create a New Afrikan nation in Mississippi's Delta region called the Jackson/Kush Plan. It appears; however, that a difference arose between the latter two groups. Could the plan be implemented by progressive elected office holders supporting economic democracy and local self-governing People’s Assemblies or are national, state, and local governments illegitimate and adversarial arms of the state opposed to the Black Commons aspirations for self-determination? 

​At this time, from NBN's and the Black Commons' standpoint, there isn't a Black Nationalist or genuinely radical Black, organization that is pushing buttons and making things happen. We lack a flagship organization.  

​We cannot remedy our shortcomings with gimmicks, empty rhetoric and performative revolutionary romantism. In 2024, Black Nationalists can however, close the gap. During the last two Juneteenth observances, Black gun clubs and self-defense organizations have held national conferences in Tulsa and Natchez, Mississippi. But beyond promoting reparations and armed self-defense we have not seen a broader political agenda emerge. 

This is not a criticism of the participating groups. Quite the opposite, it is a most important development that NBN has covered in our dedicated section of the ​Black Home Guard. These marches and conventions speak to the potential of something much bigger. 

New Black Nationalists believe that adopting and running with the National Divorce issue can provide us with a center of gravity to build on. For those who have different ideas, please let us know. The clock is ticking and one way or the other, 2024 will be the Black Commons Year of Living Dangerously. It's a quarter to nation time. 

2023 Website Statistics 

Total Number of Visitors:        5,543
Total Page Views                  11,111
​Vistors Outside the US          1,738 = 32%
1st Time Visitors                    3,635 = 67%
​No 1. Page: Josie Fanon       1,818 = 21%
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