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​The Timothy Snyder Arguments
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The Nation State & Empire

Racial Conflict: Snyder and Fanon

Authoritarianism and Fascism
The Timothy Snyder Arguments 


 New Black Nationalists owe Timothy Snyder an apology--one that we are obligated and pleased to make. 

In October 2023, NBN announced its release of The Timothy Snyder Arguments to critique his theories of Western democracies' decline and Donald Trump's project to impose authoritarian rule on America. We criticized Snyder's lack of specific analysis concerning the headwinds that are propelling the country toward constitutional crises, sectarian warfare, and the potential collapse of the U.S. government.  

Specifically, we called attention to the following three contingencies.    

1.) The likelihood that Donald Trump would create a pretext to launch civil or asymmetrical warfare and a secession movement to partition the country if the 2024 presidential election outcome is in doubt or he loses.  

2.) The possibility that a limited civil war or Red State secession movement might produce a military stalemate allowing Trump to broker a National Divorce negotiation into a breakaway white nationalist regime.  

3.) The unintended consequences of American Empires' collapse and dissolution creating a path to forge an independent Black nation-state and other religious, ethnic, ecological, or nationalist sovereign states.     

After Snyder's January 2022 Business Insider interview and the following month's Substack  article came to our attention, it was clear NBN erred in its October assessment of Snyder's work. 

Snyder's forecast in those articles foreshadowed a second Trump attempt at regime change. They also sketched the outlines of a post-2024 election civil conflict and a negotiated settlement to possibly partition America into separate sovereign states. In short, Snyder's projections tracked with NBN's analysis in our September 2021 article Robert Kagan's Short Telegram  and February 2022 dispatch in The Civil War Diaries. (See excepts in the sidebar) 

This rendering of Snyder's Long March primarily addresses a hypothetical scenario in which Donald Trump loses the November 2024 election, or the outcome is in doubt. Having reviewed Snyder's articles referenced above, what follows is a brief clarification of the areas outlined in Professor Snyder's analysis that New Black Nationalists concur with and our points of departure. 

Of particular interest is Professor Snyder's response to the following question from Business Insider. 

"Let's revisit this scenario where Trump and the Republican Party have claimed victory and have had some legal cloaking of this claim that has installed the loser of the election in power. You're thinking less a scenario where it's a shooting war between the army and the navy or competing factions in the military, and more like what we've kind of seen with blue states and climate change, for example, under Trump, where they kind of announce we have our own foreign policy, and we're actually going to band together and pursue our own policies."

In New Black Nationalists' view, Snyder articulates a scenario in which a negotiated settlement is proposed to end a partisan civil and military conflict. His projection implies Trump survives as the maximum leader of a newly partitioned sovereign polity--MAGASTAN if you will.  Snyder never uses the term National Divorce to characterize this process, but we believe that is precisely what he is describing. 

New Black Nationalists are not suggesting Timothy Snyder is a proponent or supporter of National Divorce as we are. Synder is an ardent American patriot on a mission to save liberal corporately managed democracy.  He is a twenty-first-century Paul Revere, traveling thousands of miles sounding the alarm, "Authoritarianism is coming. The proto fascists have made landfall, burned their ships in the harbor and are marching inland."  To his utter mortification, far too many people are not alert to the danger at hand, which is why Snyder knows Trump can be re-elected. 

Snyder broaches the possibility of a National Divorce settlement in code. In the hands of loaded pistols like Marjorie Taylor Greene, National Divorce is weaponized as, yet another contagious conspiracy theory injected in the bloodstream of the MAGA-Verse. Better to social distance from the virus. But Snyder has seen this authoritarian movie before. He knows a settlement that partitions America into an "authoritarian state" and a "neoliberal state," may be the last redoubt to salvage a part of the "American experimentrather than risk losing it all.   

New Black Nationalists are not American patriots. Our political imperative is derailing Trump's white nationalist regime change project because it poses an existential threat to the Black Commons. Neither are we interested in saving America's corporate democracy. If the 2024 election is a harbinger of constitutional crisis that collapses the government, engenders a civil conflagration, and a dissolution of American Empire, we seek exit to form an independent nation-state. 

New Black Nationalists expanded vision of National Divorce that embraces choice and self-determination is where our interests intersect with Timothy Synder's, not by design but the force and confluence of events. In the following sections, New Black Nationalists explore how our analysis of the period ahead converges in critical areas with Professor Snyder's.                 

The Second Barristers Coup Plot or "The Steal 2024"

-- New Black Nationalists concur with Synder that Trump enters the 2024 election with a stronger and more focused legal strategy and options to nullify unfavorable state election results. Snyder leans toward a plot that Trump's "Team Sedition" will likely restage a version of the failed January 6, Barristers Coup Plot. Snyder thus avers, 

"My scenario is not very complicated...we install a president in January 2025 who has lost by a clear margin. In November 2024, the Democratic candidate wins by (let's say) ten million popular votes and eighty-nine electoral votes. Three (let's say) states won by the Democratic candidate are controlled by Republicans, and these authorities begin investigations regarding putative fraud. The time thus consumed prevents electors from being assigned by the deadline, as was the intention. (If running out the clock somehow fails, a few state legislatures assign electors that do not represent the popular vote.)

If neither candidate wins a majority of electoral votes from this decreased pool, the presidential election is thrown to the House of Representatives. It will vote by state delegations, of which Republicans will have a majority. They opt for the losing candidate.

The Supreme Court might be asked to evaluate the situation but seems unlikely to alter what (let's say) six of its members will regard as a legal outcome. A man who has decisively lost will then be installed as president."

New Black Nationalists' September 2021, response to Robert Kagan's op-ed, "Our Constitutional Crisis is Already Here,addressed most of the issues Synder raises regarding Trump subverting the 2024 election. ("Kagan's Short Telegram.")

The Day After: The MAGASTAN Confederate States of America

-- Notwithstanding New Black Nationalists' assessment that Trump has better than a 50-50 chance of winning the election outright, we share Snyder's view that a second Barristers Coup Plot described above could well succeed in a contested post-2024 presidential election. We also acknowledge the Supreme Court could be disposed not to intervene in what they would deem a legal election outcome. 

NBN's position also asserts Trump's regime change project will go forward if his legal strategy to game the electoral college certification vote fails and his appeals to the Supreme Court are rejected.  

If, as many suggest, Trump is running to avoid spending his last days in an orange prison jumpsuit, he must win at all costs. Theoretically, that means despite losing the popular vote, the congressional electoral college certification vote, and a Supreme Court decision, secession and creating a sovereign white ethno-nationalist state might be the last sanctuary of a scoundrel. 

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America was never tried for treason, despite waging war on the Union. History could repeat itself if Trump becomes the leader of a breakaway autocratic state through a National Divorce settlement that includes pardoning any prior criminal convictions and dropping all pending indictments awaiting trial.            

Just as Trump claims the 2024 elections are rigged because his multiple criminal indictments are a Biden deep state plot to derail his candidacy, he also laid the foundation to ignore a Supreme Court ruling that may not go his way.  

Pushing the baseless claim, he lost the 2020 election due to voter fraud, in December 2022, Trump stated on Truth Social that, "A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution." 

Returning then to Synder's formulation that Trump could be installed as president after losing the election, he says, 

"In that scenario, I think Trump is president of something, but I'm not sure he governs from Washington, DC, and I'm not sure the thing that he runs is called the United States of America. In a situation where he is installed as president after losing an election, Mr. Trump would vainly try to control what will quickly cease to be the United States...The precise scenario of the collapse of the United States is impossible to predict, but some of the following is likely to happen, and quickly. 

Tens of millions of people protest. Paramilitaries on both sides emerge. Violence leads to fake and real stories of deaths and to revenge. Police and armed forces will know neither whom they should obey nor whom they should arrest...Governors will look for exit strategies for their states." 

When Snyder says, "I'm not sure he governs from Washington, D.C. and I'm not sure the thing he [Trump] runs is called the United States", NBN interprets this formulation as Trump leading an autocratic, white ethno-nationalist state. 

If the Biden administration has not relinquished federal power in the post-2024 election period and federal authority is collapsing, the "exit strategies" Red State" governors will seek is joining a new confederation of Trump-loyal MAGA states. Mar a Lago and Palm Beach, Florida would become the capital seat of American Apartheid. MAGASTAN would also emerge as the nerve center of a revanchist international order of proto-fascists powered by a Trump/Putin Axis of Oligarchy.  

​Civil War, Protracted Guerilla Warfare and the "Years of Lead."

-- New Black Nationalists also share Timothy Synder's projection that with all legal remedies exhausted for Trump's state capture of the Oval Office, and federal authority disintegrating, partisan violence will erupt in various areas across the country. Snyder speaks not of race-based violence but of partisan violence. 

To the contrary New Black Nationalists assert the tip of the spear of MAGA supporters' violence will be directed against Black communities. Race will serve as a proxy for partisan politics. As FBI's Director Christopher Wray stated in March 2021, "I elevated racially motivated extremism, the vast majority of which is what you would call white supremacist violence, to our highest threat priority, where it has stayed.  

Timothy Snyder continues by noting,      

With traditional authority broken, those wearing uniforms and bearing arms will become partisans, take sides, and start shooting one another. Americans will rush to parts of the disintegrating country they find safer, in a process that looks increasingly like ethnic cleansing. The stock market and then the economy will crash. The dollar will cease to be the world currency.

If there are conflicting orders coming down, or if different commanders within our armed forces are giving conflicting orders, then you have a situation where either you're going to have a literal civil war or people are going to say, 'Hey, the way to prevent violent conflict is to have some kind of peaceful separation along some kind of lines."​

In a New Black Nationalists' Civil War Series dispatch, we describe a new type of unconventional civil war that could unfold in the United States. For the reasons Timothy Snyder raises and those outlined in our own analysis, it's difficult to imagine a decisive military victory being scored quickly by either side in a post-election conflict. 

If Democrats control the executive branch in the immediate post-2024 election period, federal government forces would presumably have an advantage, but America is a large country. Winning battles is one thing, holding and consolidating territory is another. It begs the question raised by the post-Civil War Reconstruction period: how long can an occupation last?       

With U.S. military and state National Guard units, law enforcement, and private militias picking sides and entering the fray, civil war would be a long, complicated, and deadly enterprise. Over time civil war could likely devolve into asymmetrical and guerilla warfare. 

In this instance, New Black Nationalists skew toward the Italian Years of Leads insurgency being a more representative model of a long-term proto-fascist insurgency that would be difficult to stamp out absent a negotiated settlement. MAGA forces can adopt a long war strategy to exhaust a stronger enemy and play for a stalemate and negotiated settlement.

National Divorce by any Other Name Like "Peaceful Separation" is Still National Divorce

​-- Finally, after deciphering some of Snyder's more cryptic passages, New Black Nationalists agree that "negotiations" between Trump's MAGA camp, and the federal government would likely occur. 

However, New Black Nationalists would serve notice to Red States and Blue States that there would be no peaceful settlement without an agreement to create an independent Black nation-state. 

In this regard, let us remind our readers history informs us that during the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, free and enslaved Blacks fought on both sides of the conflict. We leveraged our position to not only win freedom but passage out of the United States to start free Black communities in Canada, Trinidad, England, and Sierra Leone. 

New Black Nationalists will apply that same principle to the outbreak of another civil war. This time there will be no exodus. New Black Nationalists will also support the right to self-determination and economic equities for other ethnic and nationalist forces as well.  

From NBN's perspective, when Timothy Snyder opines about the search for a "peaceful separation," he is referring to National Divorce. In his interview with Business Insider, this is how Synder diplomatically approaches the subject. 

​"If different commanders within our armed forces are giving conflicting orders, then you have a situation where either you're going to have a literal civil war or people are going say, 'Hey, the way to prevent violent conflict is to have some kind of peaceful separation along some kind of lines.' 

The kind of conflict that begins January 20, 2025, isn't the kind of conflict that ends with one president being just unpopular, or even seen as illegitimate. It's a kind of conflict that ends with governors seeking some kind of safe haven for their states. It's a kind of conflict that ends with Americans moving from one part of the country to another to be with people with whom they feel safer. It's the kind of conflict that ends with some kind of basic political reconstruction, where the U.S. as we know it doesn't have to exist."

National Divorce is not a new concept in the United States or internationally. As a term of art, it is a euphemism for the peaceful dissolution of American Empire. When Snyder speaks of finding the "way to prevent violent conflict is to have some kind of peaceful separation along some kind of lines," to achieve "some kind of political reconstruction," what is he saying? 

The way to prevent violent conflict is to pre-emptively engage in a difficult set of negotiations to equitably divide America's debts, national assets, resources, land, weapons systems, pensions, and social program liabilities between the conflicting parties. 

The peaceful separation Snyder references is a national partition of America's land base into separate sovereign nation-states, independent city-states, and autonomous regions.  

The political reconstruction Snyder contemplates is the dissolution of American Empire and its replacement by a new concert of sovereign nation-states in North America and its far-flung territories from the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico to Guam. By default, National Divorce also presages a massive reconfiguration of the international system's architecture. 

The same principles applied to the Soviet Union's dissolution, which was a series of National Divorce settlements between Russia and several Eastern Bloc nations. Czechoslovakia was divided into two republics, while the former Yugoslavia--a country the size of Colorado--was partitioned into seven independent republics.

In the last decade, the concept of National Divorce has moved from the margins to the inner perimeter of mainstream political discourse. Its proponents have largely been conservative decentralizing Libertarians and activists associated with the Mises Institute. 

National Divorce as an alternative solution to civil war has grown as the ideological and political chasm between Republicans and Democrats has deepened. Partisan rancor and the political elites of both parties feeding at the trough of corporate interests have cannibalized America's core institutions. Across the spectrum, the federal government has become increasingly dysfunctional, politically insolvent. and lost legitimacy in the eyes of most Americans and internationally. Legitimacy remains the coin of the realm, even for authoritarian governments and dictators.    

As previously stated, New Black Nationalists support the National Divorce concept, not because we want to preserve Democrat Blue States and their milquetoast corporately managed democracy and provisional citizenship. Nor are we offended by white nationalist adjacent denizens who dream of having their own vanilla ethnonationalist state.  

Presumably, MAGASTAN will be run by Trump Inc.'s bankrupt criminal enterprise, fueled by Russian rubles and Saudi petrodollars. But Trump isn't the smooth mobster that Lucky Luciano was. And Allen Weisselberg is no Meyer Lansky. Trump is an obnoxious, racist, egotistical thug like his German kindred spirit Dutch Shultz, the beer baron who was chased out of Harlem by "Bumpy" Johnson for attempting to take over Harlem's numbers racket run by the elegant "Queen" Stephanie St. Clair. 

Now Trump is being run out of New York by Black attorneys Alvin Bragg and Latisha James. How ironic. Moreover, if MAGASTAN'S legislature functions like the adolescent carnival of the current self-destructive Republican House Caucus, they will need all the prayers their Christian Nationalist shamans can conjure.   

New Black Nationalists seek exit from America's failed democratic experiment. Like our ancestors, we endeavor to create our own majority Black-led multi-racial sovereign polities. NBN's National Divorce proposal calls for the creation of an independent Vesey Republic nation-state in Louisiana and Mississippi, the entire state of Michigan, new independent city-states in Baltimore, Newark, and Detroit, a Western reserve comprised of one-third of Alaska's federally owned lands, and an autonomous region in California associated with the Calexit movement.   

Through a comprehensive reparations package, we will equitably structure a Population Transfer Fund that compensates all Black families in Red States wishing to relocate to a Vesey Republic polity. Similarly, the same equitable policy will be available to white families and others wishing to migrate out of a Vesey Republic polity. 

Nor will the Black Commons be cut out of our share of defense armaments and weapons systems, including nuclear weapons. The United States convinced Ukraine to dismantle its entire nuclear arsenal when the Soviet Union was dissolved. Now that Ukraine has been invaded by Russia and exposed to Putin's nuclear blackmail, President Zelinsky has to beg for a few airplanes. 

South Africa, unlike Israel, negotiated a peaceful settlement to end its Apartheid system, but Mandela agreed to shut down its emerging nuclear development program. New Black Nationalists and The Vesey Republic have no intention of repeating those errors.       

That Libertarians and Mises Institute activists contemplated a grand project to restructure American Empire but somehow never considered that Blacks or Hispanics or Indigenous First Nation natives might have a different vision about their futures does not surprise us. By default, it seems they just reflexively see America as a white construct in which the darker nations are an afterthought. 

Is it any wonder then that when racist space cadets like Rep. Margorie Taylor Greene scream National Divorce to grab news headlines by supporting secession in Texas, 
MSNBC's talk show host Joy Reid and contributing Attorney Elie Mystal denounce National Divorce as just another white supremacist scheme to re-enslave Blacks in Deep South Red States. 

But have Reid and Mystal stopped for a minute to ask themselves why Greene is virtually the only Republican beating the National Divorce drum? Secession polls well in Red States among the MAGA tribes. So, what gives? It's because Trump hasn't given National Divorce the green light. Even Trump can't run for president proposing to partition the country.  That comes later. 

Indeed, every time Greene says National Divorce, Trump's Field Marshall Steve Bannon clubs her over the head and tells her to go sit in the corner. It's something I'm adamantly opposed to...for the simple reason we control two-thirds of the country. Two-thirds of the country back what President Trump stands for, nationalist populism, " said Bannon in 2021. In other words, we don't want half the county, we want the whole damn thing. 

In truth, National Divorce is Trump's fallback position. If he loses the 2024 presidential race and is looking at doing hard prison time, Trump won't hesitate to flex the civil war/secession option. He gets to be President of White America and a get-out-of-jail free card.         

Reid should probably have known better than to waste her time roasting small potatoes like Greene, but we get it. Mystal, however, thoughtfully focuses on the Gordian Knot of National Divorce after the land issue, which is to say Population Transfer Policy.  

Here again, Timothy Snyder clearly recognizes the confluence and sequencing of events that a National Divorce scenario entails as it unfolds amid the republic's collapse and the partitioning of new polities. Snyder anticipates substantial population transfers flowing in several directions, not just Blacks potentially streaming out of Southern Red States. 

In his own understated and race-neutral way Snyder contends, "It's a kind of conflict that ends with Americans moving from one part of the country to another to be with people with whom they feel safer."

Mystal takes a slightly different tact: more polemical, more sarcastic and quintessentially Elie. 

"Even if the New Confederacy allowed Black people to leave", says Mystal, "they wouldn’t be allowed to go with their wealth intact. They certainly couldn’t take their land with them. They’d have to take cut-rate prices for their homes or land or businesses, and then use those meager funds to set up again in the (likely more expensive) “New Scandamerica” or whatever we’d call ourselves. And that’s just for the people of color with the means to relocate. What of the people without liquid capital? Would the New Confederacy pay their relocation costs?

Mystal won't get an argument from New Black Nationalists on the importance of dealing with the myriad issues surrounding Population Transfer Policy, which will impact half the Black population in present-day America. Instead, we shall give Elie the detailed response he deserves. In as much as NBN is vetting Mr. Mystal to be Chief Justice of the Vesey Republic's High Court, in a quasi-Westminster government system of parliamentary sovereignty, it's the least we can do. (No powdered wigs, kings, and queens, just brush up on A.V. Dicey's works.)         

If it seems New Black Nationalists are criticizing Snyder for not more forcefully addressing some of the volatile racial issues associated with National Divorce, that is not our intention.   

Professor Snyder is a historian specializing in Ukrainian and Eastern European history. By training and vocation, he is not a political advocate or contemporary political analyst as such. Nor should we treat him like one. 

It is one thing to challenge the accuracy of Snyder's scholarship in his historical accounts of the Second World War, the role Nazi Germany, Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European states. It is quite another to criticize him unduly for straying beyond the lines of his field of expertise. The enormity of contemporary events has compelled Synder to step outside the historians' zone of empirical facts, records, documents, and unimpeachable first sources into the sphere of reasoned forecasting and speculation.  

In some respects, Timothy Synder's latter works in On Tyranny, and the Road to Unfreedom are the roadmap whose intellectual path has culminated in his Long March to National Divorce, even though he can't bring himself to say the words. 

Instead, speaking of American Empire's possible collapse and dissolution, Snyder says, "The model I have in mind now is Yugoslavia."

Business Insider

"Let's revisit this scenario where Trump and the Republican Party have claimed victory and have had some legal cloaking of this claim that has installed the loser of the election in power. You talked about competing allegiances among, perhaps, different branches of the military. It would be a very unclear situation of who legally in the United States should be pledging allegiance to who...You're thinking less that scenario where it's a shooting war between the army and the navy or competing factions in the military, and more like what we've kind of seen with blue states and climate change, for example, under Trump, where they kind of announce we have our own foreign policy, and we're actually going to band together and pursue our own policies."

Timothy Snyder

"In that scenario, I think Trump is president of something, but I'm not sure he governs from Washington, DC, and I'm not sure the thing that he runs is called the United States of America.
In that scenario, he and the Supreme Court get to run something, but I'm not sure it's most of the country at that point. The military, you know, is subordinate to civilian command, which is a proud tradition that we have, but it's not clear who the civilian commander actually is, that's a real problem. And if there are conflicting orders coming down, or if different commanders within our armed forces are giving conflicting orders, then you have a situation where either you're going to have a literal civil war or people are going say, 'Hey, the way to prevent violent conflict is to have some kind of peaceful separation along some kind of lines.' That will suggest itself. The model that I have in mind now is Yugoslavia."

                                                               Business Insider Interview with Timothy Snyder - January 14, 2022
The Civil War Diaries - Excerpt 2.3.2022

by New Black Nationalist Network
The 2024 Civil War Diaries will make the arguments, proffer the analyses, and explore the theories that are propelling American Empire toward a civil conflagration.

America, like every other nation in human history, will change. It is not an eternal reality: it comes with an expiration date. It will break. It will splinter again as it did in 1861. Indeed, America is already a profoundly divided country that will not likely exist as we know it today after the 2024 presidential elections. 

If Trump or a Republican clone wins the presidency in 2024, they will go full throttle to create a version of American Apartheid. If a Democrat wins, rabid Red State Republican Governors, white nationalist militias, and some of their loyal state national guard will likely take up arms and secede from the United States to form a MAGA Confederacy.

It’s not a coincidence that the majority of people recently polled in Red States want the nation to divide into separate unions of Red States and Blue States. This concept of National Divorce is gaining currency—and not just with white nationalists and right-wing Republicans. 

Again, Black Reimagination does not envisage fear of secessionist movements. It’s occurring in 66 countries across the world. Why not here? 

Notwithstanding the necessity to enter population transfer negotiations for Blacks seeking exodus from Red States, a National Divorce scenario would reposition Blacks to exercise enormous political power in Blue States. Black demands for its own nation-state, independent city-states or forms of autonomy would be difficult for Democrats and Social Democrats to refuse. So would reparations. 

Nor, in the National Divorce scenario, is the prospect of civil war between Black Nationalists and its allies against the Democratic Party establishment ruled out. The Bolsheviks didn't overthrow the Czar: they overthrew the Socialists, Social-Democrats and left liberals.  

So too, we must reimagine the concept of civil war in American Empire. The Second Civil War will not be pitched battles between great armies in fixed positional battlespace. It will be a fluid series of quick battles between a dizzying array of forces scattered across America’s sprawling landscape from the east to the west coast. The next civil war will be marked by the ebbs and flows of integrated warfare driven by the internet and social media as much as bullets and bayonets.  

Black and Brown people will confront local police and the national guard; national guardsmen will be ordered into combat against U.S. military forces called out by whoever is occupying the Oval Office. 

The U.S. military will split, pitting one section against another—some refusing orders to fire on the masses, while others commit unspoken atrocities against the Commons, video streamed across the planet in real-time. 

Military forces, police and national guard will engage militia forces. The most deadly asymmetric warfare will occur between opposing militia forces. Guerilla warfare will abound in rural areas, perhaps for years, and cyber-attacks, hacker wars, and private drone strikes will proliferate as never before.  

Just as the FBI's limited investigatory and enforcement mechanisms cannot defeat a white nationalist counterinsurgency, the U.S. militarily cannot totally subdue large white militia forces across America’s vast countryside. Nor can the military permanently occupy large urban areas creating metropolitan Bantustans. As Stephen Marche said in his book The Next Civil War, “The lesson of Reconstruction is the lesson of occupation failed on American soil.” 

In this extraordinary situation, Black Nationalists’ ability to strategically maneuver in time and space against Trump, the Republican Party, white nationalist militias and Democrats in the fog of civil war, will be decisive. 

It will be the difference between winning an independent Black nation-state or developing an armed resistance movement against American Apartheid. Moreover, Black Nationalists will have to navigate the global chessboard as Chinese and Russian operatives actively engage in intrigues amid this complex three-dimensional battlespace.

To read more... 

 Judenplatz Square 
 Vienna, Austria 
May 13, 1019
Robert Kagan's Short Telegram - Excerpt 2.3.2022

by New Black Nationalist Network
Robert Kagan's opinion piece is an urgent call to create a bi-partisan National Unity Coalition [NUC] in the U.S. Senate to pass legislation to preempt and contain Donald Trump's attempts to subvert election laws and the constitution."​

​​Kagan's formulation of the "breakdown of federal authority" and "warring red and blue enclaves" requires parsing... 

Kagan anticipates "the breakdown of federal authority," but what he means is open to interpretation. In the context of an existential governing crisis and an attempted extra-constitutional action to overthrow the government, New Black Nationalists envisage the "breakdown of federal authority" as follows.

"The federal government experiences a crisis of legitimacy, in which a substantial section of the population, state, and federal elected officials don't believe or accept federal election results.  

State governors and legislatures directly challenge the federal executive authority by refusing to comply with federal judiciary rulings, federal election laws, and results. Governors mobilize state national guards, militias, and popular resistance to the federal government. A group of states declares support for Trump, and a rump white nationalist confederacy is created." 
National Divorce - A Black Nationalist Framework
National Divorce, Secession & Lost Cause Mythology