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Hispanic White Nationalists and the January 6, Capitol Coup
​​White nationalists and the white power movement in America's settler state have been airbrushed and outfitted with a new look, but it's not white. Afro-Cubans, Black Arabs, and Hispanic White Nationalists were key players and coup plotters in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. They sought to install Trump as the authoritarian ruler of an American Apartheid regime they hoped to reap the benefits from.

If you didn't get the memo, The Cathedral-- Donald Trump, white militias, and the Republican Party's sedition wing--has an affirmative-action plan. Among the three groups that spearheaded the January 6 Capitol assault, the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and the Stop the Steal campaign, this Multi-Racial Whiteness Coalition was pushing buttons and making noise.  

Since the January 6 Capitol Coup, membership and donations in the Oath Keepers, who are mostly active duty and retired police, and military personnel has dropped by half. But decentralized, predominately male, hard right white power neo-fascists like the Proud Boys have doubled in size. Reports of white power groups attacks on non-whites and LGBTQ communities spiked during Pride Month.

This article analyzes the Multi-Racial Whiteness Coalition's role in the Cathedral's design to impose authoritarian white nationalist rule. It also offers a threat assessment to the Black Commons. 

From New Black Nationalists [NBN] perspective, Trump's Cathedral is bestowing honorary whiteness on a layer of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and non-Muslim Arabs who see themselves as a privileged hierarchy. These Multi-racial Whiteness adherents believe they have the right to dehumanize others and build their own power bases within Trumps's modernized version of an American Apartheid system. 

Looking at this phenomenon among Hispanics, Cristina Beltrán, Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU posits a theory that has legs.  

Beltrand contends that Trump knew nothing of the history of Latinos and didn't care to. Rather than offer them recognition, Beltran says, Trump offered them 'multiracial whiteness.' In a January 15, 2021, article in the Washington Post, Beltran defined multiracial whiteness this way. 

"Rooted in America’s ugly history of white supremacy, indigenous dispossession and anti-blackness, multiracial whiteness is an ideology invested in the unequal distribution of land, wealth, power and privilege — a form of hierarchy in which the standing of one section of the population is premised on the debasement of others. Multiracial whiteness reflects an understanding of whiteness as a political color and not simply a racial identity — a discriminatory worldview in which feelings of freedom and belonging are produced through the persecution and dehumanization of others." Multiracial whiteness offers citizens of every background the freedom to call Muslims terrorists, demand that undocumented immigrants be rounded up and deported, deride BLM as a movement of thugs and criminals, and accuse Democrats of being blood-drinking pedophiles."

While The Cathedral is underwriting an equal opportunity Multi-Racial Whiteness Coalition, NBN asserts their goal is to consolidate a spartan detachment of Hispanics as its principal anti-Black bulwark to achieve two goals. First, to politically isolate the Black Commons within the multiracial polyglot typically referred to as "People of Color."  Second, they seek to build an auxiliary paramilitary 'fifth column' to supplement the ranks of its white power militias in preparation for civil war. 

Furthermore, we posit that within the Hispanic diaspora, Cuban Americans and exiles based in South Florida are the organizing center and tip of the White Power insurgency's spear.  

No one embodies these goals like Enrique Tarrio, the charismatic Afro-Cuban leader of the Proud Boys, who helped plan the deadly January 6, assault on the U.S. Capitol. Tarrio and four other Proud Boys now languish in jail on charges of Seditious Conspiracy. 

Recruited into the Proud Boys in 2017, by rightwing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos --a political operative of Steve Bannon-- Tarrios was baptized in the fire of the Unite the Right Battle of Charlottesville rally organized by Proud Boy Jason Kessler. Like Oath Keeper leader Stewart Rhodes who started providing personal security for Roger Stone as early as 2017, Tarrio became a confident of Trump's dirty tricks maven from Fort Lauderdale. 

In January 2019, when Stone was arrested by the FBI on seven criminal counts in the Mueller investigation, Tarrio met Stone at the courthouse in Florida wearing a "Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong" T-shirt. Tarrio said the indictment was "trumped-up charges," and was later seen visiting Stone's house.  

In the Battle of Charlottesville, Tarrio found himself on the skirmish line with Puerto Rican Alex Michael Ramos, (33) who told reporters, “I’m the only brown Klans member I ever met. They did not call me a ‘spic,’ they did not call me a ‘fucking wetback.’ We stood for the same common goal.” Ramos was sentenced to six years in prison for joining a mob assault on DeAndre Harris, a Black man in a Charlottesville parking garage that same weekend. 

Also in Charlottesville was Nick Fuentes, son of a half-Mexican father. When not threatening to kill U.S. Congress members on his America First podcast, he organizes events with QAnon quacks like Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Marjorie Taylor-Green (R-GA). Fuentes taunted Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Arizona, telling them, "When the police arrive, they will kneel on that guy’s neck..."  ala George Floyd. 

Christopher Rey Monzon, a 22-year-old Cuban American came to Charlottesville as well. He joined the neo-Confederate hate group, League of the South, to oppose Robert E. Lee's statue removal from Charlottesville's Emancipation Park. Charged with 'incitement to riot' in Hollywood, South Florida, Monzon tweeted, "Well lately niggers are runnin' their mouths Sayin' they're gonna take over the South. Jigaboo...If you can. try it man."  Monzon's nickname is “Ambrosio Gonzalez,” a Cuban general who fought as a Confederate colonel in the Civil War. You just can't make this stuff up. 

These Hispanics were among the anointed Sith Lord Trump would honor as "very fine people.'  Charlottesvilleas New Black Nationalists analyzed was not only a watershed moment for Trump and the White Power movement, it also marked a turning point for Enrique Tarrio.    

Charlottesville made a deep impression on Tarrio who returned to Miami to start organizing Proud Boy chapters. One year later Tarrio was parachuted into the Proud Boys National Chairmans' seat. The political fallout from Charlottesville, and the Proud Boys depraved 2018 public mauling of anti-fascist protesters in New York City forced the leadership to resign when the FBI designated them as an "extremist group."  Tarrio threw his hat in the ring and won the election with some behind the scenes maneuvering from Yiannopoulos and Bannon. 

The profiles of the Hispanics attending the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally provides a composite sketch of nascent Hispanic white nationalism that includes the following elements.

-- Identification as white nationalists or supporting white nationalist political     objectives.
-- Harboring beliefs and engaging in viscous anti-blackness rhetoric and             violence.
-- Using violence as a means to achieve political ends.
--Insinuating paramilitary combatants into white nationalist militia units.
-- Supporting and advocating various iterations of Replacement Theory               including the displacement of and marginalization of non-white Hispanics       and Latinos. 

New Black Nationalists argue here that Hispanics are clearly the preferred demographic for The Cathedral's Multi-Racial Whiteness project. Hispanics provide a strategic buffer group to soften white nationalisms' overt racism, while at the same time providing white nationalists with strategic depth to cultivate a reserve political and paramilitary force to seize power by any means necessary. 

Despite excoriating Mexican immigrants as 'rapists,' and 'murderers,' locking up women and children in metal cages in desert encampments, and separating their families, Trump still won 34 percent of Hispanic votes in 2020. Hispanics descended from European Spanish colonizers have historically viewed themselves as white. They exerted privilege over mestizos, mulattos, free and enslaved Blacks, as well as indigenous people in Central and South America and the Caribbean. 

Mexicans were classified as 'white' until recent changes on U.S. Census forms allowed for mixed race designations. Catholicism, anti-abortion positions and machismo have all proved to be significant gateways for the far right and White Nationalists attempting to recruit Hispanics.   

Beyond traditional political and religious pathways to Multi-Racial Whiteness the profiles of Charlottesville's White Hispanic Nationalists demonstrate the diverse portals available to recruit mercenaries into the Cathedral's ecosystem: the military, the manosphere, video gamers, civil war/lost causers, homophobes, transphobes, anti-communists, Islamophobes and prison-gang culture.  

For example, Arizona Oath Keeper Edward Vallejo (62), who helped coordinate the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was a military veteran. He is charged with 'Seditious Conspiracy' for transporting firearms, organizing teams and providing combat training for the Oath Keepers' 'Rapid Deployment Force' from Virginia. Vallejo was on standby if Trump invoked the 'Insurrection Act' to move on the Capitol.

White nationalists are also aggressively combing internet grids searching for young warriors. In 2014, as Enrique Tarrio served out his 16-month sentence for illegally re-selling stolen medical devices, he began posting comments on 4Chan and Twitter. The Gamergate controversy ballooned into a full-blown harassment campaign against women in the gaming industry that led to a greater focus on sexism and gender inequality in gaming. Tarrio didn’t see it that way and viewed the backlash as more "anti-men" than "pro-women." ​Gamer expert Megan Condis, in a Vox.com article observed that the internet offers public spaces "where the rejected, the discontented, the shunned nerds can go and be unapologetic about their racial animosities and anti-woman views."

More recently, ​a breakaway movement abandoning Roman Catholic Catholicism is afoot in Hispanic communities.  Spanish-language Pentecostal and Dominion mega-churches and super-churches like the Purifying Fire Ministries of Dallas run by Reverend Rafael Cruz, the father of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, are surging. This latter-day fundamentalism which is intersecting with  QAnon conspiracy theory is gaining currency within Cuban and other right-wing Latin American expat communities.  

Notwithstanding the multiple entry points white nationalism exploits to infect the bloodstream of rightward-leaning Hispanics, The Cathedral has also embraced the concept of "racial exception."  

This act of 'exception' or 'substitution' confers the dispensation of 'honorary whiteness,' on its subjects. As one Proud Boys member explainednon-whites like Enrique Tarrio are allowed to join the Proud Boys as long as they “recognize that white men are not the problem."  What the Proud Boys Oath demands is acknowledgement of the superiority of Western society is the best. 

White nationalist "racial exception" has also penetrated the penal colonies of California's prison system. Latinos and "Cholo" gang subculture have merged with the Nazi Low Riders [NLR}white supremacist prison gangs to control criminal enterprises. Said one former NLR member, to join ​“You must have at least half white blood, but no black blood." Joanna Mendelson, a senior researcher at ADL noted that "In some ways, they [NLR] will overlook any discrepancies in order to expand their numbers. And Latinos are, in some way, kind of the one group that is allowed a kind of a pass. Not Jews, not blacks, not Asians.” Nazi Low Riders are allowed to have Hispanic girlfriends and wives.

Days after the Battle of Charlottesville, Colombian-born Californian Johnny Benitez, led an “America First!” rally in Southern California. Insisting he wasn't a white supremacist, but an advocate for “white identity politics," Benitez wants the United States to include “Italo-Spanish” whites like him and other descendants of southern Europeans. Stalwart white nationalist, Richard Spencer said "white Latinos" could "theoretically" be part of a white ethno-nationalist state, despite his ambivalence about assimilation.

Theoretically or not, the most significant political and racial exception of honorary whiteness granted by virtually every administration--Democrat and Republican--since 1961, is Cuba's 862,000 strong exile community in South Florida's Miami Dade County. Unlike any other Hispanic demographic, 85% of Cuban Americans identify as "solely white," nearly doubling every other Hispanic demographic in the Western Hemisphere. 

Since John F. Kennedy's failed 1961 U.S. Bay of Pigs invasion to overthrow Castro's socialist revolution, Cuba's exiled community has been granted exceptions to work openly with organized crime syndicates, CIA covert operations and other U.S. intelligence networks, foreign mercenary groups, and corrupt businesses to sabotage and overthrow the Castro regime.  Alpha 66 terrorist network, founded by Cuban exiles in the early 1960s as the foremost anti-Castro, paramilitary group still exist today in Florida. 

For decades, the Florida and the National Republican Party has functioned as a political shield, protecting Miami Dade's Cuban exile communities' nefarious activities and comprehensive corruption. Miami Dade’s Cuban ‘exile” community have established a headquarters inside the sedition wing of the Republican Party.

The Miami New Times reported that Cuban-Americans, never able to realize the return of a fascist dictatorship in their native Cuba, are establishing one in Florida. It is overseen by the rambling and bumbling “Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago,” Donald Trump, and a cabalistic alliance of the Cubanos of south Florida, other right-wing Latin American wealthy expats safely bivouacked in their gated nests, the Bible thumpers of the Florida Panhandle (represented by the sex pervert Matt Gaetz), and slimy political operatives like Roger Stone and Doug Logan. The latter is the chief of the Sarasota-based “election audit” firm “Cyber Ninjas,” currently wreaking havoc in another state plagued by Trumpism, Arizona.

​Enrique Tarrio is a product of this long-standing tradition in Miami Dade's reactionary Cuban exile community. Born in Little Havana, Miami, Tarrio was schooled in the sciences of cut-and-thrust Republican Party politics and hard-core anti-communism by his aunt. He ran afoul of the law and was convicted of stealing a motorcycle and later received a 30- month sentence for re-selling stolen medical devices. Tarrio is also an FBI informant who supplied evidence against drug dealers and human traffickers, resulting in his sentence being reduced to 16 months in 2012.

Tarrio is a classic hustler and street enforcer.  Looking back to the time of his election as Proud Boys National Chairman Tarrio said, "The Proud Boys were just a "group of guys that hang out and drink beer together and just have a good time. Before me...we weren’t really political."  At the same time Tarrio was re-directing the Proud Boys energies to becoming Trump's private street enforcers, he was also the Florida state Chairman of "Latinos for Trump".  Indeed, the local Proud Boys quietly infiltrated six members onto the 125- member Republican Party local governing body, the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee. 

Tarrio and the Proud Boys meteoric rise as the white nationalist strike force was enabled by Trump's lieutenants Roger Stone and Steve Bannon, who directed his street war against Black Lives Matter and anarchist youth after George Floyd's assassination in May 2020.

In 2020, in the midst of the massive George Floyd protests, Tarrio orchestrated Proud Boys attacks on Black Lives Matter protests in Kalamazoo, MI, Newport Ritchie, FL, Salem, OR, and Washington, D.C.  In furtherance of Trump's personal war to smash the BLM and anarchist protests that rocked Portland, Oregon, Tarrio went to Portland to supervise his jackboots in league with the Oath Keepers and Patriot Prayer. 

Standing in downtown Portland, Tarrio told KOIN TV, "We will keep coming out here until Mayor Ted Wheeler does something about Antifa. He’s gonna call the National Guard, the FBI, all of those people."  Tarrio's quote was the big reveal about the strategy and collusion between the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers and Trump's camp that began well before the January 6 coup. Standing next to Tarrio in Portland was Floridian Proud Boy Joe Biggs, who is also charged with "Seditious Conspiracy" on January 6.

Their role was to intimidate, attack, and 'soften up' Portland's resistance forces before Trump dispatched federalized troops to the Rose City. In Portland, the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and Oath Keepers confrontations with leftists' protesters resulted in three deaths in the summer of 2020. ​On August 20, 2020, Attorney General Bob Barr designated Portland as an "Anarchist Jurisdiction." Trump immediately federalized, dispatched, and garrisoned troops in Portland. But Portland's resistance forces battled them to a standoff at the barricades, forcing Trump's praetorian guard to abandon the Rose City.  

Just as The Proud Boys were on "stand by" to go to Portland, Oregon at Sith Lord Trump's command, they were at their posts on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol. The Proud Boys began overrunning the Capitol Police barricades as Trump was telling the crowd at the Stop the Steal rally on the Ellipse, they were "going to have to fight like hell" at the Capitol. They did. 

Tarrio wasn't in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. The terms of his suspicious release from jail on January 5, 2021, for burning a stolen Black Lives Matter banner, stipulated he must leave the city. On January 5, while Steve Bannon was telling his followers that "all hell was going to break loose" on January 6 at the Stop the Steal protests, he also stated calls were being made to get Tarrio released from jail. 

We now know from video evidence Tarrio was released from jail the day before the Capitol Coup and went straight to a secret meeting with Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes in a Washington D.C. underground garage. Following the meeting Tarrio spent the night in Baltimore. You can draw your own conclusions. 

Also on January 5, the eve of the coup, Texas-born Black-Arab Emirati and Sammy Davis Jr. look-alike, Ali (Akbar) Alexander was hosting a 'Stop the Steal' rally in Freedom Plaza.  From his White House office Trump directed the doors to be opened to hear the proceedings. 

 Alexander founded the Stop the Steal campaign in 2020 in Arizona and admitted to being part of a fraudulent electors slate for the electoral college.' Among the rally speakers were retired U.S. Army General and convicted felon Michael Flynn, who urged Trump to confiscate voting machines. Arch conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and the My Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell also spoke. 

After the event Alexander tweeted "Tomorrow: Ellipse then US capitol. Trump is supposed to order us to the capitol at the end of his speech, but we will see."  Alexander's tweet proved his advanced knowledge of the plans to march on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.  

What is likely to surface out of the Select Committee hearings on the January 6 Attack is that Tarrio and the Proud Boys, Edward Vallego of the Oath Keepers and Ali Alexander of the Stop the Steal campaign were all involved in the planning of the January 6 Capitol Coup and execution of the assault on the U.S. Capitol. We are likely to find that Steve Bannon and Roger Stone provided direction and support for their roles in the coup plot, and Donald Trump had full knowledge of all their activities. Tarrio, Vallejo, Alexander and Rhodes had proven their commitment to the cause and Trump throughout the 2020 elections and the George Floyd street wars. In short, they were "all in" and their actions were dictated by the expectation of personal benefit as well.   

The January 6 Capitol Coup failed. But history tells us that successful coups occur by absorbing the lessons of failed attempts preceding them. Need we mention the 1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch? The events surrounding the January 6 Capitol Coups suggests a substantial political strand of non-Cuban Hispanic white nationalists or authoritarian trend highly unlikely to materialize. That is also probably not The Cathedral's expectation.  

Outliers and collaborators aligning themselves with authoritarian and fascist forces are a given in the mathematics of counterrevolutionary movements. In this scenario where The Cathedral is strategically targeting Hispanics, they are seeking support and sympathy from a third of Hispanics. The main social and political base of support for authoritarian rule will remain South Florida's Cuban American community and very conservative Catholic Mexicans.  From another third of Hispanics, The Cathedral will accept friendly neutrality or indifference to their plans to impose American Apartheid on the country.    

Civil wars are fought by a numerically small number of people: coups even less. If American Empire fractures and descends into a protracted civil war between Red States and Blue States and widespread guerilla war, Hispanic support will rise to a premium in places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, California and other states. What is uppermost in Trump and The Cathedral's strategy is limiting the support of Hispanics for the resistance and disrupting any political alliance with the Black Commons.  

These assumptions and calculations about civil wars, coups and revolution will seem fanciful or unduly alarmist to many.  We get that. But as Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes stated just before the January 6, Coup, "We aren’t getting through this without a civil war. Too late for that. Prepare your mind. body. spirit.” Rhodes was not just preparing for civil war, he was trying to make it happen, and even in failure he understands what happened on January 6, has accelerated the timetable for the reckoning day.  

Stewart Rhodes, ​Edward Gallego, Steve Bannon, and Peter Navarro, just to name a few may be going to jail for some time. Enrique Tarrio is facing twenty years in prison. Other than Trump getting re-elected and pardoning him, we hope Tarrio's Elekes beads won't be confiscated by the prison guards. He may well need his talisman to call on his African Yoruba ancestors in the weeks, months, and years ahead.    

Four Proud Boys Convicted of Sedition in Key Jan. 6 Case

By Alan Feuer and Zach Montague
May 4, 2023, 11:13 a.m. ET
Four members of the Proud Boys, including their former leader Enrique Tarrio, were convicted on Thursday of seditious conspiracy for plotting to keep President Donald J. Trump in power after his election defeat by leading a violent mob in attacking the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. The jurors in the case failed to reach a decision on the sedition charge for one of the defendants, Dominic Pezzola, although he was convicted of other serious felonies.

The verdicts, coming after seven days of deliberations in Federal District Court in Washington, were a major blow against one of the country’s most notorious far-right groups and another milestone in the Justice Department’s vast investigation of the Capitol attack.

The trial was the last of three major sedition cases that federal prosecutors brought against key figures in the Capitol attack.

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​Breaking News: 5.4.23