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​New Black Nationalist Notes: Ukraine's Anti-Imperialist Insurgency Against Russia & the Next European Civil War
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​Russia's Second Invasion of Ukraine Begins

by W. Bernell Brooks

​It's began. At 10.01 p.m. E.S.T., literally one minute after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced military actions had commenced in Ukraine, the first explosion of missile strikes were heard in Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv. Within the first hour explosions were also reported in Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, then in Mariupol just outside of Donetsk and Luhansk--the two regions Putin declared were now independent republics Russia would defend to protect Russian speakers.

Russian tanks and armored vehicles have crossed the border heading south towards Kharkiv from Belgorod Russia, and from Byelorussia towards Kyiv. 

Russian troops are also reported to have landed in Southern Ukraine around the city of Odessa from Russian vessels in the Black Sea.  

In short, a mass invasion of Ukraine is underway to accomplish two short-range objectives Putin outlined in a speech earlier this week: the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. 

"Demilitarization" means wiping out Ukraine's major military installations, air defenses and air force, command and control systems. 

Second, "denazification" means the decapitation of the Zelensky government. This is a reference to World War 2, which Russians call The Great Patriotic War. in which Russian defeated Nazi Germany virtually single-handedly. Putin is falsely equating the Zelensky government with Hitler's regime.  

Ukraine President Zelensky declared a state of martial law on Thursday morning. The streets of Kyiv are empty, and evacuation of the capital has begun as cars stream out of the city west towards Poland. 

And what is has been the response from American Empire, the "The Arsenal of Democracy"? Joe Biden announced the U.S. will announce more sanctions on Russia later today--sanctions that will have little or no effect on Russia's invasion for months.

American imperialism has abandoned Ukraine and left it for the Russian Bear to devour. The fog of a long-term war, occupation, and future underground resistance is afoot. There are more questions than answers that will be clarified over the coming days and weeks. 

Vladimir Putin's invasion and subjugation of Ukraine marks an irredentist drive to revive Russian Empire. He has challenged American Empire and the entire NATO bloc. His attack has exposed their hypocrisy and fecklessness. 

The redrawing of American Empire's security architecture in Europe for the past eight decades is now up for grabs. 

This is yet another development that signals American Empire is spiraling into decline and an existential crisis that leads to its collapse. 

So too, the Ukrainian people will have the last say about Putin's vision of being Peter the Great incarnate and leading a mystical revival of Russian Empire.

New Black Nationalists condemn the February 24, 2022, second invasion of Ukraine. We call on the Ukrainian people to rise, resist, and defeat Russian recolonization of Ukraine. We support the self-determination and full independence of Ukraine. 

Black people in America's Settler State and Ukraine’s people have a common destiny. We are both strategically positioned to topple two of the world’s most criminal empires. The future belongs to us. 

On behalf of the New Black Nationalist Movement 

02.23.2022  - This Week's Feature Story