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​New Black Nationalist Notes: Ukraine's Anti-Imperialist Insurgency Against Russia & the Next European Civil War

A European View on the War in Ukraine
by Olli Huovinen

I am a Finnish nationalist who has been following the American Dissident Right for many years. I greatly admire and regularly follow many of the superb writers and sites in this milieu. However, I feel that at least some American dissidents do not fully understand the European point of view on the Russo-Ukrainian war.

  The Ukraine Molotov Cocktail Insurgency Forum 
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Vladimir Putin on the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians en.kremlin.ru

The bond that explains why some on Christian Right support Putin's War  03.05.2022  Time Mag.

Putin's Speech: Recognizing the Independence of Luhansk and Donetsk 02.22.2022 c-span.org

A Guide to Black Folks on Ukraine - Black Alliance for Peace 2.2.2022 - unac.notowar.net
  The Next European Civil War

Crisis or Confusion? A Brief Guide for Black Folks On the Situation in Ukraine
by Ajamu Baraka: Black Alliance 4 Peace

​African people are already battling against U.S. rightist forces – from the Trump/Republican supporters to the warmongering neoliberal democrats. It would be an affront to our history and people to enter this struggle on the side of empire and NATO.
Thank you for visiting the Ukraine Molotov Cocktail Forum.  The UMCI Forum is a dedicated open space for working out a raft of thorny theoretical questions that have surfaced since Russia's February 24, invasion of Ukraine. Among those issues are self-determination, imperialist great-power contention, nuclear war and the revolutionary role of the people.  Welcome.  Tweet your forum links to: @WBBrooksIII  

Could Putin use nuclear weapons?
by Miles Pomper - Salon.com

The prospect of a nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States seemed, until recently, to have ended with the Cold War. Threats by Russian President Vladimir Putin to use the weapons to keep NATO out of the Ukraine conflict have revived those decades-old fears.