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Frantz Fanon 

BLM 2.0

in America
​10.24 2021

The U.S. Congress holding Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for defying it's subpoena didn't compel his testimony on the January 6 Capitol Coup. It didn't charge him with anything, or land him in prison. 

What the October 21 contempt vote accomplished was enhancing Bannon's panache as "America's Most Dangerous White Nationalist,"  and solidifying his position as Donald Trump's most likely Republican presidential successor.   

Democrats didn't subpoena Bannon because they believed he'd divulge the coup plot: he could always take the 5th Amendment. Democrats were desperate to restore their legitimacy and reclaim the constitutional power Trump's presidency eviscerated as a co-equal branch of government. If you can't summon witnesses that conspired to topple the government by force of arms, on whose authority do you command the machinery of American Empire?   

For Democrats, most elected Republicans, and the media, Steve Bannon's targeting is more symbol than substance. That is a profound misreading. They are underestimating Bannon and the sentiments of "fly over country white people" just like they did in 2016 with Trump's presidential campaign. Worse still, they have given Bannon a platform to argue his case, which plays right into his waiting hands.     

Steve Bannon is not a high profile sacrificial lamb for Donald Trump. On the contrary, New Black Nationalists argue that Bannon is manipulating and using Trump to position himself as the only person who can lead a white nationalist autocratic takeover of the U.S. government when Trump won't or can't run for the presidency.  Bannon is orchestrating an elaborate three-dimensional chess game to win power and become the next Republican president in 2024 or 2028. Donald Trump is his mark.

In this context, imprisonment for a year for contempt of Congress for being "loyal to Trump" would only elevate Bannon's status as a white resistance legend and unrepentant warrior for the "forgotten average white man."  

Can we remind our readers that Hitler was jailed for a year after the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, and wrote Mein Kampf--the blueprint for Nazi takeover that occurred a decade later?  Bannon can do a year of easy time for the J-6 Coup and still direct his sprawling propaganda machine from behind bars.      

Steve Bannon is America's most dangerous white boy because he is the chief architect, skilled propagandist, and principal organizer behind the Trump-led, Republican Party, white nationalist movement to establish American Apartheid under white minority-rule.   

Let's be clear: Donald Trump is a shallow white racist and predatory Social Darwinist whose 2016 presidential campaign was a grift in furtherance of enriching Trump Inc. Bannon recognized that Trump, outfitted with the right white nationalist rhetoric, was the ideal salesman and empty vessel to beat Hillary Clinton. 

Bannon directed the campaign's last forty days and convinced Trump to double-down on race, immigration, culture, and identity to build an intellectual basis for Trumpism under the rubric of an American economic nationalist ​­agenda. At the center of this complex was control over borders, currency, and immigration. With some unexpected last minute help help from James Comey, the Bannon formula worked. 

Steve Bannon "made" Trump because he got him into the White House.  And Bannon--more than anyone else--is responsible for keeping the titanic afloat after Trump's two impeachments, the loss of the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, and a shellacking in 2020 presidential elections. 

--It was Bannon who came to Trump's rescue during his first impeachment for shaking down Ukrainian President Zelensky to get dirt on Joe Biden. Bannon launched the War Room podcast in October 2019, to organize resistance to a guilty verdict. The daily War Room podcast crafted impeachment strategy, critiqued Trump's lawyers' performance, solicited advice from constitutional experts, and even targeted twenty Democrats supporting the impeachment in swing districts for the 2020 congressional elections with attack ads and street demonstrations. 

--It was Steve Bannon who railed in the War Room urging Trump not to concede the 2020 presidential race to Biden.   

--It was Steve Bannon who called Trump on December 30, 2020, at Mar a Lago and told him to get his fat ass off the golf course and back to Washington to focus on the January 6 "Stop the Steal" demonstration, and overturning the House of Representatives electoral college certification vote.  

--It was Bannon who told Trump to snatch Mike Pence off the ski-slopes in Colorado and return to Washington, to review Attorney John Eastman's infamous January 6 coup plan. The Eastman plan called for the Vice-President to scuttle Biden's electors from the swing states, thereby denying him certification and throwing the House floor open to a one-vote per state election that Republicans could win. 

--It was Bannon and his fellow conspirators: Attorney John Eastman, Rudy Giuliani, Jason Miller, Steven Miller, and Roger Stone, who gathered at the Washington D.C., Willard Hotel on January 5, 2021, to game out the January 6, strategy to overturn the electoral college certification vote in Congress, and mobilize the "Stop the Steal" protestors to march on the U.S. Capitol. 

--It was Bannon who met with Republican congressional officials on January 5, to line up their support to overturn the Biden's electoral college certification vote. 

--It was Bannon that talked to Trump on the phone on January 5, to advise him on the groups activities and Mike Pence's buy-in.  

--It was Steve Bannon who took to the War Room mike on January 5, to call out Trump supporters from across the country to be in Washington D.C. on January 6, because "all hell was going to break loose. "  

It should be said that "podcast"  doesn't begin to describe the War Room's influence and reach. Since the podcast kicked-off in October 2019, in response to Trump's first impeachment hearing, Steve Bannon claims the War Room has amassed 29 million streams to its broadcasts. That number is no doubt inflated, but probably not by much. Bannon's podcasts are linked to a network of conservative radio station broadcasts across the country, and several War Room connected websites as well.  

Despite being thrown off Twitter and YouTube, after Bannon said infectious-disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray should be beheaded, the War Room Podcast is still carried on the Apple Podcasts app. In short, Bannon has built a communications infrastructure that has reach, and a diverse and loyal following--something no other Republican presidential wannabee trying to clone Trump possesses.   

​Steve Bannon is also the most dangerous white boy in America because he is intimately connected to the Republican Party apparatus of elected officials and party apparatchiks. On September 29, 2021, Bannon spearheaded the launch of the The Association of Republican Presidential Appointees (ARPA), to start recruiting future GOP officials to quickly fill federal jobs in the next administration.  

Over 200 former Republican Party appointees attended the Washington, D.C. conference.  "We control the country. We’ve got to start acting like it. If you’re going to take over the administrative state and deconstruct it,"  said Bannon, "then you have to have shock troops prepared to take it over immediately.”  

Bannon said Trump couldn't effectively get his policies passed in 2016, because his administration couldn't fill 4,000 positions in federal agencies. That was lie, but what else is new? 

Steve Bannon is setting up a shadow government. Most notable, in the communications announcing the ARPA, is that Steve Bannon did not specifically say this effort was for the next Trump administration,  but instead said "when we take over."  We are reminded here of Joseph Stalin, always the most loyal political wingman of Lenin, who gained control of the Party apparatus well before his mentors' death.    

Steve Bannon is America's most dangerous White Nationalist because unlike all the other Trump sycophants, he is not afraid of Trump.  Bannon called Trump and Jared Kushner's sellout to Vladimir Putin treason. He didn't retract that statement. In 2017, Bannon endorsed and campaigned for gun-toting, child molesting Judge Roy Moore for Alabama's senate seat to fill Jeff Sessions vacancy. Trump endorsed Luther Strange. Moore won the GOP nomination, before losing to Democrat Doug Jones. Bannon stood firm on his endorsement. Bannon often clashed with the elite Wall Street faction that included Economic Advisor Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner and John Kelly during his brief White House stay as Chief Strategy Advisor.

 Bannon Resigns from the White House  

​Time Magazine's February 2017 front cover on Steve Bannon, provocatively titled "The Great Manipulator, stated the following,  "The second most powerful man in the world? Steve Bannon has the President’s ear. But he wants more.” 

A month earlier, the New York Times ran a January 30, 2017 editorial titled "President Bannon." It averred "We’ve never witnessed a political aide move as brazenly to consolidate power as Stephen Bannon."   

The two articles on Bannon sealed his fate as Chief Advisor on Strategy to the President. Trump shares the spotlight with no one, much less being upstaged and manipulated by a subordinate. Bannon never complained that the articles were deliberately planted to divide Czar Nicholas and Rasputin. Why would he? The article was mostly true, which brings us to our last point.   

Unlike the narcissist and intellectually challenged Trump, Steve Bannon vibrates to a distinct traditionalist Catholic philosophical cosmos and white nationalist ideological hue. Bannon is on a mission. Not only does he want to impose an American Apartheid version of white minority-rule on the United States, he envisions himself as the savior of Global North's declining Western civilization.  

Steve Bannon, a Harvard graduate, film maker, and former Goldman Sachs executive is well read and fluent in the grammar of Europe's New Right intellectual oeuvre that surfaced in the 1980's. He is equally schooled in the populist anti-European Union, anti-immigration, anti-globalist agendas that swept New Right nationalist parties into parliaments across Europe. 

From corporate boardrooms, to conjuring documentaries on Sarah Palin, to getting grimy with Trump's lemmings on the campaign hustings in his signature green military jacket, Steve Bannon is A Man for All White Nationalist Seasons. He glides seamlessly between European capitols in Hungary 's with autocratic nationalist dictators like Viktor Orban, and American Legion halls with rural Alabama voters hustling endorsements, with the same aplomb and verve. Bannon is writing and executing his own playbook to power.    

When Bannon was Breitbart News CEO,  he opened a London bureau. It became a hand-grenade throwing operation to pass the Brexit  referendum calling for the U.K.'s withdrawal from the EU. It passed in July 2016. Nigel Farage, UK Brexit Party leader said “Without the supportive voice of Breitbart London, I’m not sure we would have had a Brexit.”

Likewise Bannon, established a Breitbart bureau in Rome, to undermine what he called Pope Francis's liberal agenda for the Catholic Church. Bannon come from a modest working class family in Richmond, VA. that subscribed to a traditionalist Tridentine Catholic doctrine. Bannon is no moralizing Bible thumper. Nevertheless, his medieval Catholic traditionalist inclinations reflect his distain for secular liberalism, modernism and globalism. 

In Bannon's world, the destruction of the Knights Templar in 1312, and the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 marked the spiritual decline of the West. In his book, "The Devil's Bargain",  Joshua Green wrote "He saw the European Union and leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as politicians who insisted that countries forfeit their sovereignty, and thus their ability to maintain their national character."  The influx of Muslim refugees and migrants across Europe and the United States is "what he pungently termed "civilizational jihad personified by this migrant crisis."

​Bannon is also invested in Pope Pius XI (1922-1939) principle of subsidiarity holding that government should undertake only those initiatives which exceed the capacity of individuals or private groups acting independently. Functions of government, business, and other secular activities should be as local as possible.  In an American political context, the subsidiary principle mirrors small-​­government conservatism.  

Bannon's ideological and philosophical moorings touched on here are heavily influenced by French Traditionalist philosopher Rene Guenon,  Italian monarchist and racial theorist philosopher Julius Evola, and Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin.

Evola's writings eventually gained some purchase with Italian strongman Benito Mussolini. Guenon's early 20th Century transcendental works played well on the Nazi street for a brief period. Both philosophers' works have experienced a comeback with the revanchist surge of nationalism across Europe the past three decades.  

Steve Bannon's animating intellectual drive is rooted in European New Right and Catholic Traditionalist canon. It has few adherents in the United States outside of the Alt-Right (remember them) intellectual movement that is based around Greg Johnson's counter-currents.org website. 

This should not be surprising since the United States is a profoundly anti-theoretical country, and white America has no true intellectual, cultural or aristocratic tradition to defend. Moreover, Republicans no longer subscribe to any beliefs or principles except shameless fealty to Trump and tax cuts for the affluent.

The point is that, at least for Steve Bannon, there is a worldview and method to his madness. For Steve Bannon, "Fly Over White America, i.e., Joe Budweiser and Ethel Mertz, and white kids without a clue,  are a tabula rasa begging for content-rich white nationalist and Traditionalist thought to breathe culture and humanity into their impoverished souls. If the Republican Party won't do it, no problem. He will. 

Steve Bannon is focused and relentless. His failure will not be because he was out worked. Most important, he believes he a figure of destiny. Donald Trump is a mirage, with lots of smoke and fire. But if you want to track the trajectory of the contemporary white nationalist American Apartheid project keep your eye on Steve Bannon. He's waiting in the wings as Trump's presidential successor and The Most Dangerous White Boy in America.  Not convinced?  Okay, we get that.  

Let us then end with this hypothetical.  If Donald Trump doesn't or can't run for president in 2024, white Republicans from "flyover country" could vote for Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Kristi Noem, or Ron DeSantis.  

But what if Steve Bannon is on the ballot?  


"You've got to return to Washington and make a dramatic return today... You've got to call Pence off the fucking ski slopes and get him back here today. This is a crisis. We're going to bury Biden on January 6th, fucking bury him. We are going to kill it in the crib. Kill the Biden presidency in the crib. "

                                                                       Steve Bannon to Donald Trump
"I'm trending on Twitter now because I said, 'All hell is going to break loose.' What I was talking about was Pence. Call the play, run the play. Pence was going to send it back to Arizona. Send it back to Georgia. Send it back to Pennsylvania. ...'All hell is going to break lose' because Democrats were going to go crazy. That didn't happen because Mike Pence blinked."

                                                                                  The day before the January 6, Capitol Coup
                                                                                    01.05.2021  From the War Room Podcast                      
​                                                                                      Steve Bannon
Resolution Recommending That The House Of  Representatives 
Find Stephen K Bannon In Contempt Of Congress For Refusal To Comply With A Subpoena Duly Issued By The Select Committee To Investigate The January 6th Attack On The United States Capitol
Congress Contempt Vote Makes Bannon America's Most Dangerous White Boy
& Trump's Presidential Successor
On Steve Bannon Resigning from the White House

"Steve Bannon is the most dangerous Alt-White figure in America. He has broad influence on the right, a Breitbart website with millions of followers, and investors with deep pockets, namely Rebecca Mercer. More importantly, Bannon has what no one in Trump's inner circle has, a long term vision and strategy to convert the GOP into a white nativists party. He has the pulse of disaffected White America in his blood, and he has the political instincts to convert that insight into political power."

Here's a hypothetical for you: 

If Donald Trump doesn't or can't run for President in 2024, white Republicans from "flyover country" could vote for Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Kristi Noem or Ron DeSantis?  

But what if Steve Bannon is on the ballot?