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What has Become of the Not Fucking Around Coalition
and Grand Master Jay?

Greetings. This interim report mapping our progress to implement the 2021 Action Plan, is in keeping with New Black Nationalists' commitment to self-regulating accountability, and fidelity to the communities we serve.  

This communique updates our readers and guests on important developments that have occurred since the action plan was released in February 2021. It backgrounds the following issues: 

- Emerging trend lines and increases in our website traffic.
- The implications of our adoption of Womanism as a free-standing construct.
- The decision to transition from the Black Diaspora Movement to the Fanon Global Movement.
- Strategic considerations: "battleground liberation struggles" on the global chessboard. 
- Some thoughts about The South African Study Group and the July 2021 revolts. 
- Completing the critical reading of Fanon's works & final adoption as NBN's philosophy.

Before addressing these issues, we would like to share are two significant dates we are pointing to in the near future. 

December 6, 2021 - The 60th Anniversary of Frantz Fanon's death

We are anxious to hear ideas from our readers about ways we can commemorate Fanon's life on and around December 6, 2021, which falls on a Monday. Before the end of the month we will post a short statement on the website calling for an international day of observance to honor Frantz Fanon and his wife Josie. We hope to connect with the Fanon Fondation in France, which is directed by Frantz Fanon's daughter, Mireille Fanon Mendes-France. Stay tuned.    

Coming in 2022:  Draft Program for a New Black-led Republic   

The new year will be upon us in three months. The enormity of our next project and the galloping tempo of developments have prompted us to announce our central project for 2022, in advance of New Year's Day.      

New Black Nationalists' central focus in 2022, will be a 16-month project to write and release the Draft Program for a New Black-led Republic. The timetable calls for releasing the program to the public on Juneteenth 2023.    

Thus, by Juneteenth 2023, the New Black Nationalist Movement will possess

- A declaration of principles of nation-state Black Nationalism  
- The articulation and framework of a Fanonian philosophical system.
- A program/constitution to establish an independent Black-led republic in Americas' settler state

The draft program for the new Black-led republic, will elaborate a proposed governmental structure and articulate a full-spectrum of policies and programs to stand-up a new Black-led post-heteropatriarchal republic. The draft program will address but not be limited to the following areas;   

The Economy
The Environment
The Rights of the People
Defense and Security
International Relations
Health and Medicine
The Arts and Culture 

​This is a major undertaking that must be completed. To be taken seriously, increasingly New Black Nationalists will have to answer the question: What do I/we get in a new Black republic? 

Our answers have to make sense, be realistic, and clearly demonstrate real personal, family, community, and national benefits for the overwhelming majority of our people. Our republic must stand on the highest ethics, and be imbued with a sense of national purpose and destiny.      

The key to drafting a representative program that is forward-leaning and revolutionary is soliciting input from as many people and organizations as possible. Conceiving a new Black republic will require more than thinking outside the box. In many respects, we will have to break the box to think anew. 

Now is the time to ponder the best methods to pursue this task so we can hit the ground running in January 2022.  Our republic needs a name: a good name. Tweet your suggestions. This project will likely require the construction of a stand-alone website outfitted with robust interactive functionalities. Please tweet us your thoughts and suggestions @WBBrooksIII 

From Race-based Cultural Warfare to the Pre-Revolutionary Period

Since George Floyd's assassination in May 2020, we've lived in a different world. The seismic political and biological convulsions that erupted with the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, carried over to 2021, with profound implications. The NBN's 2021 Action Plan reflects both the global turmoil attendant to the decline of American Empire and new revolutionary opportunities that mark shifting political topographies. 

The unprecedented 2020 global Lavender Revolution in which 20 million people protested  security-state violence visited on Black flesh, culminated in the largest presidential election in U.S. history.  That election temporarily stemmed the tide of Trump's white nationalist autocratic takeover of American Empire. The defeat also provoked the deadly January 6, 2021 Capitol Coup

The failed re-enactment of Hitler's 1923, Beer Hall Putsch on the Potomac,  has since resulted in repeated calls by Trump's white nationalist militias and Republican Party dolts to prepare for civil war. New Black Nationalists take those calls seriously.

Amid these escalations, New Black Nationalists hold that America's settler state has now transitioned from a period of intense race-based cultural warfare to a pre-revolutionary period. 

This new pre-revolutionary period, is characterized by active measures to prepare for civil war and renewed white nationalist-based ploys to topple the government in Washington, D.C.  Trump, the Republican Party, and their alliance with white nationalist militias seek to take power through a combination of election theft, destabilizing terrorist actions, and renewed coup attempts.  

Navigating the short-term period ahead. 

To new readers and guests, let us restate that our network is purposed to develop analytical and theoretical products to support the creation of a Black nation-state, as well as supporting Black diaspora and Global South liberation movements. That being said, the 2021 Action Plan modified our ongoing plans to incorporate contingencies scaled to match the changing circumstances we now confront. 

Progress then, in the context of this report, is envisioned in two ways. First, we must objectively evaluate the veracity of our analysis, relative to changing social and political conditions. Second, we need to assess whether our theoretical production is aligned with the cardinal issues that are germane to identifying the strategic path to seize political power. 

We are not operating on an indeterminate timetable, but the establishment of an independent Black nation-state in the 2020s, per our analysis of the collapse of American Empire outlined in Crisis Theory.  Our predictive modeling in 2019, posited that America Empire is in decline and spiraling toward an existential governance crisis, in the 2020s. We believe that analysis is being borne out by events like the January 6, Capitol Coup d Etat.  

On this basis, we believe the New Black Nationalist movement is making significant headway. On balance, we are engaging the heady matters that must be contemplated, debated, and resolved with active measures on the ground to vie for power. 

Nevertheless, we continue to lag behind the quickening pace of events. How to narrow the gap between accelerating objective conditions and the limited number Black Nationalists forces and  potential allies is the essential problematic in this pre-revolutionary period. 

Increasing the influence and reach of our website is one critical component to help close the gap. We are experiencing real advances in this regard. In September 2021, NewBlackNationalism.com, surpassed the total number of visitors to our website in 2020.  In the past three months, our traffic has quadrupled. This is an encouraging development, given that Twitter and the website are the only social media platforms we utilize. 

Just as important as increasing traffic to the website, is continuing to improve the site's content and expanded fields of coverage. We believe these gains are directly linked to the four goals we set in the 21-AP. 

Before delving into the update, one final point should be made. We spent a considerable amount of time demarcating the New Black Nationalist trend from Cultural Nationalists, Black Social- Democrats, Black Marxists, African Socialists, Afrocentrists, Black Separatists, Religious Nationalists, and Afropessimists trends. 

This was a serious problem in the 1960s, with many of these forces constituting an amalgam in the broad church of Black Nationalism. In reality, nation-state Black Nationalists were a very small political strand within the 1960s Black liberation movement tradition.     

NBN's early days were spent studying the 1960s Black Power experience, particularly the political programs, ideology, and philosophies of Black liberation forces. In our Culture Theory series, we articulated what New Black Nationalists are not. In January 2020, we  transitioned to defining and affirming what New Black Nationalism represents in our Statement of Principles

The New Black Nationalist trend is now embedded with three foundational source codes: nation-state Black Nationalism,  Fanonist philosophy, and Womanism as a free-standing construct to facilitate the transition to a post-heteropatriarchal society.  This political, ideological, and philosophical triad constitutes the distinct branding of the New Black Nationalist movement's identity--something we feel was not sufficiently articulated in the 1960s Black Power Era.   

The 2021 Action Plan goals: 

On February 21, 2021, NewBlackNationalism.com released the following four goals of its action plan.    

1. Adopting the corpus of Franz Fanon works as the guiding philosophical system of the New Black Nationalist Movement in February 2021, and completing an analysis and alignment of Fanon's writings (Fanonism) with NBN's Statement of Principles in February 2022. 

2. Increasing the international outreach and influence of the new Black Diaspora Movement we launched in September 2020. 

3. Expanding our exchanges and deepening our relationship with the broader Black Feminist Movement.

4. Initiating a study project on the history, practice, and theories that guided "Black majority rule" in South Africa from 1994 to the present.  

The Updates on the 2021 Action Plan

1. Fanon 2.0 - The Critical Reading & Adoption of Fanonism as New Black Nationalist Guiding Philosophy 

​The largest and most complicated task for 2021, is completing the critical reading to adopt Fanon's corpus of theories as New Black Nationalists' guiding philosophy. This task involves the renovation and augmentation of Fanon's theories that are now seven decades old.

Our endeavor also entails modifying and applying Fanonian concepts to the concrete conditions of America's settler state. In truth, the critical reading will take longer than the one-year timetable we established. Even then, it will be an ongoing project. However, our commitment is to complete the framework's build-out of critical readings by February 2022.  

Going into September 2021, we have completed the first five Fanon 2.0 Arguments:  

No. 1 - The Synthesis of an Organic Intellectual Insurgency [Call for the Critical Reading]
No. 2 - Adopting Frantz Fanon's Theories as our Guiding Philosophy [preliminary adoption] 
No. 3 - Fanon on Women, Gender & Sexuality
No. 4 - Fanon on Nationalism & Nation-Building
No. 5​ - Fanon on Violence, Destruction, & Creation

​Over the next five months, we will address the tenants of Fanon's philosophy, and his writings on Marxism, New Humanism, and culture. In adopting Fanon Fanon's corpus of theories as our philosophical system, we are affecting a rupture with previous orthodoxies. Fanon followers, scholars, and some Black political parties self-identifying as Fanonist organizations, recognize him as a philosopher, and chief architect of Decolonial Theory. Few, however argue for the existence of a Fanonian philosophical system. We dissent.

New Black Nationalists argue that Fanon's works engage the four foundational schools of philosophy, i.e., metaphysics, epistemology, logic, and ethics. Further we posit that Fanon's philosophical system revolved around his psychological analysis of colonial racism's impact on colonized Third World Black and Brown people.  At the center of his body of works was Fanon's application of phenomenology and existentialism to the Black lived experience. 

Infused with dynamic Fanonian philosophical concepts, Black Nationalism now possesses a  foundation to generate creative and transformational ideas. We seek to end the stasis of Black Nationalism as a narrow, amorphous, and exclusionary ideology. 

Black Nationalism in America's settler state needs an overarching cosmology, as well as a theory of knowledge, reality, and existence that cohere with our ideological beliefs embodied in the Statement of Principles. Frantz Fanon's works are uniquely situated to accomplish this task. Moreover, the Fanonian philosophical system is sufficiently open-ended and politically supple enough to be applied to any Global South liberation struggle. 

We look forward to the formal adoption of Fanonism as New Black Nationalism's philosophical system in February 2022.  

2. Increasing our international outreach and influence by launching the new Black Diaspora Movement initiative in September 2020. 
In September 2020, New Black Nationalists launched the Black Diaspora Movement. The initiative grew directly out of our analysis of the global upsurges in the summer of 2020. We sought to parley the energy and commonalities of the revolt, its emerging leaders--especially women, and its global reckoning with colonialism's legacy into a coherent stream of diasporic consciousness.

As we predicted, there was not going to be a return to normal within the diaspora after the post-George Floyd assassination insurgencies. The October END SARS rebellion in Nigeria, the chaos around Bobby Wine's presidential election in Uganda, and the July 2021, South Africa risings have demonstrated that Black folks from the tropical rainforest of West Papua to the Grand Ravine in Port au Prince, Haiti, are still in a fighting mood.        

We branded the historic revolt as Black Lives Matter 2.0 - The Lavender Revolution. In February 2021, after conducting our preliminary review of Fanon's decolonial theory and nation-building writings--particularly in in Wretched of the Earth-- we converted the Black Diaspora Movement to the Fanon Global Movement. 

The decision to re-orient the initiative to the Fanon Global Movement was made because general principles--even good ones--lack the directing theoretical and analytical power to carry revolutionary struggles through to the seizure of power.  When these liberation struggles succeeded in gaining power, the leadership was largely bereft of vision, fortitude, and ability to gain control of the economic system. The broad masses lacked the requisite national consciousness and sense of national destiny to carry the struggle forward based on the majority's collective interests. 

Accordingly, our website opened a new Fanon Global Movement section, which has generated considerable interests in the Black Diaspora in Europe and Africa.  Currently, our international visitors comprise 34% of the total traffic to our website, and that percentage is growing.   

Within the Black Diaspora, New Black Nationalists are looking at three countries as strategic revolutionary force multipliers that could dramatically ignite widespread global revolutionary struggles 

These countries are West Papua's limited armed liberation struggle against Indonesia,  South Africa, where the collapse of the Black-led  African National Congress would reverberate across the continent, and the growing revolutionary rumblings in Brazil against the Bolsonaro government. The countries are dry tender in search of an accelerant. 

In Haiti, our reading was that after Jovenel Moise's assassination in July, the government had all but collapsed. The absence of revolutionary forces with roots among among the people was the only thing preventing Haiti from a popular people's revolution to take over the government. Still, New Black Nationalist called on the Haitian people to go into the streets and refuse to leave until  government ministers resigned.     

New Black Nationalists will continue to cultivate relationships with Black revolutionary forces in these countries and encourage their reading of Fanon's works. We also encourage revolutionary groups in the Black Diaspora to share their recommendations to add to or amend the four principles of unity outlined below for the Fanon Global Movement. The following principles emerged out of our summary of the BLM 2.0 Lavender Revolution and were the basis for launching the initial Black Diaspora Movement;         

1.  End the privileging of Western-centered Black Atlanticist and Pan-African theories, chronology-based Black Enlightenment progress narratives, and “Middle Passage” epistemologies.  

2.  Establish Black Feminist/LGBTTQ theory as a foundational component of Black diasporic thought.

3.  Assign new priority to scholarly works and dialogue on the “Black Eastern Diaspora" experience, including a focus on strategies to end the practice of enslaving Blacks on the African continent. 

4.  Prioritize support and popularize the “Black Pacific” sovereignty movements of Australia and Torres Straits First Nation Aboriginals. Create a formidable support network for the national liberation struggle of West Papua from Indonesia. 

The Fanon Global experiment is in its infancy. In some respects it is an attempt to cultivate the roots of a new Black revolutionary international. In this initial stage of the enterprise, locating Fanon activists and establishing an informal network to exchange ideas will all revolutionary force within and outside the Black Diaspora will mark an important advance.    

3. Expanding our exchanges and deepening our relationship with the broader Black Feminist Movement.

In 2019, New Black Nationalists privileged developing a relationship with the broader Black Feminist/LGBTQ movement. Forging this alliance was deemed as a strategic priority to build a viable Black liberation movement. The Black Feminist-Black Nationalist Exchange was initiated to facilitate a dialogue between our two trends. Our goal was to begin mending the scar-tissue left by some of the grievous sexist and misogynist practices of Black Nationalists the 1960s and 1970s liberation movements, and explore common areas of agreement to forge new collaborations.          

While the Exchange has not resulted in direct correspondence with Black feminists, roughly 29% of visits to our website are to pages dedicated to the Exchange and the new Womanism section opened three months ago.  

When New Black Nationalists embraced Womanism as an indispensable social change perspective for the emancipation of Black women, it in no way diminishing our support for Black feminism or the need to build a strategic alliance with Black feminists. Quite the opposite, as editor of the Womanism Reader,  Layli Phillips Maparyan said, ​"To continue with the family metaphor, Black feminism and womanism are sisters."

Winning self-determination will require broad support and a strategic alliance with Black feminists who remain the dominant transformational and political force in Black communities today. 

Black feminists have led the struggle against sexism and male privilege in the Black community, and the racist exclusionary practices of white feminists. Black women and Black feminists have championed gender equity and broad acceptance of the LGBT community and same-sex marriage. They have served as the vanguard of Black cultural development in literature and theoretical works from intersectionality to Queer Theory, and womanism. Black feminists spearheaded the Black Lives Matter resistance. Any attempt to "stand up" an independent republic is inconceivable without Black feminists serving as leading architects in fashioning a new social order.

Given the strength of the Black Feminist Movement, our embrace of womanism appears to go against the grain. It does. However, as we explained, womanism's originalist construction by poet-author Alice Walker, is much more consistent with the principles of New Black Nationalism and how we envisage transforming social relations between men, women, the LGBTQ community, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals. 

Womanism is not a conspicuous political movement with big personalities, street protesters, big donors, and scholars occupying chairs in the halls of academia. That was tried: womanism was too non-conformist for women's and cultural studies departments to reconcile. Womanism is more akin to an underground movement. Womanism is the struggle of everyday Black and Brown and Yellow women, in everyday struggles. The struggles are steeped as much in spirituality, mysticism, Black folk culture, and organic tradition as much as intellectual production. 

New Black Nationalists are interested in building a new black nation on the foundations of what is most organic and enduring to our being. Womanism is due for a revival and we must be a part of its resurrection in the soul of our communities.              

4. Initiating a study project on the history, practice, and theories that guided "Black majority rule" in South Africa from 1994 to the present.  

​On March 23, 2021, New Black Nationalists announced the launch of the South Africa Study Project. Without question, South Africa is Sub-Saharan Africa's most influential nation, politically speaking, and it possesses the continent's second largest economy.  

When we initiated the project, we sensed South Africa was tilting towards a social conflagration. In mid-July, following the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma, the explosion erupted in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces before metastasizing across the country. More than one-hundred people died in the violence, billions were lost in property damage, government forces and government facilities were attacked and torched.    

Led by the African National Congress, South Africa's Black majority-rule is on the brink of collapse. South Africa's young revolutionaries have a profound predicament: they need to remove Nelson Mandela' s 109 year-old ANC party leadership that is incompetent, awash in comprehensive corruption, and is complicit with the old white-minority regime and global imperialists in the state capture of the country's wealth.  

New Black Nationalists proposed the South Africa Study Project because South Africa's liberation struggle is without parallel in its length, scale, nuance,  and strategic depth. The contention for political influence between South Africa's battlefield-tested radical Feminists, Afropessimists, Nationalists, Pan-Africanists, Marxist-Leninists-Maoists, Social-Democrats, Communists, Black Consciousness and Fanonists adherents, defines a hornet's nest of political complexity. 

Equally as compelling is how South Africa's racial profile significantly mirrors America's settler state. The interplay between South Africa's majority Black population and its Indian and "Colored" communities, approximate similar contradictions between Black communities, Latinx, Asian-American, and Arab communities. So too, the manner in which America Empire's ruling-class  manipulates enmity and division between diverse nationalities and ethnic groups in the United States, is emulated in South Africa as well.  

Finally,  the study project was chosen because the creation of a new form of American Apartheid [white-minority rule] is being contemplated and acted on: call it MAGASTAN. Aspect's of South African old apartheid-rule may well become part of the Trump-inspired white nationalist playbook. 

Now comes the publication of Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh's book The New Apartheid , whose compelling thesis is that apartheid was not abolished in 1994, when Mandela and the ANC came to power,  but merely privatised in blackface.  This is an extraordinary story that New Black Nationalists encourage all our readers to investigate.    

Just as a civil war could lead to a white nationalist takeover in part or all of America's settler state,  left-wing social democracy with significant black political involvement could also come to power. In this scenario, Black people could conceivably undergo a soft-recolonization in which our national interests are subordinated to liberalism in "democratic-socialist" garb and the prerogatives of capitalism. It could happen, just as it did in South Africa. What is most likely to happen in the event of a civil war is the partitioning of the country. We could have a Black-led republic and a MAGASTAN existing as independent countries on America's continental land mass. 

While South Africa provides us with a unique window contemporary to compare and contrast revolutionary possibilities and lessons learned, our uppermost goal remains supporting the rising revolutionary forces in the country. Fanon's works are well read in South Africa, and he is revered by many as a genuine revolutionary exemplar. We believe Fanonists have a special role to play in South Africa's future. It is a profoundly young country, with extraordinary revolutionary potential. It's second revolution is just beginning. 

A Final Thought: On to 2022

We trust that this update has been useful to background the thinking behind some of our initiatives and priorities. The Black nationalist movement desperately needs more on-the-ground activists and organizers. We need more dedicated Black nationalist scholars and intellectuals. And we need to see more red, black, and green standards held aloft in the midst of protests. 

New Black Nationalists are confident that new blood is circulating through the Black body politic and acquiring more oxygen. One of the more profound lessons we should take to heart from the 1960s Black Power movement is that the Black Panther Party literally went from a small community-based group of radical activists to a national organization of thousands in less than a year. 

In the 2020s, when our movement emerges in the fullness of time, New Black Nationalists are committed to ensuring there will be an arsenal of intellectual and theoretical weapons to guide our struggle to victory. We are engaged in what Frantz Fanon called turning over a new leaf to  "work out new concepts, and try to set afoot a new man."  It's a Quarter -till Nation Time!      


2021 New Black Nationalist Action Plan Update: Notes on Theory and the Revolutionary Process
2021 New 
Black Nationalist Action Plan

Notes on Theory and the Revolutionary Process

 9.17. 2021      
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