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Trump's  Indictment: Launches  Stop the Steal 2024  



Whether it was for his role spearheading the January 6, 2021, Capitol Coup, shaking down Georgia's Secretary of State for 11,780 votes, or stealing classified documents with nuclear secrets, Donald Trump was going to be criminally indicted in 2023.   

Best then to have a "George Soros" financed, "woke" Harvard educated Black man in liberal New York City, indict him for whorish dalliances with a woman of easy virtue--or as others might say, a sex-worker. 

On the other hand, Trump may be indicted for something as boring as multiple criminal counts of falsifying records and documents. Whatever the case, it's exactly what Trump wanted. The Manhattan indictment is the best of a bad set of options Trump has to run with.  

The Sith Lord wasted no time in vilifying New York County District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg as a "racist in reverse." Trump called on his MAGA-Verse cretins to take to the streets saying, "Death and destruction in such a false charge could be catastrophic for our Country." Then he posted a picture of himself wielding a baseball bat next to a picture of Alvin Bragg with his hands held up. 

Meanwhile, Republican Speaker of House Kevin McCarthy, and House Judiciary Committe Chairman Jim Jordan continued threatening Alvin Bragg to come to Capitol Hill to testify about his investigation or risk losing federal funding--something Congress has no jurisdiction or authority to do.    

As we go to print the charges against Trump remain sealed until he is in police custody and arraigned on Tuesday. At that point, Trump's mugshot will only be released if he gives permission, or it is leaked. One way or another some facsimile of the indictment will find its way to millions of tee-shirts, coffee mugs, and caps. Trump's 2024 presidential campaign will now kick in high gear doing the three things he does best: 

1) Grifting for fundraising contributions
2) Creating a pretext that his targeting will lead to his defeat in the 2024 election. 
3) Ratcheting up calls for a civil war

Whether Trump is convicted is not as important as him being the first president ever to be criminally indicted: no less by a Black man. Convicted or not, Trump can still run for president if he wins the GOP nomination. 

That said New Black Nationalists believe Trump's trial may be winnable strictly on the legal merits. Trump's legal team also has a strategy to run out the clock and push the trial past the 2024 elections.   

Moreover, if Trump's conviction requires a unanimous vote of the jury, we have a hard time believing a pro- Trump holdout won't find a way to game the voir dire phase of jury selection. The path from obscurity to instant celebrity status and a six-digit paycheck from the National Inquirer is within the reach of any juror.  But we digress. 

The Manhattan indictment and the upcoming rollout of Fani T. Willis's Georgia's investigation of Trump's nefarious activities to alter the states' 2020 presidential vote will dominate the news cycle for months to come.  

Meanwhile, the Manhattan indictment has solidified Trump's pole position on the GPO leader board. Its chilling effect has literally frozen the field of potential challengers and contributions to other candidates. 

The country, the GOP, and the complicit corporate media--including MSNBC that hyped DeSantis as the new face of the MAGA-Verse --is now discovering what New Black Nationalists based in Florida's last liberated zone of Ft. Lauderdale [Broward County] have always known; namely that Ron Savonarola DeSantis is one dumb ass Manchurian candidate. 

Trump's media fabricated rival whose hateful arrogance is informed by his stunning ignorance should be the last person advocating for book burning. He needs to put in time-out and given some literature to read. But there the arsonist sits in the Governor's chair, America's Savonarola pretending to be Hungary's version of strongman Victor Orban, lighting the Bonfire of Woke Heresies. 

But again, we digress. The point being that unless something dramatic happens to shake up the Republican presidential primaries--and soon-- Trump is going to win in the nomination in a cakewalk.     

Stop the Steal 2024 

Immediately after Trump's indictment was announced the Republican Party and FOXNews all curiously parroted the same talking point. Alvin Bragg, they claimed, was abusing the power of his office to "interfere with the 2024 presidential elections."  This narrative not only whitewashes Trump's criminality, but it marks the genesis of the coordinated messaging campaign to create the pretext for Stop the Steal 2024.    

We've seen this B movie before. Indeed, Trump announced his 2024 candidacy early knowing he would be indicted. It's been baked into his regime change strategy all along. Just like Trump knew he would be indicted in 2023, he knows that if he wins the GOP presidential nomination, he will lose the 2024 general election. The only chance Trump has to win-even if behind bars--is if Democrat's re-elect Joe Biden, instead of gracefully putting him out to pasture and nominating a real candidate like Big Gretch, A.K.A Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.    

Prior to the 2016 presidential election Trump claimed the voting was rigged. After winning he still claimed the election was fixed because Hillary Clinton won three million more popular votes. In the summer of 2020, four months before the presidential election, Trump claimed the elections would be fraudulent because of the number of states--except Florida--that were using mail-in ballots. It marked the genesis of what turned out to be the Stop the Steal Coup on January 6, 2021.  

At the moment, the consensus opinion irrespective of one's partisan or ideological view, is that Trump cannot win a general election in 2024. What then could possibly be the rationale for his campaign. At the March 4, 2023, CPAC convention, Trump thus asserted that,    

“With you at my side, we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the war mongers... We will drive out the globalists. We will cast out the communists. We will throw off the political class that hates our country … We will beat the Democrats. We will rout the fake news media. We will expose and appropriately deal with the Rinos [Republicans in name only]. We will evict Joe Biden from the White House. And we will liberate America from these villains and scoundrels once and for all. 

In 2016, I declared: I am your voice...Today, I add: I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed: I am your retribution."  

After being slapped around in the courts for the next 14 months, Trump, will claim he was the victim of a vast "deep state conspiracy" that plotted to interfere in the 2024 presidential elections to prevent his election by a landslide. Trump will call on his troops once more to Stop the Steal.  

The Times of Trouble

Don't expect Trump's assault on Alvin Bragg to be the end of his escalating war on the Black Commons. Trump still has scores to settle with Black New York State Attorney General Letitia James. Her ongoing financial fraud investigation into Trump and the Trump Organization's "numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentations," secured a court order in November 2022, directing his company to immediately stop engaging in financial fraud. 

The court prohibited his families' criminal syndicate--the Trump Organization--from transferring material assets to another entity without court approval. The order required the Trump Organization to submit any new financial disclosures to banks and insurers and appointed an independent monitor to oversee compliance. In short, James shut down Trump's operations in New York. 

Letitia James $250 million lawsuit against Trump is now scheduled to begin in October 2023. Trump talked a lot of s--t about suing James, but in January 2023, for the second time, he was forced to withdraw his lawsuit. Like Bragg, James didn't blink. This is the kind of humiliation that causes Trump to throw plates of spaghetti against the walls and plot coups as Cassidy Hutchinson testified to before the January 6 Select Committee.       

That brings us to Trump's criminal exposure in Georgia, where Fani T. Willis, the Black district attorney for Fulton County, Ga., is investigating Trump’s attempts to overturn President Biden’s 2020 election win. Willis is also probing the infamous recorded phone call Trump made to Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger telling him to "find" 11,780 votes.

Ms. Willis is also probing Trump associates’ efforts to get his supporters to falsely declare themselves as an alternative slate of electors from Georgia. The fake electors plot was part of Trump's scheme to get Vice-President Mike Pence to reject Congressional certification of the electoral college vote on Jan. 6, 2021. 

While most Georgia elections offenses are misdemeanors, Willis may be considering RICO -type felony charges that make it a crime to solicit another person to commit election fraud. From Trump Special Assistant Hope Hicks to U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, Willis has dragged scores of major players in Trump's orbit before the Fulton County grand jury to testify. 

To derail Willis's investigation, the Georgia's House Republican majority approved a bill to create a commission with the power to investigate, discipline, and even remove locally elected district attorneys for conducting investigations deemed “politically motivated.”  The Georgia Senate passed a nearly identical bill last week. 

Letita James, Alvin Bragg, and Fani Willis all refused to be intimidated by Trump and the MAGA-Verse mob. They are all now protected by heavy security details as the live targets and political fodder for Trump's racist authoritarian machinations. 

Included on Trump's hit list is Judge Juan Manuel Merchan, Acting Justice of the New York County Supreme Court in the First Judicial District of New York. Merchan will hear Trump's arraignment. Trump unlimbered his artillery on Merchan stating “The Judge ‘assigned’ to my Witch Hunt Case, a ‘Case’ that has NEVER BEEN CHARGED BEFORE, HATES ME. His name is Juan Manuel Marchan.”   

Moving forward, after the circus of Trump's surrender to law enforcement and the theater surrounding his booking fades, it could be months before the trial starts. The drama about Trump's indictment may die down, but Trump racist attacks on the Black Commons is going to shift into overdrive. 

Sometime, somewhere white nationalist minions, militias, or lone wolfs are going to strike. Trump will continue to demand violence, because he's already asked for it. You cannot be a legitimate authoritarian leader unless your subjects obey. 

Trump always seeks validation in acts of loyalty--the more extreme the act the better. That is why he bestows martyrdom on Ashli Babbitt, fatally shot on January 6, 2021, attempting to breach the doors of House of Representatives chamber. He also needs a sensational act of violence to send a message to future juries and judges about the consequences of sentencing him if convicted. 

Donald Trump's indictment will both intensify and accelerate the gathering confluence of events that are pushing the country toward an existential crisis. Whether Donald Trump is sowing the seeds of his own destruction is certainly a debatable question, but hardly to the point. 

Since announcing his presidential campaign in 2015, Trump has almost singularly reconfigured American Empire's political space. He has dictated the time and place of battle and the choice of weapons. He has dragged America to the doorstep of civil war and authoritarian rule. And as Trump will make clear, the Manhattan indictment is no reason for him to stop now. Stop the Steal 2024 has been set in motion.           

From the Office of New York County District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg


​"This evening we contacted Mr. Trump’s attorney to coordinate his surrender to the Manhattan D.A.’s Office of arraignment on a Supreme Court indictment, which remains under seal. Guidance will be provided when the arraignment date is selected,”
Juan Manuel Merchan Acting Justice, New York County Supreme Court 
Truth Social Post by Donald Trump


“HATES ME” and spelling his name incorrectly in the process. “His name is Juan Manuel Marchan, was hand picked by Bragg & the Prosecutors, & is the same person who ‘railroaded’ my 75 year old former CFO, Allen Weisselberg, to take a ‘plea’ deal.” 
​Girolamo Savonarola, Friar of the Convent of San Marco, Florence, Italy b.1452-1498