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"Whitopia," Greg Johnson and the White Nationalist Culture War 

"Whitopia" is a vision of a White Nationalist state in America. It's also the title of an article written by Alt-Right theorist Greg Johnson, tracing the historical antecedents and present day realities of white ethno-states. Along with its companion piece, "Politics, Metapolitics and Hegemony," Johnson advances one of the few coherent Alt-Right plans that could provide direction for their movement. 

To make Whitopia an achievable reality, Johnson argues that perceptions among "sympathetic" whites who view an ethno-state as utopian folly, must be changed to see it as a realistic possibility. 

Moreover, he encourages fragmented white nationalist forces to coalesce around like-minded issues and build a movement outside of traditional electoral politics and institutions. The common thread integrating these two objectives into a critical stratagem, is infusing them with "high-intensity race-based cultural warfare." 

Black-Nationalism.com believes when Trump attacked Mexicans entering America illegally as rapist and murderers in his 2015 GOP announcement speech, high intensity race-based culture warfare began replacing the traditional "liberal left" versus "conservative right" cultural divide. 

Johnson's Whitopian blueprint doesn't conjure visions of Neo-Nazis and white militiamen (Confrontationist Wing) waging civil/race war to overrun cities and seize the Federal Mall in Washington, D.C. Quite the opposite, Johnson attacks the adolescent carnival of their "armed revolution" rhetoric, saying "White Nationalists cannot defeat the armies, police, or even the mall cops of modern societies in armed struggle." 

"Whitopia-PMH" envisages winning the war of ideas within the white community as the most critical task to build the White Nationalist movement. Ideas, Johnson suggest, "shape people’s beliefs about what is politically possible and desirable." His battlefield to fight that war of ideas lies outside the realm of traditional electoral politics. It emphasizes working with non-traditional institutions, networks, and communities. This is what Johnson refers to as "metapolitics."

Johnson defined metapolitics this way, "Political constitutions are no better than the people who interpret and apply them. Political institutions are no better than the people who staff them. The term “metapolitics” refers to the non-political and extra-political conditions that make politics possible. 

Basic metapolitical ideas include questions of identity (who are we, and who isn’t us?), morality (what are our duties to ourselves, our nations, our race, and other nations and races?), and practicality (how can we actually create white homelands?). Any institutions and communities that exercise influence over the political realm are metapolitical. These include political parties and movements, educational and religious institutions, the news and entertainment media, organized ethnic and economic lobbies, and secret, unaccountable cabals now loosely referred to as “deep states.”

Hard power is political power, which is ultimately backed by force. Soft power is metapolitical power, which influences politics in two ways. Metapolitical organizations shape political policies while remaining outside the political realm."

So what are these metapolitical ideas the Ethno-Nationalist clamor to promote? It starts, of course with "white identity." Who are white folks these days? This is not surprising because Whites, generally speaking, are far more confused about their common identity than Blacks or Hispanics. One only has to attend a concert by a Black-rapper with a mostly white youth audience to appreciate the point.

Among whites, these cultural differences find expression in religion, between the dominant White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, Catholics, Mormons and Jews. Ethnic and national differences are as broad as the German, Italian, English, Irish and countless other European descendants found in white America. 

Whites in America are not tightly bound by a uniquely common American cultural experience. Their heritage, culture and institutions are profoundly European. It turns out that "White identity,"--the basic stuff of White Nationalism--ain't that easy to reconcile, and we haven't begun to address widening class differences between whites. 

The second pillar of Johnson's metapolitical ideas is morality, or what Johnson characterizes as whites' duties to themselves as a race and a nation. On this point, Whitopia-PMH doesn't offer specifics. Nevertheless, it's not unreasonable to assume one of the "duties to the white race" is putting the brakes on the epidemic of race mixing? With the "Browning of America" threatening to reduce whites to a minority population group by 2044, Johnson and all ethno-nationalists openly complain that survival of the race demands dramatic increases in their declining reproductive rates. 

Third, is the issue of practicality. Johnson raises the central question, how will white homelands be created?" Johnson's position is that pockets of Whitopia already exists in America in all white zip codes and areas with such tiny numbers of non-whites "that they do not alter the norms and functioning of white society. These whitopias, he said "are quite real, and they are routinely ranked among America’s best places to live. The goal of White Nationalism is Aspen, or Chappaqua, or Martha’s Vineyard for everyone." 

Realizing the grand Whitopian project, says Johnson is simple; "We just need to "dust off the books." That means going back to pre-1965 immigration policy that resulted in an 85% white immigration rate. This legislative bill is currently on the table in the so-called DACA negotiations. It also means bringing back mass deportation and miscegenation laws. It goes without saying that Trump and the GOP are pushing mass deportation as hard as they can. Channeling Nietzsche, Johnson claims "This is a matter of will. It might take 50 years to do things right." 

Johnson's brand of promoting White Nationalist ideology is nothing new. 
What 's new is the strident White Nationalist messaging coming directly out of the Oval Office. This brings us to the more substantive issue of Johnson's call to weaponize that messaging with metapolitical voices outside the partisan mainstream. 

Johnson's metapolitics formulation concerns the role of "extra-political institutions." Johnson asserts building a non-traditional political infrastructure to deliver their message directly to the white community will force Republicans and traditional political institutions to adopt the white nationalist agenda. So, who are some of these extra-political players?

Over the past few years, white nationalist leaning educational institutions, websites, alternative news and media groups, radio stations, publications, youth groups and social networks have grown exponentially. They are the backbone of the White Nationalist movement, and accountable to no one. 

Concerning education, on university campuses long regarded as the citadels of left liberalism and multi-culturalism, White Nationalist youth groups like Identity Evropa are gaining strength faster than any other sector of the Alt-Right. 

In Simi Valley, hi-tech company CEO's are not only White Nationalist thought leaders, but help fund think tanks and institutes that are popping up across the country. These institutes churn out "white papers" and research on everything from Human Bio-Diversity to books on white European "New Right" theory. 

White Nationalist websites are scattered across the internet with millions of unique visitors. Thousands of Alt-Right trollers police the internet. They launched attacks on websites like Rotten Tomatoes to drive down the ratings of "Black Panther." Alt-Right meme brigades attack liberal groups, and broke into the email account of Black comedian Leslie Jones. 

Alt Right news agencies like Breitbart News, Info Wars and the Drudge Report traffic in manufactured Alt-Right conspiracy theories and false news stories. Alt-Right publishing houses like Johnson's Counter-Currents Inc., push out books and White Nationalist tomes at levels not seen before. Add to this, the power of Russian money and intelligence agencies planting mis-information and running divisive ads on Facebook and other social media platforms to spread confusion in Black communities. 

In Black-Nationalism.com's view, race-based cultural war, fueled by Trump's own twisted version of White Nationalism is experiencing success. How do we know? The Republican Party may be the best case in point. 

Before Trump ran for office, the GOP was an almost exclusively white conservative party with an active Tea Party fringe, and a few far-right nationally elected officials. Once Trump won the GOP nomination, the civil war predicted by many between the Tribal Leader and the "establishment GOP" never materialized--the Republican Party establishment simply caved in.

Religious conservatives, turned a blind eye to Trump's, serial marriages, sexual assaults, and dalliances with call girls. Fiscal conservatives acquiesced to a fresh trillion dollars of debt with the GOP tax cut. Once the supreme defender of America's national defense, the GOP now refuses to enforce their own sanctions against a Russian government run by criminal syndicates and FSB intelligence units that sabotaged the 2016 elections. 

Trump has exposed the GOP for what it is--a whore laying prostrate before the cash coffers of global corporations and their lobbyists. The Democrats are no better. This is a painful lesson the "Never Again" youth movement against gun violence is learning as they confront the GOP and the NRA. 

With each passing day, the GOP is becoming hostage to white nationalist rhetoric and themes. Indeed, House an Senate GOP members fear the expanding white nationalist sentiment of their constituencies, more than they fear Tribal Leader Trump. The more Republicans become politically bankrupt on every single issue, the more they will fall back on race as a last redoubt to maintain power. 

What is occurring with the Republican Party is precisely what Johnson described as "exercising indirect cultural hegemony." Over time the White Nationalist and Alt-Right movement can control the agenda of the GOP without electing any of their members to public office. 

Johnson's goal is to penetrate every sphere of white America, and flood the zone with soft-power white nationalist propaganda. Johnson's rebuff of the Neo-Nazi/Klan 1488 confrontationists to chill out with the shields, combat helmets, tiki torch parades and chest thumping about winning civils wars, highlights this reality. 

Whatever one thinks of Johnson and his White Nationalist legions, who could blame them for not ingratiating themselves to a Republican Party that is nothing more than a political prostitute working the corners on Wall Street? It's only a matter of time before they drift completely into the White Nationalist universe. 

Viewed from this perspective, Johnson's Whitopian-race-based culture war strategy makes sense. Johnson has learned well from his "enemies." He points out that the "New Left" discovered that it didn't have to overthrow the government to win support for its ideology and program of addressing economic and political inequities. "The New Left," he observes, won the cultural battle and the battle of ideas. 

Whitopia-PMH, underscores a point Alt-Black.com raised in our article on the Black Alternative Culture Movement Surge, that "the country has entered a new period of sustained and intensifying, race-based cultural warfare." 

As we build the alternative black movement, we must continue to develop our understanding and political sophistication regarding the role of culture, including white ethno-nationalists. Whitopia is an excellent case study. For those who can stomach a few blatantly racist comments, we recommend you take a few minutes to read Greg Johnson's articles. 

We have also an article from Counter-Currents Inc. that is a white nationalist analysis of Black Nationalist Harold Cruse's seminal book, "Crisis of the Negro Intellectual," published in 1967. It is a serious analysis that points out some of the shortcomings in the White Nationalist movement, by learning from Cruse (Lord Protector). That may not seem to make a lot of sense. But, it just goes to show you, things, and even White Nationalist movements aren't always what they seem to be.  


"Whitopia," Is White Nationalism "Utopian"​? by Greg Johnson
"Politics, Metapolitics and Hegemony" by Greg Johnson​
Excepts from "Whitopia" and "Politics, Metapolitics and Hegemony by Greg Johnson 


"Why the Alt-Right Needs to Concentrate its Efforts on Culture" 

"The New Left — the best example being the Frankfurt School — replaced politics with metapolitics, the hard totalitarianism of the Old Left with the soft-totalitarianism of Leftist cultural hegemony. 

The New Left realized that Leftist values could be imposed without a violent revolution and a totalitarian, one-party state, simply by taking control of education and culture. One can have total social hegemony while maintaining the illusion of freedom and pluralism by ensuring that all competing cultural currents and political parties adopt the same Leftist values, differing only on inessential matters.

The New Left was wildly successful. Today we live in a Left-wing, soft totalitarian society, which Jonathan Bowden characterized as a “Left-wing oligarchy,” a system of vast economic and political inequities in which everyone piously mouths Left-wing slogans.

Just as the Old Right took guns to a gunfight, the New Right must take ideas to a battle of ideas. We must deconstruct the hegemony of anti-white ideas and replace them with a counter-hegemony of pro-white ideas. 

We must create our own metapolitical organizations — new media, new educational institutions, and new forms of community — that can combat and replace those in anti-white hands. We must fight bad ideas with better ideas — institutional subversion with institutional renewal."

"As for the Old Right’s contemporary imitators, they spend their time imagining race war scenarios in which armed revolutionary parties defeat the United States government.

Although the intellectual and moral case for White Nationalism has never been stronger, and the intellectual and moral case for multiculturalism has never been weaker, White Nationalists cannot defeat the armies, police, or even the mall cops of modern societies in armed struggle.

 It is the height of strategic folly to abandon our greatest strengths and refuse to attack the enemy where he is weakest, and instead attack the enemy on the plane of hard power, where he is strongest and we are weakest.
Harold Cruse, The Black & White
Predicament by Andrew Hamilton