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Beyond Domination

The future & past of decolonization

by Arjun Appadurai
3. 9. 2021
Two new books—On Decoloniality, by Walter D. Mignolo and Catherine E. Walsh, and Out of the Dark Night, by Achille Mbembe—help remind us of the history behind our geographies, setting the history of regions and continents back into the context of colonialism and empire. To do so, both books consider the different paths out of decolonization, only to find that neither the kind of nation-state that emerged out of decolonization nor the recent version of globalized capitalism that has come to define these nation-states has truly fulfilled the liberatory promises of decolonization. 

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Fanon & the Possibility
 of Post Colonial   Critical Imagination 

by Atu Sekyi Otu
9. 17 2003

In a footnote Mbembe does indeed place Fanon in the unholy family of those given to 
lamenting the alienation and deracination of the African self from its native essence. That 
picture of Fanon is echoed by other enemies of grand narratives, certainly enemies of “the
narrative of liberation”, who see in him a votary of secular teleology with its abhorrence of 
contingency in “time’s body”, its depreciation of finite dramas of historical existence and the 
moral life. Such is David Scott’s criticism of Fanon (190-220).

Biko and Fanon; Black and White
An Examination of The Relationship between Black Consciousness and White Liberals in Biko’s Essay 

by Zolani Nkomo
6. 24. 2015

“White Racism and Black Consciousness”, compared with Fanon’s elaborations in the last two Chapters of Black Skin, White Masks.

This essay seeks to examine the relationship between Black Consciousness and White Liberals in Bantu Biko’s Essay “White Racism and Black Consciousness” whilst comparing it with Frantz Fanon’s elaborations in the last two chapters of his book “Black Skins, White Masks” on “The Negro and  Recognition.” 

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Fanon's Children: The Black Panther Party & Rise of the Crips and Bloods  

by George Percy Bargainer lll
4. 11. 2011

Although Fanon asserts that Black-on-Black violence is rooted in the colonial process, it is  temporary, and has the potential to metamorphosis into revolutionary violence, his sense of  triumphalism views this process as linear and steadily evolving towards revolution. The history of Black street gangs must be placed in the longer tradition of Black resistance to colonialism in the United States in order to understand the forces at play that give rise to this oscillation of consciousness

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Frantz Fanon and the Problems of Independence

by Nguyen Nghe 
02.01. 2018

It often appears as if everything that can possibly be said on the life and work of Frantz Fanon has already been written. The core texts of his oeuvre have not only become cornerstones of curricula in postcolonial studies, black studies, and political theory departments; they have also been taken up as weapons of struggle, tools for analyzing episodes of social discontent, upsurges of political resistance, and pathways to liberation in various settings.