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Frantz Fanon
Fanonian Theory​ 2.0
On February 20, 2021, New Black Nationalists [NBN] in America’s settler state, launched the Fanon Global Movement [FG]. 

Fanon Global was created to provide a vital nerve center, connecting and supporting activists, scholars, and organizations that have incorporated Fanonian-based theories into their liberation movements.  

As developers of analytical products envisioning the creation of a Black nation-state, NBN adopted Fanon’s corpus of theoretical works as its guiding revolutionary philosophy in February 2021. 

As such, Fanon’s revolutionary theories constitute a nexus integrating our breakaway struggle for self-determination from American Empire with resurgent Global South liberation movements across the planet. 

The genesis of Fanon Global is rooted in the soil of two New Black Nationalist initiatives that began in September 2020. 

In the aftermath of the May 2020 police execution of George Floyd, a spontaneous  global rising of more than 20 million largely Black-led protesters erupted on five continents. NBN analyzed this surge as a new Black Lives Matter 2.0 iteration. We then solicited commentary to determine if the 2020 “Lavender Revolution” signaled the need to form a new Black Diaspora movement. 

As part of that discourse, NBN released three documents titled “The Arguments,” which proffered a case for recalibrating the Black diaspora's international struggle. 

We posited that BLM--2.0 engendered a distinct strand of millennial Black consciousness. 2.0 also harnessed unprecedented white progressive support in America, Europe, and Australia, and provoked a mass repudiation of Western Europe's colonial legacy. 

Further, New Black Nationalists asserted the need to shift the Black diaspora's political center of gravity by prioritizing the following four positions;   

End the privileging and dominance of Western-centered Black Atlanticist and Pan-African theories, chronology-based Black Enlightenment progress narratives, and “Middle Passage” epistemologies.

Establish Black Feminist/LGBTTQ theory as a foundational component of Black diasporic thought.

Assign new priority to scholarly works and dialogue on the “Black Eastern” diasporic experience, including a focus on strategies to end the practice of enslaving Blacks on the African continent.

Prioritize support and popularize the “Black Pacific” sovereignty movements of Australia and Torres Straits First Nation Aboriginals, and create a formidable support network for the national liberation struggle of West Papua from Indonesia. 

The second major initiative undertaken by New Black Nationalists in September 2020, called for conducting a critical reading of Frantz Fanon’s works. The purpose was to determine if Fanonism should be adopted as NBN's overarching philosophical framework.

The reading of Fanon’s major works included his contributions on women, nationalism, psychoanalysis of colonial populations, class structure in post-colonial countries, non-aligned movements, the role of violence, bypassing the bourgeois stage of national liberation struggles, and “New Humanism.” 

NBN concluded these issues, which have been aggregated under the banner of Fanonian “Decolonial Theory,” constitute a coherent and unified system with the intellectual muscle to anchor an international movement. 

With NBN's launch of Fanon Global and the adoption of Fanonism as its guiding philosophical system, we are now positioned to conduct a complete review and updating of all Fanon’s major theories over the next twelve months.  

All activists, scholars, parties, and organizations are encouraged to participate in this reading, review, and updating process by submitting papers, analysis, and commentary. Our plans call for issuing a final report on Fanonian Theory writ large in February 2022.  

The Fanon Global project is emerging at a critical juncture in the international situation. After thirty years of dominance as the world’s peerless and unchallenged imperial superpower, we are approaching the twilight American Empire.  

Chinese and Russian geo-political condominium is aggressively challenging Pax Americana's economic, militarily, and political hegemony in ways previously unseen.
Washington's precipitous decline has now relegated the U.S. to the fate that every empire in human history has confronted: it has an expiration date.   

Battered by COVID-19, economic dislocation, decaying institutions, and racial divisions, Washington, D.C. is spiraling toward an existential crisis. Like Alaric and the Visigoths that overran Rome in 395 A.D., white nationalists ransacked the U.S. Congress in January in a motley attempt to install the fascist Trump as president-for-life. Simply put, on its current trajectory, America Empire is no longer sustainable.     

The weakening of the Western bloc and its global neo-colonial order are creating far-reaching revolutionary possibilities across the planet in the 2020's. 

Looming over an international situation that is fraught with uncertainty and tumult, is the long shadow cast by Frantz Fanon. Wherever people rise against oppression, Fanon's name, his image, his words surface like nirvana in the midst of struggle. His works, translated into twelve languages are invariably injected into the debate.  

From the Black Panther Party of the 1960's, whose reading of Fanon supported armed self-defense of Black communities as oppressed colonies of imperialist rule, to South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] adopting Fanon's racially-centered Decolonial Theory to augment its Marxist-Leninist ideology, Fanon's relevance pulses with a greater sense of urgency than ever before.        

In this critical period, Fanon Global was created to help close the gap between the foresight, soundness, and elasticity of Fanon's theories, and the failure of revolutionary forces--especially within the Black diaspora-- to apply his constructs to topple neocolonial rule. 

The genius of the Fanonian system is that it can be applied to the unique circumstances of national liberation struggle irrespective of the battlefield space. In the U.S., New Black Nationalists seek to establish a Black-majority led, multi-racial, post-heteropatriarchal state. 

Similarly, while NBN explored establishing a Black Diaspora Movement, Fanon Global must be an international movement open to Fanonists of any race, nationality, ethnic group, national minority, sex or gender.          

A serious shortcoming to closing the gap between theory and praxis--between successful seizures of power versus aborted revolutionary struggles--has been a tendency among radicals and revolutionaries to selectively apply Fanonian concepts. Narrowly customizing Fanonian constructs to support specific political positions or short-term circumstances is to engage in the art of the ephemeral and ultimately failure.    

Not surprisingly, this tendency also exist among some Fanon scholars and academics, whose readings fail to interpret Fanonism as a coherent ideological and philosophical system. This "Situational Fanonist" tendency has adversely impacted the analytical prowess of Fanonist thought. For this reason, promoting the totality of Fanon's works and his methodology is the most effective way to combat this retrograde trend.   

NBN acknowledges that Fanon is a difficult read. Fanon's revolutionary grammar does not flow to the rhythms of the chronologically-based Western Enlightenment progress narrative. 

Fanon wrote in epiphenomenal frames, crossing time zones, subject matter, terms of art, and philosophical systems with seemingly reckless abandon. Precisely because Fanon refused to be held hostage by a single ideology or set of absolute truths, his works resist sterile categorization.  
At the end of the day, Fanon's expansive register of social, political, psychological, ideological, and philosophical doctrines are connected by a common thread. 

Fanon surfaced amid the intellectual ferment of the Francophone negritude movement's quest to articulate a Black identity. Living in Paris in late 1940's Fanon's thinking was cross pollinated by Sartre's existential bursts, phenomenalism philosophy, Marxist Humanism, and Harlem Renaissance ex-pats like Richard Wright. 

Out of this bricolage of competing theories, Fanon fashioned a philosophically grounded study of "Western civilization" and colonial racism's impact on the lived experience of Black people--one that emphasized immediacy, real experience and freedom.  

At the center of Fanon's philosophical universe was the concept of alienation. A century earlier Karl Marx theorized that capitalism's fundamental problem was not its exploitation of workers for wages and benefits, but their separation and alienation from their own labor and productive activity.  

Fanon asserted that racism was the fullest expression of alienation. Exploitation robs workers of the fruits of their labor, but racism, Fanon insisted, robbed colonial Blacks of their very sense of being. 

Blackness was a colonial fabrication that dehumanized Blacks, reduced them to mere objects, stripped bare their essentiality, terrorized them with gratuitous violence, and relegated Blacks to what Fanon called a "zone of non-being. Black people were alienated from whites, their own social productivity, culture, and were alienated from each other as a result of self-hatred and an inferiority complex. 

The process of overcoming alienation that began with the revolutionary struggle of the the wretched of the earth to overthrow neocolonial rule, emerged as the central theme of all Fanon's work. Building a new society on a profoundly different suite of ethics, culture, cooperative production, and social relations between people was the substance of Fanon's "New Humanism" project.  

As guardians of Frantz Fanon's legacy, Fanon Global is committed to building and expanding the footprint of his theoretical work and revolutionary forces bearing his standard. The 2020's will be a decade marked by crisis, war, and revolution. It will also be the seed time of the "Fanonian Moment." Be a part of it. 

Learn from Fanon, and breathe!

New Black Nationalist Movement
February 20, 2021

​Josie Fanon
​    Mireille Fanon
"Now comrades, now is the time to decide to change sides. We must shake off the great mantle of night which has enveloped us, and reach for the light. The new day which is dawning must find us determined, enlightened and resolute. 

We must abandon our dreams and say farewell to our old beliefs and former friendships. Let us not lose time in useless laments and sickening mimicry. Let us leave this Europe which never stops talking about man yet massacres him at every one of its street corners, at every corner of the world." 

                                     Frantz Fanon

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