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Free The Land by Edward Onaci: A Critical Reading

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 07/10/22

Welcome to the Notebook. Today, New Black Nationalists [NBN] began a critical reading of 'Free the Land: The Republic of New Africa and the Pursuit of a Black Nation-State' [2020] by Edward Onaci. 

Free the Land [FTL] advances an account of the Republic of New Africa's [RNA] remarkable 53-year journey as the provisional government of a Black nation within America's settler state. It is the only comprehensive scholarly work dedicated to a critical analysis of the 'territorial' or 'nation-state' Black nationalist trend emerging out of the 1960s Black Power movement. 

For New Black Nationalists engaged in renovating our theoretical house with a 5-G philosophical and political configuration to supplant the Black Power era's aging analog architecture, 'Free the Landhit the streets at a timely and fortuitous moment. 

The Trump-led, Republican Party and white nationalist militia alliance marks the acceleration of American Empire's decline, existential crisis, and a coming civil war in the 2020s. The January 6 Capitol Coup validated NBN's Crisis Theory predictive model, and the need to deploy new theoretical arms to convert the crisis into a revolutionary struggle to create an independent, black-led polity. 

Free The Land's publication coincides with NBN's current project to complete a Draft Program for a New Black Nation-State," that will outline its principles, aims, tasks and structure for a new government. 

More importantly, FTL fills in previously unexplained political and ideological gaps in the RNA and New Afrikan Independence Movement [NAIM] experience. Accordingly, Onaci's work helps build the roadmap to create a sovereign Black polity in the 2020s, at a time when Black Nationalists are struggling to maintain contact with the confluence of events leading to a governmental collapse and new revolutionary possibilities.  

'Free the Land' excavates the RNA's genealogy, cultivated by the fevered minds of Detroit's Black activists, led by Gaidi and Amari Obadeli. Along with Detroit's civil right leaders, Black Muslims, local politicians, ministers, socialists, and radical factory workers, they collaborated with national Black activists to elevate the 'nationalist ideal' to a call for a Black government convention in 1968. 

Onaci's backgrounding of the RNA's genesis is pivotal to understanding the unique strand of nationalist source-coding which continues to ideologically drive the PG-RNA today, and its conceptual framework that guided the formation of a provisional government. 

FTL's document production dissects the RNA's Declaration of Independence, New Afrikan CreedNew Afrikan Oath, and the RNA Constitutional and Organizational Structure of the PG-RNA. Onaci provides us with a clear window into the RNA's ideological constructs of Black identity, nationhood, citizenship, the centrality of land, and the Black Commons relationship to wave of nationalist revolutions sweeping the planet.

Over five hundred participants gathered in Detroit the last weekend in March 1968 for the Black government convention. The devastation and tension from Detroit's 1967 insurrection, the fiercest urban rising against the state in American history hung over the convention. Onaci's account notes that many participants called themselves New Afrikans--members of an oppressed internal colony searching for a strategy to secure a UN-monitored plebiscite for Blacks to exercise self-determination. When the three-day convention ended several dozen participants lead by "Queen Mother" Audley Moore, signed the RNA's Declaration of Independence. 

The convention declared the existence of a new Black nation-state called the Republic of New Afrika, in the five southern states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina. They agreed to create a Provisional Government of the RNA.  

Convention participants elected Robert Williams, Chair of the Revolutionary Action Movement [RAM] as the RNA President. Betty Shabazz was elected First-Vice President, and Gaidi Obadeli was elected as Second Vice President, Maulana 'Ron' Karenga of the US Organization and Amiri Baraka founding member of the Black Arts Movement were elected as Co-Ministers of Culture." Amari Obadeli was elected Minister of Information and served as the RNA's chief theorist. 

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