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2021 New Black Nationalist Action Plan Update: On Theory & the Revolutionary Process

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 09/19/21


Greetings. This interim report mapping our progress to implement the 2021 Action Plan, is in keeping with New Black Nationalists' commitment to self-regulating accountability, and fidelity to the communities we serve. 

This communique updates our readers and guests on important developments that have occurred since the action plan was released in February 2021. 

The update backgrounds the following issues: 1) emerging trends and increases in our website traffic, 2) the implications of our adoption of Womanism as a free-standing concept, 3) the decision to transition from the Black Diaspora Movement to the Fanon Global movement, 4) strategic Black liberation struggles on the global chessboard, 5) completing the critical reading of Fanon's works and the final adoption as New Black Nationalists philosophy. 

Before addressing these issues, we would like to share are two significant dates we are pointing to in the near future. 

December 6, 2021 - The 60th Anniversary of Frantz Fanon's death

We are anxious to hear ideas from our readers about ways we can commemorate Fanon's life on and around December 6, 2021, which falls on a Monday. Before the end of the month we will post a short statement on the website calling for an international day of observance to honor Frantz Fanon and his wife Josie. We hope to connect with the Fanon Fondation in France, which is directed by Frantz Fanon's daughter, Mireille Fanon Mendes-France. Stay tuned. 

Coming in 2022:  Draft Program for a New Black-led Republic  

The new year will be upon us in three months. The enormity of our next project and the galloping tempo of developments have prompted us to announce our central project for 2022, in advance of New Year's Day.   

New Black Nationalists' central focus in 2022, will be a 16-month project to write and release the Draft Program for a New Black-led Republic. The timetable calls for releasing the program to the public on Juneteenth 2023.   

Thus, by Juneteenth 2023, the New Black Nationalist Movement will possess

- A declaration of principles of nation-state Black Nationalism  
- The articulation and framework of a Fanonian philosophical system.
- A program/constitution to establish an independent Black-led republic in              Americas' settler state

The draft program for the new Black-led republic, will elaborate a proposed governmental structure and articulate a full-spectrum of policies and programs to stand-up a new Black-led post-heteropatriarchal republic. The draft program will address but not be limited to the following areas;  

The Economy
The Environment
The Rights of the People
Defense and Security
International Relations
Health and Medicine
The Arts and Culture 

This is a major undertaking that must be completed. To be taken seriously, increasingly New Black Nationalists will have to answer the question: What do I/we get in a new Black republic?

Our answers have to make sense, be realistic, and clearly demonstrate real personal, family, community, and national benefits for the overwhelming majority of our people. Our republic must stand on the highest ethics, and be imbued with a sense of national purpose and destiny.  

The key to drafting a representative program that is forward-leaning and revolutionary is soliciting input from as many people and organizations as possible. Conceiving a new Black republic will require more than thinking outside the box. In many respects, we will have to break the box to think anew. 

Now is the time to ponder the best methods to pursue this task so we can hit the ground running in January 2022.  Our republic needs a name: a good name. Tweet your suggestions. This project will likely require the construction of a stand-alone website outfitted with robust interactive functionalities. Please tweet us your thoughts and suggestions @WBBrooksIII 

From Race-based Cultural Warfare to the Pre-Revolutionary Period

Since George Floyd's assassination in May 2020, we've lived in a different world. The seismic political and biological convulsions that erupted with the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, carried over to 2021, with profound implications. The NBN's 2021 Action Plan reflects both the global turmoil attendant to the decline of American Empire and new revolutionary opportunities that mark shifting political topographies. 

The unprecedented 2020 global Lavender Revolution in which 20 million people protested  security-state violence visited on Black flesh, culminated in the largest presidential election in U.S. history.  That election temporarily stemmed the tide of Trump's white nationalist autocratic takeover of American Empire. The defeat also provoked the deadly January 6, 2021 Capitol Coup

The failed re-enactment of Hitler's 1923, Beer Hall Putsch on the Potomac,  has since resulted in repeated calls by Trump's white nationalist militias and Republican Party dolts to prepare for civil war. New Black Nationalists take those calls seriously.

Amid these escalations, New Black Nationalists hold that America's settler state has now transitioned from a period of intense race-based cultural warfare to a pre-revolutionary period. 

This new pre-revolutionary period, is characterized by active measures to prepare for civil war and renewed white nationalist-based ploys to topple the government in Washington, D.C.  Trump, the Republican Party, and their alliance with white nationalist militias seek to take power through a combination of election theft, destabilizing terrorist actions, and renewed coup attempts.  

Navigating the short-term period ahead. 

To new readers and guests, let us restate that our network is purposed to develop analytical and theoretical products to support the creation of a Black nation-state, as well as supporting Black diaspora and Global South liberation movements. That being said, the 2021 Action Plan modified our ongoing plans to incorporate contingencies scaled to match the changing circumstances we now confront. 

Progress then, in the context of this report, is envisioned in two ways. First, we must objectively evaluate the veracity of our analysis, relative to changing social and political conditions. Second, we need to assess whether our theoretical production is aligned with the cardinal issues that are germane to identifying the strategic path to seize political power. 

We are not operating on an indeterminate timetable, but the establishment of an independent Black nation-state in the 2020s, per our analysis of the collapse of American Empire outlined in Crisis Theory.  Our predictive modeling in 2019, posited that America Empire is in decline and spiraling toward an existential governance crisis, in the 2020s. We believe that analysis is being borne out by events like the January 6, Capitol Coup d Etat. 

On this basis, we believe the New Black Nationalist movement is making significant headway. On balance, we are engaging the heady matters that must be contemplated, debated, and resolved with active measures on the ground to vie for power. 

Nevertheless, we continue to lag behind the quickening pace of events. How to narrow the gap between accelerating objective conditions and the limited number Black Nationalists forces and  potential allies is the essential problematic in this pre-revolutionary period. 

Increasing the influence and reach of our website is one critical component to help close the gap. We are experiencing real advances in this regard. In September 2021, NewBlackNationalism.com, surpassed the total number of visitors to our website in 2020.  In the past three months, our traffic has quadrupled. This is an encouraging development, given that Twitter and the website are the only social media platforms we utilize. 

Just as important as increasing traffic to the website, is continuing to improve the site's content and expanded fields of coverage. We believe these gains are directly linked to the four goals we set in the 21-AP. 

Before delving into the update, one final point should be made. We spent a considerable amount of time demarcating the New Black Nationalist trend from Cultural Nationalists, Black Social- Democrats, Black Marxists, African Socialists, Afrocentrists, Black Separatists, Religious Nationalists, and Afropessimists trends. 

This was a serious problem in the 1960s, with many of these forces constituting an amalgam in the broad church of Black Nationalism. In reality, nation-state Black Nationalists were a very small political strand within the 1960s Black liberation movement tradition.  

NBN's early days were spent studying the 1960s Black Power experience, particularly the political programs, ideology, and philosophies of Black liberation forces. In our Culture Theory series, we articulated what New Black Nationalists are not. In January 2020, we  transitioned to defining and affirming what New Black Nationalism represents in our Statement of Principles

The New Black Nationalist trend is now embedded with three foundational source codes: nation-state Black Nationalism,  Fanonist philosophy, and Womanism as a free-standing construct to facilitate the transition to a post-heteropatriarchal society.  This political, ideological, and philosophical triad constitutes the distinct branding of the New Black Nationalist movement's identity--something we feel was not sufficiently articulated in the 1960s Black Power Era.   

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