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2020: A Great Year for Black People and our Liberation Struggle

by W. Bernell Brooks lll on 01/01/21

If you're one of those people that said "Good riddance, I can't until 2021 gets here. I'm putting 2020 in the rear view mirror," heh, we get that. Happy New Year, it's 2021. 

But before you pop too many champagne corks this weekend, New Black Nationalists want to leave you with this thought; "When the history of this period is written, 2020 will be remembered as the critical turning point in the Black liberation movement. And, you were part of it. 

Twelve years from now, how many of you will be telling your kids and grandkids that you stood in line six hours in the rain, without using the bathroom, to vote Trump's ass out of office? 

Which one of you is going to show your nieces and nephews pictures of that George Floyd protest march you attended and say, "I was there. The police tear gassed us, but I picked up the cannister and threw it back at them. I was a rebel back in the day?"

What nurse will tell a new young hospital employee that things were so bad during the pandemic, that after working 12 hour shifts I went home and had to make my own masks and PPE with plastic bags because the government wouldn't provide them? 

Now, its cool if you need to spice your story up a little bit, embellish a few details here and there. We get that too. But when it comes down to the real life and death stakes of 2020, you can also share this;   

2020 was the year Black people stopped Donald Trump and the Republican Party dead in their tracks from establishing a White Nationalist authoritarian government.   

2020 was the year Black voters registered, mailed in ballots, and stood in lines for hours in record numbers during a pandemic to turn the fascist thug Trump out of office. 

2020 was the year Black people decisively won the argument, here and across the globe, that the debasing existence of institutionalized racism and state-sanctioned anti-Black violence is an indispensable pillar of American imperial rule, not an aberration.  

2020 was the year 15 million Black-led protesters marched for a month in the largest demonstrations in American history to condemn state-sanctioned police murder and gratuitous violence visited on Black bodies.

2020 was the year Black activists responded in kind to militarized police and National Guard attempts to crush protests with armored vehicles, tear gas, pepper spray, flash bangs, batons, taser guns, rubber and real bullets. The Black resistance launched their own offensives with rocks, bottles, bricks, laser beams, Molotov Cocktails, dumpster fires, returned fire from revolvers that took down two cops in Louisville and burned police stations to the ground in Minneapolis.    

2020 was the year Black people began preparing for a coming civil conflict in response to Trump and his White Nationalist supporters'  threats to start a civil war if he lost the election. When 1000 armed "Not Fucking Around Coalition" Black militia members marched on July 4, new Black militias formed across the country. Black gun clubs experienced unprecedented growth. Black women became the leading subgroup of new gun purchasers.   

2020 was the year that an international tidal wave of Black-led protests erupted from West Papua and Australia, to twenty European capital cities, to Nigeria's anti-SARS movement to the favelas of Brazil, all supporting the protests against the police execution of George Floyd.   

2020 was the year Black women commandeered a confused and rudderless Democratic Party, weighed down by too many feckless white liberals, and steered its ship to victory over Donald Trump, thereby electing the first woman Vice-President.    

2020 was the year a new cohort of more militant, confrontational, and grassroots radical Black feminists bucked the leadership of the original founding members, thus sparking a new global Black Lives Matter 2.0 movement.       

Finally, 2020 was the year that Black people lost 49,994 souls to the COVID-19 pandemic as of December 10. This is real and unforgettable pain that cannot be minimalized. But had Blacks not taken the coronavirus and prevention seriously, like some other communities, it could have been much worse. It you compare the mortality rate of Black deaths (19%) to whites (25%) for COVID-19, it's actually less than the disparity rate gap between Black and white deaths from heart disease, diabetes, homicide, HIV, suicide, and unintentional deaths. Moreover,  given the numbers of Blacks employed in front line jobs that worked during the pandemic, the numbers of Blacks with inadequate and no health care coverage, the high number of Blacks with co-morbidities, and the increased risk associated with Blacks standing in long lines on election day and participating in in the summer protests, New Black Nationalists believe the Black community did remarkably well under these circumstances. 

The hard truth is that structural racism "baked in" a certain level of disparity that would have made it close to impossible for Black mortality rates to be equivalent with Blacks' percentage of the population. We highly commend the Black communities' response in handling the things we could control. The challenge is remaining vigilant in 2021, and deciding how to address the issue of taking the vaccine.           

So, give it some thought. Before you "put 2020 in the rear view mirror," take heed of the warning: "Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear."  

It's exactly because we kicked ass and took names in 2020, that Trump,  the Republicans, White Nationalists, the police, and the national security state are going to step up their counter-attacks on Black communities and our allies. They will be in our rear view mirror.

On January 6, Trump and his little fascist legions are going to stage their final coup attempt to take back the White House when the House of Representatives and the Senate confirm the electoral college votes. No worries. This is just one more propaganda ploy that is active preparations for a future coup. Virtually every successful coup in history was proceeded by one that failed.  

Going forward to 2021, we wanted to advise you about one right-wing conspiracy theory that is gaining currency. The talk is that the ruling elites buried a story about Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother James's involvement in a scandal involving taking Chinese bribes until after the election. FOX News and conservative media have been all over this story since Biden's President-Elect Committee announced Hunter Biden's taxes are under FBI investigation. Once Biden is sworn in, the mainstream media is going to turn on Biden and chase him out of office. Guess who will be president?  

There you are. Josh Hawley, Donald Trump, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz, all running for president in 2024, against an "illegitimate" Black-Indian woman from the Bay Area. It's a White Nationalist dream. Stay tuned.  

So rest up this weekend and enjoy your friends and family. You deserve it. On Monday, we're back in the cockpit, navigating the dangers and opportunities radiating from American Empire's spiraling decline and impending collapse.   

On behalf of the stateless maroons of the New Black Nationalist Movement, Happy New Year.     


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